Research – magazine double page spread

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  • 1. Research – Magazine Double Page Spread
  • 2.  There is good organisation on getting around the centrefold. The heading does cross over the centrefold but the text has been arranged so that a letter doesnt directly cross over. This means that the audience wont have to straighten out the magazine or detract from the effect of the layout. The l audience is always looking for the easy to read articles, an smart layout looks attractive to the eyes and therefore making the article easier to read, which is essential to attract your reader. The images and article have also been placed so they are around the centrefold of the page, this makes them clearly visible and readable for the audience.
  • 3.  The four images are placed across the 2 pages. The images are in a black and white colour effect, this contrasts well with the use of red to highlight text. All of the images are action shots which will be photos that will be in demand with the audience.
  • 4.  The colour scheme compliments the black and white picture effect and the effect upon the audience is that the page will attract them to read the information present on it. The white writing on the black background contrasts and stands out from the background and encourages the audience to pay attention to it.
  • 5.  As we can see once again the main image is large and takes up the whole of the first page, it is in black and white which makes us see that it is for a more mature audience.
  • 6.  The text is laid out in columns making it easy to read and understand. Informal language is used throughout the interviews which will keep the target audience engaged and make the article more enjoyable to read.
  • 7.  The double page spread shows continuity in its colour scheme as, the black, white and red format is very effective. This very monochromatic scheme with the slight use of red would appeal to a more mature audience The use of the red “L” breaks the monochromatic scream and gives the page a bit of life making the article more attractive to the eye.