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Evidently Fear is Not a Factor For You
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Evidently Fear is Not a Factor For You



Presentation on how organizations can be more customer focused by integrating IT service management/ITIL solutions.

Presentation on how organizations can be more customer focused by integrating IT service management/ITIL solutions.



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  • Define Customer Focused Service vs. Customer Service The Value of ITSM to IT and Business Define ITSM as used in case study How to and importance of promoting IT throughout your organization – role of IT Services ITSM/ITIL Success Story – Case Study Remind them of Take Away (Hand out)
  • Before moving forward – Definitions for ITSM and ITIL – any others? I’ve attempted to minimize the use of acronyms – however, please let me know if you are not familiar with a specific term. The presentation will make better sense if you are comfortable with the terminology. Most common mistake/assumption regarding Customer Service? “No One’s Complaining” Scenario/Example Most rewarding Customer Service Experience – in IT or elsewhere “We are Invited to the Decision Table” Scenario/Example.
  • Importance of Customer Service IT is a service department Customers are business managers Provide insight and information to allow business to make decision Best customer service – from the person who talks to their customer Improve communications – throughout.
  • Recognize it – Less than 50% of customers Use Service Desk (CHL) “Hey Joe” Method more popular Email – Voicemail – Pager to get attention of one person
  • Company Background 650 Employees/35 branches in So. California Acquired by National Company Considered for Outsourcing to Parent Co.
  • Resources: People, hardware, software, vendors and management Recommendation: Improve Communication Implement ITIL
  • Define Repeatable process – Use Escalations (before and after) Resources: People, hardware, software, vendors and management Recommendation: Improve Communication Implement ITIL
  • #1 Step to Improve Service – COMMUNICATION Does this statement sound familiar? Anyone had success with this philosophy? Anyone been surprised by poor reception of business to projects they were not involved with?
  • STRESS IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION Managing Expectations – key success factor. If your customers don’t know what to expect – they will set their own expectations and you are sure to miss them! Key metrics include:
  • Site Openings Example for Well Defined Process w/User Input and “Buy In”
  • Why – When – How Audience – How many of you can identify right now two processes that have been amended in last 6 mos.
  • Sequence was chosen by 1) Stop the bleeding quickest; 2) Most important to IT; 3) Most impact for quick improvement Most Difficult to turn around: Incident/problem Management Most Effective: Change management
  • SLAs – being addressed again Primarily due to improved communications between IT and Business Some Components are stressed and given more weight than others
  • Process/Procedures were completed and implemented in 6 months Service improvement was immediate – however users were not convinced we could sustain it 2 years in August since starting project – 18 mos since going live and getting to respectable status Still a long way to go
  • Query Audience – get their feedback How does this impact SLA?
  • The same product or service will not suit all your customers –even internal customers Treat every customer as if your world revolves around them….it does.
  • Questions? Any scenarios you’d like to share? ITIL Success Stories?
  • Survey/Raffle – Prize Take Home – Top 5 Reasons Business Managers Dislike IT and How to Avoid Them

Evidently Fear is Not a Factor For You Evidently Fear is Not a Factor For You Presentation Transcript

  • “ Evidently Fear is Not a Factor For You” Maybe it should be… Align with the Business or be Outsourced itSMF Conference September 20, 2005
  • Tydak and ITSM
    • Today’s Session – Lessons Learned
      • Customer Focused Service
      • ITSM Value
      • IT Service Support & Delivery
      • Promoting IT to Organization
      • ITSM/ITIL Success Story
      • Q & A
  • Customer Service
    • IT as Service Provider
    • Customer Focused
    • Support Services & Delivery
    • Value to Organization
    • ITIL
      • Customer Service
      • is not a department…
      • it’s an attitude.
  • Poor Service
    • Recognize it at Your Shop
      • Low Call Volume at Service Desk
      • “ Hey Joe” Preferred Method
    • How To Fix It
      • One Company’s Success Story
  • ITSM/ITIL Implementation
    • Background
      • Escrow Company
      • IT Department with Poor Reputation in Co.
      • Application Development - Outsourced
      • At Risk for Outsourcing Services
      • Camp Chaos Atmosphere
      • Under-Performing IT Staff
      • No Career Path w/in IT
      • Operating on Day-to-Day Tactical Basis
  • Camp Chaos - Operations
  • ITSM/ITIL - Solution
    • Recognize Need for Change – Get Help!
    • GAP Analysis
    • Findings & Recommendation
    • Road Map
    • Benchmark Current Delivery
    • Evaluate Resources
  • ITSM/ITIL - Recommendations
    • Define Repeatable Processes
    • Identify Customer
    • Identify Long Term Goals
      • Appreciated by Business
      • Thought of as Valuable Contributor
      • Reduce Operational Costs
      • Establish Repeatable Processes
    • Use ITIL for Framework on Procedures
  • How Did We Do It?
    • Communication
    • Repeatable Process
    • Continuous Improvement Program
    • Well Defined Roles/Responsibility
    • Reorganization of Department
    • Documentation, Documentation, Documentation
    • ITIL Training/Implementation
    • On-Going Staff Development
  • Regarding Service Level Agreements…..
      • I know what they need
      • Don’t bother to ask them – we know best
  • Communication
    • Introduced IT to Business
    • “ Walk A Mile in My Shoes” Program
    • Customer Focus Training
    • Service Level Agreements
    • Monthly Reporting to Business
    • Metrics to Measure IT’s Success
    • Manage Expectations
  • Repeatable Processes
    • Repeatable Processes
    • ITIL Framework
    • Defined Policies and Procedures for all Areas of IT
      • Site Openings/Closings
      • Service Desk
    • Worked with Business to Establish Deliverables
    • New Hire
  • Continuous Improvement Plan
    • Specific Training for Staff
    • “ Make Busy” for Service Desk Analysts
    • Weekly, Monthly Metrics to Evaluate Success
    • Compare Against SLAs
    • Adjust Deliverables and SLAs as Appropriate
    • Review Board
  • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Evaluate Current Staff
    • Align to Defined Roles
    • Adjust to Get Right Persons on Bus
    • Are They in the Right Seat
    • Reorganization of Department
  • ITSM/ITIL Other Changes
    • Documentation
      • Project
      • Status
      • Known Errors
      • Ticket Tracking
      • Knowledge Database
    • Training
    • Stretching Staff to Reach New Goals
  • ITIL Components Implemented
    • Incident Management
    • Problem Management
    • Service Desk
    • Service Level Management
    • Change Management
    • Release Management
  • ITIL Components Pending
    • Configuration Management
    • Service Level Management v2
    • Availability Management
    • Capacity Management
    • IT Service Continuity Management
  • ITSM with ITIL - Operations
  • ITSM/ITIL Results
    • Involved in Acquisition Decisions Upfront
    • Newly Acquired Companies are Rolled Into Escrow’s Network for Support
    • Considered Model for So. California
    • Implemented AD Migration/Exchange Upgrade
    • Parent Co. Looked to Escrow for Standards
    • Passed SOx with Flying Colors
  • By The Numbers
    • 15 Persons in Information Technology
    • Supporting 800+ Employees/40 Branches
    • Improved Service Rating 4 pts to 7 of 10
    • Increased Budget by 10%
    • Reduced Calls to Service Desk by 15%
    • Increased First Call Resolution to 80%
    • Promoted Two Service Desk Reps. to Level 2
  • What Would You Do?
    • Problem –
      • Business Does NOT Read Email
      • Does NOT Read Flash Messages
      • Complains When Changes Impact Work
      • Are Caught off Guard to Changes
      • Take NO Responsibility in Lack of Knowledge
  • ITSM/ITIL Implementation
    • In Summary
      • GAP Analysis (Findings/Recommendations)
      • Important to Your Company
      • Prioritize ITIL Components
        • Importance to Your Company
        • Ability to Implement Successfully
        • Potential for Quick Fix
      • Gain Management Support
      • Communicate Inside and Out of IT
      • Get Started!
      • Ensure that you offer your customers the products and services they want.
  • “ Evidently Fear is Not a Factor For You” Maybe it Should be… Align with the Business or be Outsourced
  • Thank You! Patricia Bramhall Tydak Consulting Services, LLC [email_address]