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A Survey of SM usage in the workplace-Preliminary Findings
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A Survey of SM usage in the workplace - Preliminary Findings


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A Survey of SM usage in the workplace - Preliminary Findings …

A Survey of SM usage in the workplace - Preliminary Findings

Published in: Technology, Education, Business

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  • 1. A Survey of SM usage in the workplace - Preliminary Findings Contact us +44(0)7717714595 © twintangibles 2011
  • 2. Main areas of interest
    • Identification of broad trends in the adoption of Social Media in the workplace.
    • Are there geographical / sectoral differences?
  • 3. Main areas of interest
    • Implications for:
      • Intellectual Property (IP); are SM a threat?
      • Intellectual Assets (IA); do SM offer new models for generation/harnessing of a company’s IA?
  • 4. Main areas of interest
    • SM represents a major technical development for the KM community.
    • Are the KM community using/championing it?
  • 5. The Survey
    • 6 week sample: February to March 2010
    • Survey Monkey
    • 21 questions
    • 3 sections
      • Awareness and Use of Social Media;
      • Intellectual Property Considerations;
      • Intellectual Assets Considerations
    • Prize draw
  • 6. Results
    • 134 completed responses
    • Multiple sectors and geographies.
    • Public, Private and Third sector
  • 7. Results
    • 86.3% are using SM in the workplace for work-related purposes.
    • 81.9% using networking sites such as Facebook, Linked In and Bebo
    • 48% Blog, 49% Microblogg/Tweet
  • 8. Results
    • 41% of companies have used these tools for more than 2 years
    • 68% have been using them for between 1 and 2 years
  • 9. Wide Access
    • 74% of responses stated that all staff are allowed access to SM within the work place for work related purposes.
    • 71.1% have not introduced policies and/or guidelines for conducting business practice online.
  • 10. What is it used for?
    • 61.2% say majority of the use is for marketing purposes
    • A large percentage of respondents believe that SM helps to exploit their intellectual assets.
  • 11.  
  • 12. Crowdsourcing
    • Just over 50% familiar with the concept of user generated content and co-creation and crowdsourcing.
    • Very little evidence of activity in this area
  • 13. What about IP?
    • 76.3% did not have concerns with disclosing their company’s intellectual property
    • Main area of IP concern was Copyright
  • 14. Who is leading the charge?
    • 25% felt that Marcomms were the key players in introducing and championing the use of SM.
    • 17.5% felt Sales were, or are, the key champions.
    • 11.3% KM
    • Within the public sector KM behind IT
  • 15.  
  • 16. Public/Private sector divide
    • Little differentiation between public and private sector.
    • Some differences in the tools in use by each sector
    • Private sector seem to use micro blogging more than formal blogging
    • Private sector appears to use a greater variety of tools.
  • 17. Other surprises
    • Less than 50%  declare they use Wikis in the workplace
    • Less than 25% marked the use of social bookmarking.
    • Low levels of use of SM applications for internal KM initiatives.
  • 18. Papers have been presented at
    • International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD)
      • Matera, Italy
      • 24-25 June 2010
    • 11th European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM) Universidade Lusíada de Vila Nova de Famalicão , Famalicão, Portugal 2-3 September 2010
  • 19. [email_address] @twintangibles