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you don't have to watc, just saying, id rather you dont

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  1. 1. Alaska Alaska is a very close memory to mebecause, it was a special bonding time with mydad. Alaska with it’s beautiful views from themountain to the water was a perfect place for atime away for two people to get to spend sometime. Alaska brought some funny moments whenthe street light was at a top of the hill, so whenwe stopped the car started rolling down the hill.Also at the hockey rink my dad sent me to thebeer section where an employee stopped me andsent me back to my seat. There is some type of ahistory walkway all around the city of Anchoragewhere my dad and I talked about hockey and hislove of the Pittsburgh Penguins. He even taughtme some stuff that I never even knew about.Since then, my dad and I have been best friends.For college, I want to go to the University ofAlaska Anchorage.
  2. 2. Bad Trophies Ever since I have started playingsports I have received medals and biggertrophies for accomplishments, but a lot ofthe time I get a very bad trophy. Once myteam won a tournament in Hudson wherethe prize was a sweater. Really, the trophywas a sweater, in the middle of summer. Iwas pretty angry about the “trophy”because our team worked really hard to tryto win that tournament in the scorchingheat. In fact the only goal I scored thatsummer was in that tournament so I waspretty dejected. Also in an ice hockeytournament in Waterville Valley the trophywas a hockey puck with a design of thetournament logo on it. That really got megoing because our team played our heartsout with only 9 players and every one of usplayed the best hockey we ever played thatyear.
  3. 3. Canada I have gone to Canada several timesbut only for a few hours for each visit so Ididn’t get the whole Canadian experience. Myhopes and dreams are to some day move andlive there for the rest of my life so that I couldwatch some hockey games at the some of thegreatest venues in the sport. Also I really wantto watch TSN (The Sports Network) which ismy favorite channel, but of course I can’twatch the channel in the States. I love to playpond hockey and some of the best places andin Canada, where there are a whole lot of kidsgo out there and have fun, but no one in theUnited States could not really care abouthockey. Plus the Hockey Hall of Fame is inToronto and I would absolutely love to visitthat place every single day.
  4. 4. Dangles This my favorite part about the gameseeing all of the best players absolutely undressthe defenders. My teammates and I always havea great time trying to pull off some of the bestmoves in the professional hockey leagues. Ialways have a good laugh about whenever I tryto do something filthy like a Datsuyk of even aKyle Turris. My teammates and I know I have thegift of hands of steel so I cant pull off anything.Still I will always keep trying no matter what andI will always fail at attempting these moves. Ialways will look up to my teammates who havenasty sets of hands to see if I can copy theirmoves, most likely it never works out. Even whenI fail it is always still fun to at least try. But like Isay sometimes perfection makes satisfaction.
  5. 5. Elementary School I absolutely hated elementaryschool, especially Southeast, it was that terrible. Theproblem was that it wasn’t an appropriate setting foryoung children. See this elementary school looked likegarbage, trash all over the floor and writing all overthe walls. This type of behavior that wentundisciplined, for the most part, is probably whatcarried over to what we have in this school right now.See the elementary school we went to the onlythings on the playground were a balance beam, swingsets that went sky high, and a this type of a junglegym. The problems were that the balance beamsother kids were running into it which caused headinjuries, the swings and if someone decided to jumpoff they would either land on the wood type chips oron the pavement. This was not fun and which is why Ihated Southeast. Now from what I heard in the pastyears there was asbestos in the kitchen. This was justa horrible place for children to learn. The school wasalso located in the projects and in the ghetto.
  6. 6. Fish I have always been intrigued by the worldof fish since when I fast saw Finding Nemo which ismy second favorite Disney movie and one of theonly two that I would actually watch. When I wasyounger I wanted a fish so a badly that I would drawpictures of what color and size that I could possiblywant . Finally, the day came when I got my first pet, a fish, sadly I had no idea he was sick and onlylasted about 24 hours. I was very shocked anddepressed, but only for 24 hours. This fish taught mea pretty good lesson to get over things quickly or thememories will haunt forever. Then another day aboutlike 6 months later I got another fish that lookedexactly like the first one, this one died because hewas left next to a window for two weeks while myfamily was on vacation. I was disappointed that thefish died, but for the most part I didn’t really carebecause things come and go.
  7. 7. Games Honestly besides hockey which is the sport Iabsolutely love, I rarely go outside. My favorite outdooractivity as a you child was running around in thedriveway. I felt that I would become faster and build moreleg strength. The effect of running around racing in thedriveway has made myself faster at running, but now thelong term affect is myself having terrible knees.Whenever I did go outside though, I always got hurt sothen, I stopped playing games due to my concern ofsafety. Now I only play video games and the only one Iplay is NHL2K11. I have mixed feeling about thisgame, one is that I love because it is the only game Ienjoy playing, but I hate it because there is a lot of thingsyou can’t do compared to the EA Sports NHL series. Thereare a lot of professional hockey players that I have met inperson in this video game which is really cool so I play asthem a lot of the times. Someday in the future I wouldhope to see myself in of the NHL video games.
  8. 8. Hockey Hockey is my passion, it is my way of lifethrough the good times and the bad times. Hockeymy most favorite sport of all time. I just don’t watchhockey, I play it, I live it, I experience hockey firsthand. There have been ugly moments in my six yearcareer, such as being sent on an ambulance twice forhead related injuries , including one just lastyear, but I fought through, forgot about the past andmoved on to one of the best seasons I ever played.The position I play is defense which I love because Idon’t have to do a lot besides defend our zone.Whenever I watch a professional hockey game it isusually on the TV but I still feel the excitement as if Iwas sitting in the crowd. I have been to a few hockeygames in person too, and my favorite “ponds” arethe Fleet Center (now the TD Garden) and MadisonSquare Garden in New York, New York. I love theFleet Center because it is close to home, but MSGbecause it is just the atmosphere of being in thatbuilding and all the famous events that happened inthere. Also I attended the first ever Red Hot Hockeygame ever at MSG, it is a moment I will never forget.
  9. 9. iPhone 4 I can’t go anywhere without myiPhone, fourth generation to be exact, it is myother way of life. I use my phone to keep up onsocial media to see what events have a veryimportant effect on my life. The apps that I usethe most are probably Twitter, Facebook, andTSN. I use the TSN app to check up on the NHLupdates. Also, I first learned that the lockoutwas over on my phone so I was thankful I hadmy phone handy. Some other times, I use myphone to spam some of my contacts and othertimes I am usually the one who receives the“spamming” , like one time I received 65 textmessages in the span of 3 minutes from three ofmy friends. Even though it may be irritating toothers, I enjoyed it. Through my iPhone and myother friends’ phones we can always keep intouch.
  10. 10. June June is my favorite month of the yearbecause of the warm weather and not the hottemperatures like July. In the month of June Iusually go outside in the nice weather to playhockey in my driveway to practice my sub-parshooting skills. In the process of shooting myhockey balls I have broken two hockeysticks, but those were only valued at $15 to $20each. Usually in June, my dad would take meacross the country to watch some baseballgames of various teams. We would call thisgoing to different places for no specific reasonsat all. One of my favorite moments was whenwe went to Tropicana Field in the Tampa Bayarea to see a Tampa Bay Rays game. To getthere we drove through the Everglades, whichwas pretty cool to see the swampy areas andthe amounts of different wildlife in that area.
  11. 11. Keys I will always for the rest of my life forgetabout where I put any type of keys. One time Icompletely forgot where I put my house key, but Iended up finding them on the kitchen table. Iended up getting yelled at by my mother for notknowing where I put my house key. Anyway, myhouse key is brown with M&M’s on it, I picked itout and I can honestly say the key is pretty weird.Now I don’t really like car keys because well, I havean inability to use them. Like one time instead ofturning the engine completely off I turned itcompletely on so that the engine is set up so youcan start driving. Also, another time, my mom toldme to take the key out of the ignition switch. So Isat there for at least ten minutes trying to take akey out. I finally realized that to take the key outyou have to push the key in and then yank it out.
  12. 12. Lead When was at least two years old, Isomehow contracted lead poisoning. Myhouse was filled with lead and I thencontracted lead poisoning. My parents thentook me to the Emergency Room atLeominster Hospital, very concerned aboutmy health. When I had lead poisoning I was 3years old at the time so I could have hadproblems with my brain developing. Sincethen, my mom thought that I would haveAutism. I am not sure but this could haveaffected my problems with speech.
  13. 13. Miracle This is my favorite movie of all time. Ilove watching this movie over and over againbecause of the story that the American hockeyteam went through to get there. I even criedduring some parts, it is that heartwarming. Themovie Miracle taught me that you can go againstall odds and all you need it heart and soul to getthrough your problems like exactly what happenedwhen Team USA beat the Soviets. This happenedto my hockey team up in Waterville, were ourteam only had 9 players to the other teams’ whohad at least 15 players each. Our team was allheart and soul during those 4 days in Februarywhich happened in almost the exact same timeperiod as the Miracle on Ice took place. What isspecial too is that I have met some of the playersthat were on the United States team during theMiracle on Ice at Madison Square Garden. Theyeven signed my Boston University jersey.
  14. 14. Newspaper I don’t really like reading thenewspaper because of the bogus that some ofthe writers and editors put on the paper. Idon’t find most thing on the newspaper true atall. The only reasons that I read the newspaperare for the sports section and to see if myhockey team is it. My team has been featuredtwice in the newspaper one was in 2007 whenwe won the Tournament in the Woods inGroton and the second time when in 2011when our team won in Waterville Valley. But ofcourse the people who wrote the paper gotone of the teams we beat wrong. Instead ofNorwood, the authors wrote Newton. I foundthis mistake terrible. This other time in firstgrade some of my classmates and I were in thenewspaper about school lunches and thehealthiness of them.
  15. 15. October Even though my birthday is inOctober, I hate this month for a couplereasons but the biggest is Halloween. Istopped going out to get candy after thirdgrade because I was very bored. Therewas nothing to do really so, I startedstaying home. Another reason of why Idon’t like October is cleaning the leaves inthe driveway, it takes forever to get itdone and I would rather sit on the couchdoing absolutely nothing. There is oneupside to the month of Octoberthough, the NHL regular season usuallystarts in the month of October. Wellunless there is a lockout, like this year. Ifthere is any lockout, then I hate Octobercompletely.
  16. 16. People There are some people in the worldthat I am okay with, like my very best friendsand my hockey teammates, see I can deal withthem. But there are some people that I don’tlike (if you haven’t noticed yet I don’t like a lotof things). The people that I can’t stand are thepeople who think that they are all cool andsuch, specifically the people who think theyhave “swag.” I “met” this person once inBaltimore in a not so friendly way. See it wasbatting practice in the Orioles Park at CamdenYards and there was a ball coming towardswhere I was . As I was about to try to catchit, this guy runs me over and I ended up fallingon to the brick ground. He didn’t even stop toapologize and all the people around the scenedid nothing.
  17. 17. Quincy Market Quincy Market is where my cousinworks so my family goes down there every once ina while to go see her. Even though there is a lot todo there with all the shops and restaurants there Ican’t really connect to. I never go into most of thestores because I find no interest in most of thosestores. The only store that I go into isAbercrombie, because that is the store of wheremy cousin works. But in the store even though Iget everything at 40% off I do not buy anythingbecause nothing appeals to me. I will saythough, some of the atmosphere on the outside isbeautiful. I also like going inside the main QuincyMarket building because of all the food they haveto offer there. My favorite part is when we leavebecause it is boring to walk around the same placefor a couple of hours.
  18. 18. Real Estate I am really intrigued by real estatebecause my ice hockey coach Robert “Dino”Denault is a real estate agent for Century 21. Youmight see his signs all over the area. Whenever Iget free time during practices I always ask himhow the house buying market is going and howhis business is doing. He would always respond asgood or ok, but when I asked him recently he saidthat the housing market was getting better andthat his real estate business was doing verygood, so I was glad to hear that. He was actuallytrying to sell a house on my street, which heeventually did. So I sent my coach acongratulations message about his recent houseselling. I also said that I would miss seeing his signevery time that I went by that house.
  19. 19. Street My street is probably the weirdeststreet in the city of Leominster, I would saythis just because of the wide range ofpersonalities. There are people on my streetwho are very nice and kind and of course arealways the mean and grouchy neighbors.But, on my street there once was a drugdealer who lived in a house across the streetfrom mine. I did not know about this until Iwas told that he got caught by the police.Also on my street, basically, all the houses arethe color white. Then there is my house, theone that is completely different. My househas a yellow paint color on the outside, and avery vibrant pink paint color. Around mystreet, there are a bunch of other streetssimilar to mine all in numerical order.
  20. 20. Tyler I was born into this world onOctober 18, 1998 at the UMass MemorialHospital in Leominster, Massachusetts. Mychildhood was not the greatest because Ihad lead poisoning, ran into a copymachine, and fell down an escalator whileholding building blocks. I use social mediafor the most of my time out of school. Imostly tweet on Twitter, but I rarely use myFacebook because it gets myself bored realeasily. I am a very avid fan of the BostonUniversity Terriers men’s ice hockey team.My dad and I go to almost every single oneof their home games and some of the roadgames depending on where the team isplaying. I love Tim Hortons, which is a quickservice restaurant chain. I have only been toone in Buffalo when I was six or seven yearsold and I would love to go to another again.
  21. 21. Uwe Krupp Uwe Krupp is probably one of themost inspiring hockey stories ever in thehistory of the game. He was injured for mostof the 1995-1996 NHL season and cameback in the Stanley Cup playoffs. In theStanley Cup finals, he scored the gamewinning goal in the third overtime to let theColorado Avalanche win their first StanleyCup in franchise history. His story reallyinspired me to comeback after a nearconcussion, after feeling awful for twoweeks, I returned to play in the statechampionships. Also after receiving an illegalhit from behind and being given a headinjury and a neck strain, I rememberedUwe’s journey and came back after only oneweek after being injured. When I came backthough my teammates welcomed me backby saying “I thought you were dead.”
  22. 22. Vegetables When I was younger I used tolove eating vegetables in those Gerberjars that were mashed up. I thought thatthose things were fun to eat as a youngchild. Now, I don’t eat vegetables all thatoften mainly because there are almostnone of any type of vegetable in myhouse. Also combined with the fact that Idon’t like to eat many types. The onlyones that I like are corn, broccoli, andcarrots. For some reason, whenever I doeat any vegetable I end up nearly choking.Also going back to that Gerber thing, Ireally want to try one of those raviolidishes with the spinach inside.
  23. 23. World Juniors I always like to watch the Under20 international teams play in the last weekof December and the first week of January.Like the past tournament that was inUfa, Russia, most games started at 3:00 inthe morning, so I woke up at that timebecause I dedicated myself to watching thegames. Someday I wish to play in the WorldJuniors for the United States of America andwin the gold medal and represent mycountry. I watch the World JuniorChampionships to see the future talents oftomorrow’s hockey game. Even during toschool days after vacation was over I stillwoke up at 4am in the morning to watch thegames. I am very proud to say that Iwitnessed the game the United States Under20 hockey team won the gold medal in the2012-13 World Junior Championship.
  24. 24. X-Ray I have had several X-Rayoperations before but the most notable thatI can specifically remember are when I hadmy head related injuries. The first time I hadmy head checked was in 2009 when I wascross checked to the head. The doctor thattreated me in the emergency room said thatI couldn’t play for two weeks because of ahead injury. After that when, I went back toschool the next day I felt very dizzy. Mysecond head injury happened in a rink inTewksbury, when a player from Cape Ann hitme from behind into the boards with about1 minute left in the game. I was carried off inan ambulance and when I got to the hospital This is the hospital I went tothe X-Ray results came back with me having when I had my second heada head injury and a neck strain. injury.
  25. 25. #YOLO YOLO, if you haven’t heard itmeans You Only Live Once. This is by farthe worst saying I have ever heard. But, ifyou ever see me with some of my friendsprancing around in the street I will alwaysscream YOLO at the top of my lungs. I saythis phase every time I want to besarcastic. What I mean by sarcastic I meanact like the cool kids who have all the“swag.” My friends and I always talk abouthow stupid this phrase is by mocking it likesaying “I didn’t use safety scissors! YOLO!”
  26. 26. Zetterberg Henrik Zetterberg is probablyone of my favorite hockey players that atecurrently playing right now. He is thecaptain of the Detroit Red Wings which isone of my favorite professional hockeyteams, even though my dad hates them.The reason why I like him is because he isa great player, despite being drafted inthe in the seventh round of the NHL EntryDraft. Also, because of his relatively smallstature compared to other players likeZdeno Chara who is 6 foot 9 inches. Thereason I look up to Henrik Zetterberg isbecause I am one of the smallest playersin my league.