Social Media for Success - RICS CPD Session Glasgow/Edinburgh 1-2/11/11
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Social Media for Success - RICS CPD Session Glasgow/Edinburgh 1-2/11/11



RICS lunchtime seminars: Social Media for Success

RICS lunchtime seminars: Social Media for Success



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Social Media for Success - RICS CPD Session Glasgow/Edinburgh 1-2/11/11 Social Media for Success - RICS CPD Session Glasgow/Edinburgh 1-2/11/11 Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media for Success RICS Scotland –Lunchtime CPD 1 st and 2 nd November 2011 Contact us +44(0)7717714595 [email_address] twintangibles 2011 research - consulting – advice
  • What You Should Know
    • What is different about Social Media
    • How that presents opportunities and threats
    • Have a plan
    • How to develop a plan
  • Which Do You Know?
  • Common Activities Blogging Messaging/ microblogging Video Audio Tagging Images Networks Publishing
  • What Changes with SM? Product/Service Development Sales Customer Support Innovation Collaboration Recruitment CSR Knowledge Management SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Marketing Raising Capital/Investment Content Creation
  • To Define Social Media
    • “ It is a mindset of sharing, openness, collaboration and communication that is facilitated by technical tools that provide for many to many non mediated exchange ”
    It is increasingly pervasive, it can’t be ignored and it is affecting society, economy and culture
  • Tribes Your tribes are assets
  • Reach
  • Social Media Mindset
    • Deeply rooted
    • Inclusive
    • Mutuality
    • Democratic
    • Always on – hyper connected
    • Reduced barriers to entry
    • Expectation of return non traditional
    • Challenges convention
    • Self regulating and self organising
    • Iterative
  • Why Should You Care?
    • Expectation
    • Your Staff, Clients, Customers, Partners and Suppliers will expect it
    • Opportunity
    • It can create value for your business and if you don’t use it others will
    • Asset
    • You are creating an asset for the future
  • Expectation
    • The annual British Internet Habits survey showed that in 2011, 57% of over-16s in the UK are using the internet for social networking, as opposed to 43% in 2010.
    • Using Social Networks
        • 91% 16-24 year olds
        • 76% 25-34 year olds
        • 58% 35-44 year olds
        • 42% 45-54 year olds
        • 30% 55-64 year olds
        • 18% 65+
      • Office of National Statistics – British Internet Habits 2011
    Your Staff, Clients, Customers, Partners and Suppliers will expect you to both use the tools and honour the principles.
  • DLA Piper Research June 2011
    • 76% of firms surveyed* had a corporate social media presence while 95% of employees use social media channels for personal and/or work related activities
    DLA Piper Knowing your tweet from your trend: keeping pace with social media in the workplace 2011 *250+ employees and revenues of greater than £30m, all carried out during June 2011.
  • Opportunity
    • In the UK the most popular activity online is finding information about good or services that people want to buy
    • 25% of search results link to user generated content
    • 78% of customers trust peer reviews
    • Only 14% trust adverts
  • Source: The Role of Social Media in Commercial Property Andrew Waller and Bob Thompson RICS November 2009 Crowdsourcing Blogging Messaging Video Pictures Audio Knowledge Tagging Forums Networking Agency Professional Building Surveying Development Property Management Facilities Management Marketing
  • Porters Value Chain
  • Porters Value Chain Updated
  • Asset
    • For Example:
    • Entering new markets
    • Customer insight
    • Advocacy
    • Funding Crowdfunding or IPO
    • Product/service innovation
    Your Social Media experience, awareness, impact and presence are assets that should nurture with a view to growing and harvesting value over time Time Value
  • So What?
    • It will affect every organisation differently
    • There is no “magic bullet” or single approach
    • It gets over sold
    • You can’t ignore it
    • It’s both an opportunity and a threat
    • You need a plan
  • Action Plan Audit & Evaluate Strategic Intent Resources Targets & Metrics Choose Channels Engage Monitor Listen
  • Strategic Intent
    • Link it business objectives or a specific business issue
    • The tail must not wag the dog!
    • Know why you are doing this
    • Be realistic
    • Aim to embed this across the organisation
    • So you might want to:
    • Enhance Inbound Marketing
    • Create Operational Efficiency
    • Service/product development
    • SEO
    • Knowledge Retention
  • Targets & Metrics
    • Measures help establish progress
    • Both qualitative and quantitative
      • Remember not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that’s counted counts
    • Plenty of tools available – many are free!
    • So you might measure:
    • Traffic to website
    • Social mentions and sentiment
    • Google Analytics
    • Internal email traffic
    • Staff turnover
    • Time to complete activities
  • Choose Your Channels
    • Many tools – with different purposes
    • Ensure they are fit for purpose
    • Where are your tribe and what do they use?
    • So consider:
    • Free or paid for?
    • LOB Integration
    • Cloud or hosted?
  • Resource
    • How will you resource this?
    • Be in it for the long run
    • Is this culture change?
    • So consider:
    • Do you need training?
    • Where will your content come from?
    • Who will do it?
    • Do you need policy?
  • Listen
    • What is being said, when is it said, where is it said?
    • What is being said about others?
    What You Must Now Do Image credit What You Once Did Image credit
  • Engage
    • You are trying to have a conversation and build trust
    • So you should:
    • Have a voice/tone
    • Consider time and frequency
    • Provide value
    • Be responsive
    • Acknowledge others
    • Be genuine
  • Monitor and Review
    • Its quality not quantity
    • Be as holistic as possible
    • Adjust accordingly – it’s a learning process
    • ROI
    • “ What’s the ROI of your phone”
            • Eric Qualman – Socialnomics
    • Maybe not but you do check the tariffs
  • Action Plan Audit & Evaluate Strategic Intent Resources Targets & Metrics Choose Channels Engage Monitor Listen
  • Keys for Success
    • Be strategic
    • Have a plan
    • Its inward facing to
    • Measure it
    • Marshall your resources
    • Listen, listen, listen
    • Engage, engage, engage
    • Monitor and adjust
    • Be in it for the long term
  • [email_address] @twintangibles +44 (0)7717 714 595 research - consulting – advice