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Viral loop - From 0 to 1 million users
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Viral loop - From 0 to 1 million users






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Viral loop - From 0 to 1 million users Viral loop - From 0 to 1 million users Presentation Transcript

  • Viral Loop: How to reach from 0 to 1 million users? Your Business. Discovered. Adrian Teh, Feb 2012Copyright © Leanis Solutions Sdn Bhdwww.leanis.com.my | enquiry@leanis.com.my
  • The ultimate goal of every website or applicationis to increase user base from zero to millionsToo many information. So easy and simple Absolute It’s so useful What’s the focus? to use convenience There’s a better one I’m confusedNothingspecial Boring!! Not useful at all How ? Not again Where’s everybody Too hard to read What was the site again? I’m telling my friends about this This is fun. One of a So hard to kind navigate Solar torch light? No way! Never thought this was possible What ever your organization goals & objectives are, it doesn’t mean anything (doesn’t exist) if you don’t have a sufficiently large user base to see, click & share your content. Period! 2
  • How to reach from 0 to 1 million users?There’s no magic. It’s a cooking process! Just like a good recipe, you need the best ingredients with a clear step-by-step outline of directions to cook up a storm! Ingredients consists of:  A great story to tell.  Have a product that people like using so much that they tell other people to join and use it.  Make it easy (as little steps possible) for users to share & for invited guests to join (bake Viral Loop right into the product) Directions are a series of calculated steps to take, grouped into 3 phases: Pre Launch Private Beta Public Beta 1. Facebook Page 1. Notify early birds of a private 1. Optimize Viral loop co-efficiency 2. Twitter Account & exclusive launch to create Viral growth 3. Launching Soon Page 2. Opportunity to gather 2. Consistent use of online & real 4. Blog about the entire process feedback & reviews world marketing strategies from start to launch Tell your story to people that matters. Tell the story in a way that fits into their 3 existing world view that makes them relate to themselves
  • Viral loop: Steps a user goes through betweenentering the site to inviting the next set of new users“On-ramps” to Kick Start Loop Register Choice of Media:•SEO Email, Facebook Newsfeed, Blogs•Paid advertising Conversion:•Traditional marketing Piece of content sent ► Receiver’s sees content•Email marketing Optimization factors:•Social media influencers Eye Catching, Universal Topic, High Emotion Topic•Blogger outreach•Social networks•Journalists•Events•Flyers/Direct mail Viral loops are created when the customer experience incorporates virality into the very functionality of a Tell Friends Evaluate VIRAL LOOP product or websiteConversion: Keep it short (2 – 3 pagesUser wants to share ► User shares at most) with progressiveOptimization factors: commitment of personal Tell FriendsClear option to share, Sharing is informationsuggested by app, Channel facilitates Use Productsharing Conversion: Receiver’s sees content ► Receiver clicks Conversion: into or engages with content User has engaged with content ► User Optimization Factors: wants to share content Low barrier to consumption, Precise Text, Optimization factors: Use Product Clear Action, Immediacy Trait Signaling, Emotional Venting, Conversation Starters Evaluate Viral loop is the cheapest & fastest way to increase your user base, with accurately predictable growth rate. If you4 can’t predict it, you’re doing it wrong!
  • Why do people share? Human nature: We seek to pass on interesting or funny memes or products to our personal social networks, whether they are included in our email address books, part of our collection of friends on Facebook, visitors to our blog, followers on Twitter, or participants on discussion threads Trait Signaling Trait Signaling Emotional Venting Emotional Venting Conversation Starter Conversation Starter•Places individuals into personality •Places individuals into personality •Instinctual need to share something •Instinctual need to share something •Social networks are all about •Social networks are all aboutdefinitions that say meaningful definitions that say meaningful funny or delightful. funny or delightful. conversations. Starting aa conversations. Startingthings about the person’s things about the person’s •ItIt is likely we share during moments • is likely we share during moments conversation isis difficult. conversation difficult.personality. personality. because we realize we can offer aa because we realize we can offer •Social network posts are aa good •Social network posts are good•People also signal traits by attaching •People also signal traits by attaching positive experience to our friends for positive experience to our friends for way of starting open ended way of starting open endedthemselves to meaningful brands. (i.e. themselves to meaningful brands. (i.e. basically no cost. ItIt is like a free gift of basically no cost. is like a free gift of conversations eg. pictures of my conversations eg. pictures of mywearing Liverpool Jerseys) wearing Liverpool Jerseys) funny to our friends. funny to our friends. crazy party last night. crazy party last night. Framework to decide on what social integration points & 5 what content to use in a viral marketing campaign
  • Building your own viral loopUltimately, viral loops are like induction proofs in that you are jumping to a steady state situation in which your viralwidgets/emails/messages are already out there, and you are optimizing some set of steps that users have to jumpthrough. Then, once you get this right, then you are figuring out how to build "on-ramps" into your viral loop so thatyou bootstrap the entire process. Register Share 2 pages Use What’s your viral Evaluate media? Register Evaluate 3 pages Share What’s your funnel design? Use What’s the viral hook in your product? What are your on-ramps to your viral loop? 6
  • Characteristics of a successful viral loop Web based Virality Index >= 1.0 Tipping Point In the aggregate, one user becomes two, When a company attracts so many users turns into four, eight, and so on. Anything it continues to grow; it becomes nearly less than 1 and the virality cannot be self- impossible for a competitor to take it FREE sustaining. down. Ultimate Saturation Organizational Technology Predictable Growth Rates After a network has spread far and wide, They don’t create content – their users If a product is properly designed with viral it can reach a point of maturity whendo. They simply organize it. But facilitating hooks, it spreads at a constant rate – and growth slows. can lead to a mass audience. can be accurately forecast, in the same way epidemiologists can predict with some certainty how quickly a virus will Simple Concept spread through a city. Built-In Virality Network Effects Viral loop products have within The more who join, the more who have an themselves the seeds to grow on their incentive to join. own. Stackability Extremely Fast Adoption A viral network can be laid over the top of another, each fostering the other’s growth (PayPal and eBay; YouTube and Exponential Growth MySpace). 7
  • How to measure & manage a viral loop?Viral Co-efficient index Viral Co-efficient (v) = x * y X = Total average invites Y = New users / Total average invites (Acceptance rate, %) The viral coefficient refers to number of new users acquired for each of the existing users passing through the viral loop. For example, if 1 user enters the viral loop, sends 10 invites to their contacts, and 1 of those contacts accepts the invite and becomes a new user, we would have a viral coefficient of 1 or 1 new user acquired. x = 10 invites x = 10 invites y = 1 new user / 10 invites = 10% y = 2 new user / 10 invites = 20% v = 10 x 10% = 1 v = 10 x 20% = 2 The viral coefficient is the key performance indicator you can use to measure the growth provided by your viral loop. In fact, once you know your viral coefficient, you can quite accurately predict future user growth. To achieve “Viral Growth”, your Viral Co-efficient index needs to be >= 1.0 8
  • 2 key metrics: Increasing the average # of invitesand increasing the % of acceptance rate Viral Co-efficient (v) = x * y X = Total average invites Y = New users / Total average invites (Acceptance rate, %)Increase the number of average invites (x) Increase the acceptance rate of new users coming from the invites (y)x = 10 + 1 = 11v = 11 x 10% = 1.1 y = 10% + 1% = 11% v = 10 x 11% = 1.1 Small, incremental changes to either one or both of our two metrics with push the needle into viral growth territory. 9
  • Turn conventional marketing funnels into viralloops to increase user base or sales The process of consumers moving through a series of steps towards a desired action (such as a sale) is often described by marketers as a “conversion funnel”. While the conversion funnel is often thought of as a solitary process between a consumer and a seller, it can be turned into a viral loop through the addition of user feedback and reviews at each step. As the consumer moves through the steps of a online transaction, they will seek input from review sites and their own social networks. Creating a viral loop involves displaying reviews and recommendations when people are deciding on what to buy and making a purchase, and allowing them to provide their own reviews and recommendations. 10
  • People are your brand’s best advocateWebsites are actuallymuch more fun anduseful when yourfriends are there.People share and readand generally engagemore with any type ofcontent when it’ssurfaced throughfriends and peoplethey know and trust.– Andy Katzman, Head ofPlatform Partnerships, Facebook Reviews play a tremendous role in our decisions to buy products. Reviews build trust and more reviews mean higher conversion rates 11
  • Interested in our services? We are eager to hearfrom you. Feel free to contact us. Leanis Solutions Sdn Bhd (871506-U) The Strand, Kota Damansara 51-3 Jalan PJU 5/21, Third Floor 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia enquiry@leanis.com.my 12
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