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Simself Big Brother - Eviction 5

Simself Big Brother - Eviction 5






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    Simself Big Brother - Eviction 5 Simself Big Brother - Eviction 5 Presentation Transcript

    • Welcome back to simself Big Brother! In the last update, both Lily and Danielle were nominated for eviction. Shannon decided she was ready to reveal her pregnancy to the rest of the house, David Dyed her hair grey (Or removed all the colour...? Whichever is right) and then made a swift exit from the house. Now, it's the day of the eviction, and one person has to leave the house for good. Read on to find out who!
    • Ning: Ah, it's nice and sunny today. It'd be great if we could just jump into the pool again. How about we do that? -silence- Ning, opening one eye: Jessie?
    • Jessie: Hmm? Ning: Why are you being so silent? Am I being weird or something? Jessie: Oh, no, no you're not being weird. I'm just feeling a little melancholy today. And we don't have time for the pool. The eviction starts in about an hour. Ning, confused: Oh, ok. Why are you feeling melancholy? Jessie: I love both Lily AND Danielle, and well...
    • Jessie: We're so close to the end, and we've spent practically no time in this hot tub at all? Ning: What the hell? You're depressed about the hot tub? Jessie: Oh, I don't know. I'm just being weird is all. I feel like we haven't properly taken advantage of the things this house has to offer.
    • Ning: Damn right you're being weird. Just enjoy the sun like me. It's amazing. Jessie: Umm, you do realise that it's winter, right?
    • Ning, giggling: Of course I do! But I don't have to stop enjoying the sun just because it's winter. Plus, it's warm for a winter's day, don't you know? Or are you too engrossed in your jacuzzi? Jessie: It's a hot tub. Jacuzzis are different. Ning: Only because they're manufactured by a company called Jacuzzi amiright? Jessie: Pfft, how should I know? Ning: Cause you just told me they were different...
    • Jessie: Well whatever. You wanted to talk to me anyway? Ning: What? Oh! Yeah. Have you noticed Danielle or Lily being all... obsessed with their appearances? Jessie: No, I can't say that I have, why?
    • Ning: I'm just curious. There was a bit of an incident yesterday with Danielle. Jessie: Incident? Ning: Well, that's probably not the right word...
    • Previous day, 1PM. Ning: Jo? Are you waiting on someone? Jo: Oh, yeah. Ning: -sigh- I think we should get another bathroom, these queues are starting to get a little irritating.
    • Jo: I don't really mind them that much. Ning: Really? They irritate me something horrid. Who's in there anyway? Jo: Umm, I think it's Danielle. I'm sure she's doing her hair and make up. Ning: Wait, what?
    • Jo: What? Ning: How long has she been in there? Jo: I dunno, but I've been waiting for 20 minutes at least. Ning: I was here three hours ago and she was in there, and I have no idea when she went in. Just as Ning finished speaking, the bathroom door opened and Danielle walked out.
    • Danielle: You like it? I thought it'd be appropriate to do my hair and make up differently if I'm going to be leaving tomorrow. Ning: Who says you're leaving? Danielle: Well, in case I'm leaving tomorrow. Hopefully I won't be. I like this new look either way.
    • Ning: I was confused. She seems sure she's leaving. Jessie: Hmm, now that I think about it, I did catch Lily on something similar yesterday...
    • Previous day, 2PM. Jessie: Woah, Lily is that you? Lily, startled: Yeah, Jess. It's me. Jessie: ...what did you do to your hair? Lily: I put it up, for tomorrow, you know? You don't like it, do you?
    • Jessie: No, no! I love it! I'm just surprised. Lily, hugging Jessie: Oh? Because I don't strike anyone as the type to spend hours in front of a mirror making myself look pretty? Jessie: Well, not the words I was going to use, but yeah. I'd never peg you as that type of person.
    • Lily: Honestly, I'm not, but there's something about today that's made me feel like I have to make myself all glitz and glam. Jessie: I hope this isn't going where I think it is. Lily: No, no. I'm not worried about tomorrow at all. I just think that now is the time to change my look. I don't know why. Maybe it has something to do with me knowing I'll never be safe again. Jessie: -sigh- I really don't get why everyone dwells on the possibility of eviction so much. It's such a mood killer.
    • Lily: Oh, sorry Jessie. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. Jessie: No! You haven't! I'm just reminded that I'm in the same boat as you, after tomorrow that is. Lily: Well that may be true, but at least you don't have to worry about that until tomorrow night. Jessie: I don't envy you then. I really don't.
    • Ning: So Lily has been all depressed too? Man, it better not be like this for the rest of the competition. Jessie: I hope not. That would suck so bad.
    • Ning: I also caught Shannon acting strange yesterday. Jessie: Shannon's always acting strange. Ning: Yeah, but more so than usual. Jessie: Oh? Do tell.
    • Ning: Well I found her in the living room yesterday evening. Previous day, 5PM Ning: Hey Shannon, you're looking pretty pleased. Shannon: I am, why wouldn't I be pleased? Ning: Uhh, I don't know... have a seat.
    • Ning: Are you feeling ok? I mean, David made you grey, shaved off your eye brows, Max lied about his age and married you, got you pregnant and then revealed to everyone that your marriage was a sham and that you're both technically still single just before disappearing from our lives for good. Shannon, smiling happily: Your point? Ning: Well, it must be difficult for you. I remember when Tom left it was hard because he loved me and I didn't love him back. I felt horrible.
    • Shannon: Ning, I'm fine, really I am. I have accepted that this hair is staying for a while and that I don't have any eyebrows. That's okay. I don't need eyebrows. As for the baby, I don't know. I think I might just get it aborted and I'm destroying these wedding rings at the first opportunity. Ning: I get that, but you just seem a little too happ...
    • Shannon: Stop treating me like I'm made of glass!
    • Ning: -sigh- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to annoy you. I just feel you should be more upset. Shannon: I know you mean well, but I'm fine. I really am. I'm angry at Max, but I plan to vent that anger in very creative ways while I leave. I'm not upset, I'm just feeling sheer fury. Ning: That's a little worrying. Creative ways? Like what? Torture?
    • Shannon: Probably. Ning, shocked: No! You cannot do that! And how do you plan on finding Max anyway? Shannon: Ok, I won't torture or maim him, I guess hopefully by the time I leave here my anger will have subsided a little. Ning: It's been almost a week, has it reduced any since then? Shannon: Nope, not at all.
    • Jessie: -pause- Yeah, she's on happy pills. Actually now that I think about it, she has been nothing but cheery since David did that to her hair. Maybe the combination of dyes she used to try and fix it leached into her brain and..did that to her? Ning: Haha, that would explain so much. Jessie: It would, it would. Well if you think Shannon being happy was bad, I got something much more peculiar.
    • Jessie: I found Jo, staring at the bed, smiling strangely. That morning, 9AM. Jessie: Jo...uh are you okay? Jo, smiling widely: I'm spiffing! Why wouldn't I be..? I... Jessie: Jo?
    • Jo, breaking down in tears: I don't know why I'm so sad today! Ning: This is more peculiar than Shannon? Jessie: Shh, let me finish my story! Jessie: Oh..god. Jo please don't do that. I..tears!
    • Jessie: Jo, please stop. Stop wailing and tell me what's wrong. Jo, please shut up and explain. For Christ sake Jo shut the fuck up and tell me why you're crying. Urgh, this is going nowhere. Jo: I...don't know why I'm here at all! Jessie: Thank god. Jo, listen to me, you're here to win. Just like the rest of us.
    • Jo: BUT I'M NOT GOING TO WIN SO WHY AM I HERE?! Ning: I think I heard part of this conversation. Keep going anyway. Jessie: Jo don't talk like that. We all entered this house knowing we only had a 10% chance of winning, and all these weeks later than percentage hasn't even reached 20% yet. But we're all giving it a shot anyway.
    • Jessie: Please stop crying.
    • Jessie: Urgh, Jo. There's six people left in this house! Only one of us is going to win! But none of the rest of us are in floods of tears over this! Jo: It's not the small chance, I just know I'm not going to win. Jessie: How?!?! Jo: Because I'm always nominated...
    • Jessie: It was absolutely nuts. She seemed sure she's leaving next week and takes the fact that she's been nominated so many times as hard proof she isn't going to win. Ning: Well, I don't know what to say to that. That was strange, but not as strange as Shannon. Jessie: Well, I guess Shannon has just never seemed like the cheery type of person. This is Big Brother. Could housemates please beging to get ready for tonight's eviction. Thank you.
    • Davina: Hello! And welcome to eviction number five in simself Big Brother! This week, Danielle and Lily are facing the public vote and one of them is going to have to say goodbye to the rest of their housemates this evening. I am now going to talk to the house. Big Brother house this is Davina. You are live on Planet LJ, please do not swear. I repeat, please do not swear.
    • Davina: Lily!
    • Davina: Danielle! The votes have been counted and verified, and I can now reveal that the fifth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house is....
    • Davina: Lily! Lily: -sigh- I saw this coming. Davina: And the SIXTH Person to be evicted from the Big Brother house is...
    • Davina: Danielle! Danielle: Huh? Are we both out? Davina: Lily, you will leave the house, and Danielle we will come and get you after Lily's exit interview. Lily! I'm coming to get you!
    • Lily and Danielle hugged each other goodbye, still slightly shocked that they'd both be making an exit that evening. Danielle: Wow, I can't believe we're both going. I wonder why they're kicking us both out? Lily: Because we suck? Hehe, I kid, I kid. Well, I have to go. I'll miss you!
    • Lily walked through the Big Brother house with Dignity, saying an emotional goodbye to the four remaining housemates.
    • After she got there and had taken her seat, she sat tentatively, waiting on Davina to being the interview. Davina: Now, Lily. I imagine this must be quite a strange moment for you. Not only have you been evicted, but you've been evicted alongside someone. So, how are you feeling? Lily: I don't know really. It's..weird. I guess it's because Danielle is going too . Davina: Would you like to know why you were both evicted?
    • Lily: Absolutely! Davina: The voters could not reach a decision. Lily: No one voted? Davina: Oh, no. People voted. The votes were just tied. Lily: Well, why couldn't you have opened the lines for another five minutes? Then one of us would still be in there.
    • Davina: Well, the lines were open for an extra ten minutes and still no one else voted. We couldn't keep it going any longer so we had to evict either neither of you, or both.
    • Lily: Well, that's a bit better then. I don't feel quite so bad. Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to go now. Davina: Certainly, certainly. Lily stood and hugged Davina, then made her way down the steps behind her to the helicopter.
    • There she entered the helicopter and left the Big Brother house for good.
    • Next was Danielle. After a strange discussion with the surviving housemates, she was called to leave the house. Walking through the main room with the same dignity as Lily before her.
    • Davina: Now, Danielle. Danielle, Danielle. Do you realise just how lucky you are? Danielle: Lucky? I don't follow. Davina: Well, you managed to come fifth, even though you have been consistently one of the highest voted and favourite to leave contestants since the start of the show. Danielle: I don't consider that luck at all. I guess when it came down to it, the voters didn't hate me as much as they seemed to.
    • Davina: Well, how do you feel knowing that you could have been sitting there getting interviewed three evictions ago? Danielle: What? Oh, when Regina left? That was horrible. It affected everyone, more so than we thought it would. I felt terrible for Reggie, she shouldn't have gone that week at all. Davina: So, you think you should have gone instead?
    • Danielle: No, not at all. I've loved every minute of this experience, and I wish I could have stayed until the end, although I accepted that this would not happen long ago. Davina: How so? Danielle: I've been nominated every week. I've been nominated for eviction one, eviction two, eviction three, eviction four, eviction five and eviction six. If I'd stayed I WOULD have been nominated for eviction seven and eight. It's obvious the housemates didn't get me. Davina: Well, the voters couldn't decide whether to send you or Lily home tonight.
    • Danielle: You mean if someone put one more vote towards Lily I'd have stayed at least another week? That's depressing news. Thanks.
    • Davina: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you like that. But yes, you are correct.
    • Danielle: Oh well. I managed to get this far, I should be proud. I think it's time for me to leave. Davina: Very well, goodbye, Danielle.
    • And so, Danielle stepped into the helicopter and left the Big Brother house for good, alongside Lily.
    • Inside the house, the four remaining housemates sat in the living room, shocked. Neither of them were able to speak at all. Excluding the occasional stutter that is. ~~~~~~~~~ That's right! The votes tied, and I could not decide and therefore did NOT cast a tie breaking vote. The first time I've actually HAD to break a tie, and I couldn't >.< Oh well, vote to evict either Jessie, Ning, Shannon and Danielle for the SEVENTH and penultimate eviction of Simself BB!
    • Choose who you want to evict! Voting ends 30 th October. (: