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  • Introduction to presentation. Open with history of equal rights.
  • Begin to draw parallels between racial segregation and discrimination against gay marriage
  • Show how far we have dramatically progressed as a society over the last 50 years
  • Note that we still have a long way to go when it comes to providing equal rights for everyone. Begin story of growing up with a homosexual friend and the challenges she faced growing up.
  • Continue story about my friend and the fact that she was unable to bring a same-sex partner to prom and how this fore-shadows the future of her struggle to gain equality and be able to get married.
  • Go into detail about how same-sex couples deserve to get married in order to gain all the benefits heterosexual couples receive.
  • Explain how gay marriage will solidify families and help get rid of the stigma attached to same-sex couples adopting children. Reference studies that conclude that same-sex couples have the same ability to raise children as heterosexual couples
  • Begin to pull the audience into excepting gay marriage by providing them with information on how they can benefit from it.
  • Ho into detail on how legalization of Gay Marriage will boost city and state economies dramatically.
  • Explain the benefits we will receive as a society by evolving our state of mind and how our progressive views will help shape the next generation and how eventually they’re will be a truly larger balance within the world.
  • Explain the parallels of how imbalance effects every aspect of life such as the fact that 1% of the people in our country control 42% of the countries wealth
  • Express how tolerance will result in more harmony within our society and how that will benefit everyone socially and economically.
  • Get the audience involved by letting them know what they can do to help the movement stay on course.
  • Encourage the audience to speak up about how they feel and express themselves to help promote equality and how everybody’s voice is important.
  • Explain how staying silent is just a bad as opposing equality. You you don’t speak up your voice won’t be heard.
  • Encourage the audience to go out and vote and get involved in their community efforts.
  • Tell a story a love story about a same-sex couple I personally know and express how they feel and try to have the audience empathize with them.
  • Go over the steps we need to take in order to promote equality and same-sex marriage. Explain that we need to move forward and not start going backwards in our ways as a society.
  • Explain how unity is necessary for us to have in order to grow and work together.
  • Outro. Conclude with a summary of all the benefits of gay marriage and why it is so equality is so important and what we can do to promote it,
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