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Coke Pepsi and IPL
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Coke Pepsi and IPL

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Can Coke steal Pepsi IPL Thunder- A presentation based on Brand Equity

Can Coke steal Pepsi IPL Thunder- A presentation based on Brand Equity

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  • 1. Coke Pepsi , &
  • 2. 1996 Indian World cup remember of Pepsi’s Nothing Official About it’campaign to Combat Coke’s sponsor ship of the event. The ambush marketing.
  • 3. PepsicCo bagged titlesponsorship of IPL for nextfive years for Rs.397 crore
  • 4. Pepsi made a hefty outlaytowards title right is a big risk in the current unpredictable economic scenario
  • 5. Sponsorship is only a license to spentand need to allocate minimum 100% of the money it spent to buy the sponsorship rights to leverage theassociation through advertising and the on ground events
  • 6. Right of the propertyshould be back it up with all round exposure andpreempt any threat fromthe competition trying to ambush the opportunity
  • 7. Title sponsorship allows exclusivity rights with respect to the contract signed with the BCCI
  • 8. With stringent laws in place, an ambushmay not be as effective this time around. Coca-cola will have to navigate ever-tighter protection of rights, and come up with something truly creative without using official branding and stars
  • 9. While Pepsi uses media and TV, Coke canreinvent its battle through point of purchaseactions, precisely the distribution game with
  • 10. Digital and social media usage is a bigopportunity. Ambush via digital could startby creating strong online cricket propertieslike fantasy leagues, gaming debates and contest
  • 11. As long as the content is captivating consumer willengage regardless of whetherthe brand is a IPL sponsor or not
  • 12. Now Pepsi officials are in a huddle with their creative and activationpartners to crack the big idea for the brand
  • 13. The coke team will be keenly watching to unwrap their strategy for the IPL 2013
  • 14. Thanking YouRef: Anil Bapna, Brand Equity