Creating a childrens' book

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  • 1. Creating a children’s book
  • 2. Planning • Pick an age range (0-3, 4-7, 8-10, 11-13) • Pick a main character • Think about having an animal as a character • Choose plot(intro, problem, solve, resolved situation) • Keep description to a minimum and use speech to keep things moving • Think of a moral that you want to include • Try and keep the book short • Use only simple or compound sentences • Use basic vocabulary but choose a couple of complex words to help kids develop language • Think of a happy ending
  • 3. Simple sentences • Expresses a short simple idea in a single independent clause • An independent clause expresses a complete idea • E.g. I hate graffiti.
  • 4. Compound sentences • A sentence that contains two independent clauses that are joined • E.g. I love graffiti, and I wish graffiti artists were paid for what they do.
  • 5. Complex sentences • Contain an dependent and independent clause • A dependent clause expresses an incomplete idea • E.g. When I wake up • This idea needs is dependent on more information to make sense. This is why it is called a dependent clause • An independent clause expresses a complete idea • E.g. I eat breakfast. • This idea makes sense independent of any other information. This is why it is called an independent clause. • E.g. When I wake up, I eat breakfast. • This is a complex sentence because it is a complete idea that is created by combining a dependent and independent clause
  • 6. Book Description Speech Moral Plot Simple sentence Compound sentence
  • 7. Work Related Skills • Contact publishers to get estimates of cost of publishing
  • 8. Personal Development Skills • Negotiate with author on the look of book • Present mock-up to potential investors
  • 9. Resources • •