Why is Syed Shahabbudin writing to Modi


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Why is Syed Shahabbudin writing to Modi

  1. 1. Why is Syed Shahabbudin writing to Modi? Article : MJ Akbar Source : TOI
  2. 2. Who is Syed Shahabbudin? More than three decades ago Syed Shahabbudin resigned from the Indian Foreign service to enter politics, he choose attire in Islamic green When he writes a letter to Narendra Modi, It’s news
  3. 3. UK Case Sir James Bevan the British highcommissioner who called on Modiin October to signal a truce after a decade of hostility should be pleased and this is precisely Syed Shahabbudin suggests.
  4. 4. Letter unravels... Muslim voters see some signs of change in Modi’s attitude.Modi has three assets that cut across traditional political parameters.
  5. 5. Asset One He is synonymous with decisivegovernance at a time when people are tired of dithering and confusion.
  6. 6. Asset TwoMr. Modi is not tainted by accusations ofpersonal corruption despite his excellentworking equation with industrialists.
  7. 7. Asset ThreeYoung believe that he will give them job
  8. 8. He ends the letter by... Mentioning development,education and employment for Muslims in Gujarat
  9. 9. Why Shahabbuin writes to Modi about employment than Dr. Manmohan Singh? Muslims waited 8 years for congress to deliver on jobs Congress gave meaningless promises of reservations which was such a staple of election speeches written for Rahul Gandhi during the years UP campaign
  10. 10. Why Shahabbuin writes to Modi about employment than Dr. Manmohan Singh?The percentage of Muslims employed by the Gujarat Government, in contrast is close to the population share of the community in the stateIn addition there are private sector jobs to choose from
  11. 11. Why Shahabbudin writes to Modi about employment than Dr. Manmohan Singh? Gujarat has more Muslim constables in police station than any other states
  12. 12. Congress Act Today Modi seems morereminiscent of 1967, when Muslims spurned congress and shifted to third parties even though there was not clear alternative anchor
  13. 13. Congress ActNature is a cycle of seasons. Political natureis seasonal as well. In 1992 Muslim angersoared when congress slept while BabriMasjid was being demolished and snoredthrough the subsequent riot
  14. 14. Congress ActsIn 2004 Muslims mobilised to ensure a congress victory and gave it a second chance in 2009 As long as Modi cannot convinceMuslims that they will be safe under hiswatch, he will only be a claimant to the throne, not an occupant
  15. 15. Conclusion Social peace has the prominent place for any state. India wants aleader who can deliver jobs, price stability and 10% growth.There is certainly a spring in Modi’s step, but he needs much more warmth to melt the Muslim mood