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The Truth Show - The Church
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The Truth Show - The Church

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A children's presentation looking at the church comparing what the Bible says with what most people think! Published on Sunday 1st November 2009.

A children's presentation looking at the church comparing what the Bible says with what most people think! Published on Sunday 1st November 2009.

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  • Welcome!Let’s get ready
  • Hey, first what is truth?The Right Understanding To Have
  • Hi guys, today let’s look at the churchThere’s a lot going on, but what does the Bible say?
  • Before we start,one thing you need to knowCh- -chmeansUR missing
  • Later we’ll see what the Bible says . . .How do most people seechurch?
  • Stained glass leaded windows adorn many old buildings and it became common to build a spire or tower pointing to heaven
  • Since Roman times people who died have been buried in the ground surrounding the church building known as a graveyard.
  • In some large church buildings, like in Truro Cathedral, you will find the tombs like this one with stone carvings.
  • For hundreds of years this special table became the most important part of a church building. It’s where the wine and bread were served for what is known as holy communion at which the sacrifice of Jesus was remembered.
  • Some crosses show what Jesus might have looked like as he died, but many crosses don’t show the body because he rose from the dead and now lives in heaven.
  • Pews are special wooden benches that families used to pay money to keep for themselves. Don’t sit in my place!Notice that all pews face towards the front of the building.
  • Pews are never comfortable, so you often find chairs instead but set out in rows just the same. Some people always like to sit in the same chair – but no-one pays to sit there any more!
  • This tall reading desk is the place where priests and pastors usually stand behind when they speak. Often the pulpit is built up on a special stage or platform.
  • Since music became more popular in church meetings special singing groups have appeared. These range from choirs dressed in special robes to praise bands wearing denims.
  • Like all major religions it soon became common for priests and leaders to appear different from everyone else by wearing special robes designed about 300 years ago. This can help you to spot the people who think they are very important.
  • Some Christians like to wear clothes, jewellery and accessories using symbols and religious pictures to help them be witnesses.
  • BobThe pictures we have seen are very interesting and show us something of the history of Christianity, but the truth is that none of these things can be found in the Bible, Jesus never mentioned anything about such things for his church and for over 100 years the first church never accepted them. Read the New Testament for yourself to check this out!The New Testament does tell us much about the church. It tells us the truth (the right understanding to have). We should only listen to what Jesus said and read what the apostles said who knew him personally.
  • Firstly the church is like a buildingFoundation =Stones = Design =
  • Next the church is like a growing temple in which we offer sacrifices of praise to the Lord and ask God for his help through prayer.It’s not a place, it’s what Christians do, wherever they meet together
  • Jesus talked about the church being like a tree or grapevinePurpose of the tree? – look closelyWhat about the branches?What about the tree trunk?What about branches that don’t have fruit?What about branches that do have fruit?
  • God’s people have often been seen like a flock of sheep – Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd. Who is the shepherd of the church?What does the shepherd do for the church? But Jesus tells us of God’s care for his church, like a shepherd who leads his flock, guards his flock and searches after those who go missing.All Christians are in fact like sheep, but some older sheep look out for the young lambs or sick sheep – Jesus alone is the Shepherd
  • The most important truth about the church is that it is a body. Born on the day of Pentecost and growing ever since the church is the body of Jesus Christ who always takes centre stage. The church carries out the work of Jesus on the earth, bringing good news of salvation, with healing and the blessing of God.
  • Every Christian has a part to play, gifts and talents to use for God. We have to work together, get on together and encourage each other. No one person is more important than anyone else. No gift is greater than another.
  • Jesus wants his church to be found in every nation and among every tribe.
  • We all belong to the one true church if we love Jesus and do what he asks.
  • Children have gifts and talents too. They are just as important as any adult in God’s eyes. Jesus always says ‘Let the children come to me’
  • Where is the church?It’s where the Christians are meeting together (in public buildings, schools, homes and sometimes outdoors). Remember the God doesn’t see buildings as churches – only people!
  • So what does the church do when it meets up?Teaching one anotherEncouraging othersShowing friendshipPraying togetherGiving thanksWorshiping GodSharing meals togetherEncouraging everyone to take part!
  • The Bible gives many examples of the church meeting in small groups especially in people’s homes
  • Jesus said even when two or three people met together in his name that he would be present – how church is that!But remember we need to be part of the tree, part of the flock and part of the temple too!
  • So when you talk about the church – remember its only about people meeting together. Because that’s what the Bible teaches.


  • 1. The Truth Show
    Welcome!Let’s get ready
  • 2. The Truth Show
    Hey, first what is truth?
  • 3. Tell me the truth . . .
    There’s a lot going on, but what does the Bible say?
    Hi guys,
    today let’s look at the church
  • 4. Tell me the truth . . .
    Ch- -chmeansUR missing
    Before we start,one thing you need to know!
  • 5. Tell me the truth . . .
    How do most people seechurch?
    Later we’ll see what the Bible says . . .
  • 6. Windows and Spires
  • 7. Graveyards
  • 8. Tombs
  • 9. The Altar
  • 10. The cross
  • 11. Pews (benches)
  • 12. Chairs Where’s your seat?
  • 13. The Pulpit
  • 14. Choirs and Bands
  • 15. Religious Clothes
  • 16. Fashion and Symbols
  • 17. The Truth Show
    Let’s see what the Bible says?
    You might be in for a surprise!
  • 18. The church is like a building(1 Peter 2)
  • 19. The church is like a temple(1 Corinthians 3)
  • 20. The church is like a tree(John 15)
  • 21. The church is like a flock of sheep (1 Peter 5)
  • 22. The church is a bodyand Jesus is in charge(Acts 2)
  • 23. The church body has different parts(Romans 12)
    And many more gifts than these
  • 24. The church is all the millions of people who love and serve Jesus
  • 25. It’s the same church family all over the world
  • 26. Children belong to the church
  • 27. The church is when Christians meet together
  • 28. The church is when Christians meet together(Acts 4)
    • Teaching one another
    • 29. Encouraging others
    • 30. Showing friendship
    • 31. Praying together
    • 32. Giving thanks
    • 33. Worshiping God
    • 34. Sharing meals together
    Encouraging everyone to take part!
  • 35. The church is also about meeting in small groups(Acts 2)
  • 36. Even two people can be church!(Matthew 18)
  • 37. The Truth Show
    Wow, to think that Jesus is head of all the church, his Body!
    Are you part of the church?
  • 38. The Truth Show
    Next time, how to find your place in the church – and I don’t mean where you sit! 
    Thanks for being part of the show