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Drake Powerpoint


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Here is a powerpoint of my favourite musician Drake! I hope you enjoy and learn a little something about this Canadian Icon! #comm2F00

Here is a powerpoint of my favourite musician Drake! I hope you enjoy and learn a little something about this Canadian Icon! #comm2F00

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  • 1. Drake
  • 2. Who really is this inspiring your man?  Birth Name Aubrey Drake Graham  Born October 24, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario  Raised primarily by his Mother in Toronto following his parent’s divorce at age 5  Estranged Father lived in Memphis, Tennessee who Drake visited occasionally  Starred in 138 episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation from 2001-2009  Character’s name was Jimmy Brooks
  • 3. The Making of an Icon  Initially released a mixtapes from 2006-2009  During this time period Drake received immense underground credibility  Began teaming up with rappers like Lil Wayne and Trey Songz  Burst into the commercial scene in 2009 with two songs off his third mixtape being “Best I Ever Had” and “Successful”  Eventually signed by Lil Wayne’s crew Young Money late in 2009  Released his first two albums Thank Me Later (2010) and Take Care (2011) and had tremendous commercial success  Current labels include OVO Sound, Young Money, Cash Money, Republic  Has won a Grammy Award, three Juno Awards, six BET Awards, and holds several Billboard records
  • 4. Drake’s Influences  Claims his biggest Influences are Kanye West, Jay-Z, Aaliyak and Lil Wayne  As a teenager growing up Drake was heavily influenced by the music of rappers Jay-Z, Clipse, Talib Kweli, Mos Def and singers Anthony Hamilton and Maxwell  Drake believes that female R & B singer Aaliyak had the most profound influence on his career, stating that her style of singing of singing is something that he wanted to incorporate into his rapping style, in order to differentiate Drake’s style of music from other rappers  Drake’s immensely large fan base would indicate that the style he set out to establish is a tremendous success
  • 5. Social Media Presence…  Drake has a very strong presence over social media  Be one of his 14.1 million followers and follow him on Twitter @Drake or  Drake has a staggering 32,619,902 on his Facebook page  On both of these websites Drake posts updates on upcoming tracks, certain projects he is working on at the time, and when he’ll be conducting different interviews on TV  Drake is very efficient at utilizing social media in order to keep his fans updated on status of his career and daily occurrences  Fans of Drake can also refer to his YouTube Page to watch the latest music video Drake releases
  • 6. Social Media Presence  Fans of Drake can refer to his MySpace page to listen to Drake music and also to listen to his most current mixes and collaborations  Ultimately Drake fans seeking tour dates or merchandise can refer to Drake’s official website
  • 7. Drake’s Online Entourage…  Drake has a large online gathering fans who discuss Drake content over fan websites  These fansites include:  Official Drake Fan Site  Drizzy Drake  Drake Daily  #TeamDrizzy  Drake Online  Clearly there are numerous Drake fansites!  It is a testament to his popularity in the music industry
  • 8. Drake’s Online Entourage  These websites are created by fans who need to stay up to date an any and all Drake related content  These websites are maintained by fans who continually show support for Drake and the direction his career is going  These fansites are tremendous in how they allow fans of Drake to stay up to date on his career, and demonstrate how consumers of the music industry continue to utilize the internet to appease their appetites for music
  • 9. Drake’s Audience  Drake has gone on record stating that his music is tailored towards young adults  The combination of exceptionally fluent rapping mixed amongst a talented display of soft singing has created an R & B style that is deeply embraced by Drake fans who are typically teenagers or young adults  The fact that Drake’s net worth is 35 million*, sold over 5 million albums** and has a whopping 14.1 million followers on twitter indicates that Drake has found a connection with an audience he can cater his musical style to, knowing that it will be embraced by his targeted demographic  *  **courtesy
  • 10. Staying Current With Drake  Drake post lots of meaningful, sharable content on all of his websites  Drake utilizes Facebook and Twitter to update fans on his current whereabouts or future events  Drake also shares personal views and meaningful messages of inspiration on both of these websites as well  Drake also utilizes MySpace and YouTube to share his music/music videos  This content is vitally important to spreading Drake’s music all over the world has anyone with internet access and be exposed to his music via the internet  Check the following YouTube link to the music video of Drake’s smash single “Best I Ever Had” and find out why this man has a legion of devote fans
  • 11. Drake’s Interaction With Fans  Drake appears to be an artist who really likes to interact with his fans  As stated before he is active on Twitter on Facebook sometimes engaging his fans by retweeting some of their tweets  However he does not post an overwhelming amount, more so when he has something important he would like to say or for his fans to know  Drake also interacts with his fans by posting fresh content on his MySpace page for fans to listen to, and by getting his music video out on YouTube/Vevo for fans to watch  While Drake does interact on social media sites he does not appear to go above and beyond what other artists do to interact with his fans, perhaps Drake should dedicate more time to interacting with fans and establishing even more of an online presence as continues trying to develop his OVO brand
  • 12. The Social Push…  Recently Drake has made a major push to increase his profile in the public spectrum  On September 30, 2013 Drake was announced as the global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors  Part of Drake’s responsibilities are to rebrand the team and redesign its image and clothing line  This new title and job for Drake reinforced his desire to build a global brand based on himself, a project he started online through the release of specialized Drake clothing for fans  Now Drake has moved into the physical public sphere to position himself as a global icon and more than just a rapper/entertainer
  • 13. The Social Push  As Drake’s popularity continues to grow his increasing fan base is a reflection of how well he has been able to successfully converge his online and physical presence  As Drake’s clothing sales continue to blossom consumers will continue to turn to the internet to order Drake products, ultimately these products will surface in physical spaces as people begin to wear Drake clothing (again promoting the image of Drake as an icon and not just an entertainer)  The use of online sales to sell products that eventually emerge in physical spaces reflects a successful overlap of online and physical spaces
  • 14. Consistent Posting  As online music file sharing continues to grow as the major medium for music exposure amongst teens and young adults (coincidentally Drake’s targeted audience) Drake will be wise to continue to use the methods of MySpace and YouTube/Vevo to promotes his music  Continuing to retweet tweets could prove successful as a means for Drake to share that he cares about the opinions and thoughts of his audience  Drake’s Facebook Page and online fansites can serve as a medium for fans of Drake to conglomerate and discuss Drake related content and would be a tremendous idea for Drake to increase his participation of actively engaging with the audience online  All in all Drake does engage with his audience consistently, but in the end there is more he can do to increase interactions with his fan base
  • 15. That’s the man, why do I think he’ll be a legend?  I choose Drake because I have always been a fan of his work, from the very first time I heard “Best I Ever Had” back in grade 11  Seeing Drake in concert was a tremendous thrill for me and I can assure you the crowd was very engaged  I think Drake brings a fresh, well-mannered swagger to the music industry and I am proud of to say that he’s from my home area of Toronto, Ontario  I think he is a great ambassador for the city of Toronto and figurehead who can be embraced by Torontonians  At the age of 27 I believe Drake has not quite hit his peak as a musician and I truly believe he will continue to produce exceptionally high quality music for many years to come
  • 16. The End