Online Personal Brands for Students


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The importance for students to build their personal brand online in the 21st century.

Tyba offers personal brands for top school’s students.

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Online Personal Brands for Students

  1. 1. PERSONAL BRANDS FOR TOP SCHOOLʼS STUDENT Online Personal Branding"
  2. 2. There is a problem, everyone is Googling you.!
  3. 3. There is an opportunity, everyone is Googling you."
  4. 4. 89 % of recruiters find it appropriate to consider professional online data in assessing candidates! Source:
  5. 5. a word about personal branding: In the world, “It‘s not about who you know, it‘s about people knowing you.“
  6. 6.  Personal brands are memorable, powerful, and a source of differentiation in the job market  Before one can build a brand online, one must have a presence there!  Today, your virtual personality is just as valuable as your skills and knowledge importance of personal branding
  7. 7. 334 Top managers from the consulting company Lachner Aden Beyer & Company seeking industry opinions
  8. 8.  71%: say that their personal brand in the internet is important or very important  33.2% control and update regularly what information is available about them on the internet  90% are convinced that the importance of the digital brand will grow in significance over time of 334 LAB managers surveyed
  9. 9.  Today: an advantage  Tomorrow: a necessity your own website is
  10. 10.   Simply being present around the internet is not enough.   Do you control information & visibility of your name and associated content?   Either you are a collage of loosely related or irrelevant search data, or you are a brand.   A Google search of a typical student‘s name returns:   Facebook page   LinkedIn profile   Spam however...
  11. 11.  A personal website for every single student  High level of personal control over content and layout  Good visibility and presence in the Internet Control the #1 result on Google" step 1 for personal branding
  12. 12.  Individuals within an institution have their own personalities, qualities, and activities  Students and their universities are perceived together  Reputation management and brand building by students helps their universities and vice- versa  Personal brands and institutional brands combine for greater value to both. personal brands + schools
  13. 13.   Personal brand sites create a vastly more professional impression   Personal brand sites can link to other organizations, people, websites, and media whose ideas and values inspire the site‘s owner   Allows students to become “brand ambassadors“ for their respective schools while having the credibility of their school‘s name – a win-win situation   You build a brand; even the domain is a brand itself credible. visible. flexible. friendly. Tyba‘s values are your brands‘ strengths
  14. 14. Problem solved!! Students build a strong, visible personal brand on the web while being ambassadors for their schools.!
  15. 15. Tyba: end user basics Domain names and websites" Personal websites and .com domain names for each student. ! e.g. ! Management dashboard" Control your branding across your studentsʼ sites! Analytics dashboard" Measure the traffic to and from the student sites.! Analyse how it is driving traffic to your school.! Training" Training for students on building their online personal brand! and using social media to work for them.! Help & Support" Comprehensive online support available! Tyba provides
  16. 16. Want to know more about what Tyba can do for your school?!""