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Global Spirit Merchants

  1. 1. Getting intothe Spirit Single malt whisky is fast becoming Asia’s and bring them directly to our private leading liquid investment showing returns clients on an exclusive basis. that have outperformed all the more traditional investments, including stocks With a solid reputation and unrivaled & shares, managed funds & even property. network of supply, our private clients have access the most sought after and lucrative Established to meet the ever growing opportunities in the whisky market. Our demand for single malt whisky, GSM is investment portfolios are tailored by the the preferred hub for securing and trading markets leading experts and consist of whisky in Asia’s rapidly expanding and investment grade whiskies, limited edition highly lucrative market. From our head bottlings and private cask offerings from office in Hong Kong and trading office in the likes of The Macallan, The Dalmore, Shanghai, GSM’s regional network allows Bowmore and many more. us to identify the best-performing whiskies Global Sprirt Merchants |
  2. 2. A Look at the Market However, since the late 90’s the demand In 2008, the (WH) Index was introduced for the world’s luxury spirit has exploded to track the performance of single malt globally, particularly in countries like whisky at auction. Since 2008-2012, Russia, India and especially China. the prices of the top 100 whiskies have increased in value by 242% and the Since the turn of the century, sales in top 10 by a phenomenal 381%. This China alone have risen from HK$10 spectacular rise outstripped some of the million (US$1.3 million), to over HK$1 best performing investments, including billion (US$129 million) per annum. This gold, which appreciated by 146% over the figure is rapidly on the rise as the Chinese same period. Government forecasts sales to rise a further 100%+ in the next three to five years. This The market is showing astonishing returns impact will ensure prices continue to rise and GSM provides a successful, rewarding to all time highs as the very limited vintage diversification from a more traditional stocks diminish. investment portfolio.| Global Sprirt Merchants
  3. 3. TrustedAdvisors Together with a team of market analysts In 2012, he received commendations from and industry experts, GSM’s Chief Whisky Alex Salmond; Scotland’s First Minister Adviser is Steve Notman; Scotland’s and became the youngest person in history Ambassador to whisky in China and judge to receive the industry’s most prestigious at the World Whisky Awards and Wine & award, ‘The Keeper of the Quaich’. The Spirits Competition here in Asia. award was given in recognition to his outstanding services to the Scottish whisky Steve actively works with the Scottish industry and this influence allows us to Government, the SWA and leading Scotch source the most sought after and exclusive whisky brands specifically on whisky whiskies in the market. mentorship, protection and training. Global Sprirt Merchants |
  4. 4. Managing your Investment We provide you with market updates, auction in Asia and represent the ultimate portfolio assessments and advice regarding liquid investment. the development of your whisky portfolio. Our exclusive portfolios consist of some of We aim to provide you with a diverse range the finest, rare and unique whiskies from of investment opportunities, ranging from Scotland’s most prestigious distilleries. short (1-3 years) and medium (3-5 years) to The whiskies are all proven performers at long term holds (5-10 years).| Global Sprirt Merchants
  5. 5. Trading Partnered with Bonham’s Hong Kong, even greater success. GSM’s Private Client private clients in Asia are now in a position to Department will assist in arranging the benefit directly from this rapidly expanding necessary paperwork for auction and in and highly lucrative investment market. identifying the highest prices in the market to trade their portfolio. Bonham’s is one of the world’s leading auction houses and have achieved great Auction fees typically work out at around success in launching single malt whisky 15%-20%. into Asia. In 2010, Bonham’s broke new ground by hosting the region’s first ever Alternatively, clients can utilize GSM’s whisky auctions and by the following year in-house trading division where stock these groundbreaking auctions started to can be sold privately with a brokerage fee gain huge momentum. of 10%. This strategy has proven to be an extremely efficient trading platform for Many of the whiskies traded at the existing clients and one that is exclusive to Bonham’s auctions have yielded returns in GSM clients. excess of 50% -300% above their estimated highs and GSM believe that 2012 is set for Global Sprirt Merchants |
  6. 6. Storage and insurance To ensure complete security of your Storage and insurance fees are very investment, we ensure that all whiskies are minimal and amount to approximately registered directly into our clients name HKD$300 per case (12) per annum. and stored and insured at either London Approx… CNY $240 / SGD $47 / TWD$ City Bond in Scotland or at one of our 1,129 / AUD$ 36. professional facilities here in Asia.| Global Sprirt Merchants
  7. 7. Pressreviews Whisky Investors Cheered by Rise in Values Jane Bradley, The Scotsman Sunday 29 January 2012 “Three-year figures reveal that an investment in the 100 best-performing whiskies in 2008 would have risen by 163 per cent in 2011, while gold – which has soared due to the recession – rose 146 per cent. Diamonds rose by just 10 per cent, while shares and crude oil stock values fell.” Whisky Set for Golden Decade Dominic Roskrow, The Whisky Tasting Club December 30, 2011 “I think that whisky certainly has the ability to not only increase in value tenfold, but twentyfold in the coming decade. Ten years ago if a distillery came out with a bottle for, say, £1000, people thought this was crazy, but today expressions are selling to from £5,000 to £20,000 pounds and selling. “I would say that Scotch has certainly proved itself with this. Let’s look at the original ‘Black Bowmore’ when it came out in the early 90s, it cost about £200. Today a bottle sells for £3000- £4000.” Liquid Gold: Why Whisky Investments Can Hit the Spot James Longman, USA Today December 17, 2011 “Fine whisky has been part of Scotland’s heritage for more than 500 years, but it is only recently that investment opportunities have opened up for its most famous export. With global demand for luxury whisky on the rise, putting your money into rare bottles of Scottish single malt could make you some pretty neat returns.” A Palatable Alternative Investment Market
 Andy Simpson, Investing in Whisky & Champagne December 2011 “If you’d bought the current best performing 250 bottles of whisky in 2008 (at auction in the UK) they would have cost £42,508. In today’s market they would be worth £94,884, an increase of 123.21 per cent. If you’d done the same with the top 100 bottles, the increase is 162.96 per cent and the top 10 would have gained by 297.62 per cent, according to the Whisky Highland index.” market-6NGTKARuUR0p4Eg2IbilLK/article.html Global Sprirt Merchants |
  8. 8. Questions and answers Q: What defines an investment grade Single Malt Whisky? A: To be regarded as an investment grade whisky, a single malt requires all or most of the following attributes: • a strong brand recognition and consistent global demand • a consistent upward price movement beyond a minimum set return • produced from a single cask limiting its quantity to a maximum of approximately 500 bottles Q: Why whisky? A: Investing in malt whiskies makes sense. There’s a strictly limited supply – there are only a small number of investment-grade labels, and their production levels are extremely limited. As interest in single malts continues to grow, there are also a growing number of high-net-worth individuals around the world seeking to own and/or drink them. The whiskies that GSM can connect investors to are improving assets. Single malts are cask-aged is aged in the cask it becomes more desirable and therefore more valuable. At the same time, once the whisky is bottled it’s consumed making it even rarer, which in turn adds yet more upward pressure on prices. Q: How do I monitor my investment? 
 A: Your Portfolio Manager at GSM will guide and advise you in making strategic investment decisions. Investors are kept up to date with all market activity and advise when to buy, sell or hold your whisky investment. We provide an ongoing advisory service throughout the term of the investment and charge no management fees. 
 Q: How much do I need to invest in a portfolio of single malt whisky? 
 A: You can invest as little as HKD$50,000 for a small portfolio containing some very exclusive bottles. However, a recommended minimum investment level of around HKD$200,000-HKD$500,000 will get you started with a perfectly balanced portfolio. Q: So why invest in Single Malt Whisky? A: There are numerous reasons why whiskies make for a great investment opportunity. • The top 10 whikies have seen a rise in of 381% since 2008 • The top 100 whikies have seen a rise in of 242% since 2008 • There is a thriving – and growing – auction market • There’s a decreasing availability as assets are consumed • It’s a tangible, high-yielding, low-risk asset • High, increasing demand coupled with minimum stress Q: How do I get involved? A: Carefully review the facts and figures, make a note of any questions you may have and either call our trading room on HK +852 3752 8178 or send an email to Alternatively, clients are welcome to make an appointment to come into our Whisky Lounge in Hong Kong for a private presentation and portfolio selection. The Whisky Lounge can be reached on +852 3752 8178.| Global Sprirt Merchants
  9. 9. Global Spirit Merchants Ltdt: +852 3752 8174e: info@globalspiritmerchants.com2301 Kinwick Centre32 Hollywood RoadCentralHong Kongw: