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In a recent survey, more than two-thirds of respondents with plans to implement cloud storage agreed "It seems like we are always running out of storage." Sound familiar?

Meanwhile, a separate study of TwinStrata customers revealed that 4 out of 5 customers who have used TwinStrata for more than three months reported have lowered operational expenses and improved disaster recovery, and 7 out of 10 reported lower capital expenses and reduced overall maintenance.

These slides walk through how TwinStrata's customers have implemented cloud storage to achieve these benefits.

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  • Before we begin today’s presentations, I’d like to review a few logistics. Our webinar will last approximately 60 minutes. The webinar will be recorded and made available for replay. Attendees will be muted during the call. However, you may submit questions at any time during the broadcast using the chat box in the Go-to-Webinar control panel. We’ll answer as many questions as time allows.  Also, just to pre-empt the question we always get: yes, slides will be available after the webcast so if you’d like a copy please send us an email.
  • Uses Amazon S3
  • Uses AT&T Synaptic and ArcServe for backup.
  • Using AWS
  • Uses Amazon S3
  • O’Neil uses Amazon S3
  • Uses Veeam but not in conjunction with TwinStrataConnectria is cloud provider
  • Present this as an environmental slide – Present to apps as iSCSI/NAS, we handle cloud APIsKeep features high-level
  • Cloud Storage in Action

    1. 1. CLOUD STORAGE IN ACTION © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL January 31, 2013
    2. 2. LOGISTICS 2  Attendees will be on mute for the call  Type your questions into the Questions box or tweet @TwinStrata during the event  Webcast is being recorded and will be available for replay Nicos Vekiarides CEO  Slides will be made available following the replay Join the conversation on Twitter by using the #TwinStrata hashtag. Follow us @TwinStrata ! © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL
    5. 5. WHY CLOUD STORAGE? 5 CLOUD STORAGE REPRESENTS NIRVANA FOR IT AND THE CFO Elastic supply of online capacity Improves accessibility, compliance and agility 2 Simplified disaster recovery Tapeless, automated offsite storage 3 Reduced Maintenance Managed storage with minimal administration 4 “Pay as you go” capital requirement No over-investment in unused capacity 5 Cost Reduction Cloud storage estimated to be 74% less expensive than in-house © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL Photo: Flickmor , Flickr CC 1
    6. 6. WHY DO YOU NEED CLOUD-INTEGRATED STORAGE? LEVERAGE THE BENEFITS OF CLOUD STORAGE, PLUS: Seamless integration with applications Appliance handles the API – presented as familiar iSCSI or SMB/SMB2/CIFS interface Performance that rivals local storage Dynamic on-site cache ensures each volumes most frequently accessed/important data has local performance Network optimization Compression, deduplication, transaction batching and bandwidth throttling/scheduling minimize impact to WAN Security, compliance and peace of mind Military-grade encryption and local key management prevents unauthorized access both in flight and at rest in the cloud © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 6
    7. 7. WHAT SHOULD YOU USE CLOUD STORAGE FOR?  Offsite Backup  Disaster Recovery  Data Archival  File Data  Remote and Branch Office Storage © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 7
    8. 8. REAL-WORLD BENEFITS: OFFSITE BACKUP CHALLENGES  75% reduction in offsite storage expenses – Russell Lands SOLUTION  Reduced backup windows by 50% American Academy of Dermatology  Near real-time offsite backup; half the cost BENEFITS of tape backup upgrade – Mosaik Solutions “ 8 The combination of CloudArray and cloud storage delivers superior reliability as compared to tape, and we get to preserve accessibility and control of the data we are storing in the cloud. ” Tom Imholz American Academy of Dermatology © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL
    9. 9. CASE STUDY: BACKUP “ Our storage and backup requirements grew so large that it was never possible to get a backup offsite. Now with TwinStrata CloudArray, we can do this in real-time, without juggling tapes or tape failures. CHALLENGES  Aging tape backup infrastructure  Full offsite backup impossible due to size  Backup recovery slow and required manual tape-juggling  Storage requirements outpacing capacity  Costs outpacing budget © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 9 -- Daniel Bozeman, Systems Administrator SOLUTION  Compared cloud storage against tape, disk-to-disk and SAN replication options  TwinStrata-enabled cloud storage less than half cost of tape array system upgrade, 8x less than SAN replication  Took 40 minutes to download, install and configure CloudArray BENEFITS ”  Near-real-time offsite backup  Half the cost of a tape backup upgrade  Reliable and easily accessible disaster recovery plan  No longer have to throw away potentially valuable data due to storage constraints  Can develop/test new solutions based on R&D snapshots
    10. 10. CASE STUDY: BACKUP “ TwinStrata delivers very sophisticated technology with inherent simplicity… superior reliability as compared to tape, and we get to preserve accessibility and control of the data we are storing in the cloud. CHALLENGES  Limited resources  Initiative to replace tape for greater availability and control  Required an enterprise-class offsite data protection solution  Needed a quick, painless end-toend solution © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 10 -- Tom Imholz, IT Manager SOLUTION  Used a cloud storage model in place of tape  Downloaded, installed, configured, provisioned and connected two TwinStrata CloudArrays to cloud storage provider in less than an hour  iSCSI interface and easy caching configuration increased simplicity of installation BENEFITS ”  Reduced backup windows by 50%  Improved reliability and speed for backup and archive needs  Simplicity and ease of use  Reduced resource requirement in terms of both budget and time
    11. 11. REAL WORLD BENEFITS: DR & DATA PROTECTION CHALLENGES  Reduced recovery time objective by 99% – SOLUTION  Reduced data recovery times from 1 week to 1 day – AFGE  80% reduction in monthly disaster recovery BENEFITS costs – National Lloyds “ 11 As hurricane damage can result in severe power outages and extensive damage to a large area, our business continuity plan needs to include the ability to recover to a distant site, yet still access all our data. TwinStrata enables us to do exactly that. ” Rick DeBay RxStrategies © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL
    12. 12. CASE STUDY: DISASTER RECOVERY “ We really needed a solution that was simple to buy, simple to implement and simple to maintain. We found this with the TwinStrata CloudArray Subscription – easy, secure access to unlimited cloud storage without multiple vendors or big upfront costs. CHALLENGES  Tape-based disaster recovery meant up to a two-week recovery time  Satellite offices were backing up to corporate HQ, which then backed to tape  Tape pickup occurred weekly, leaving recovery point objective to be as long as a week © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 12 -- Jerry Bogart, SOLUTION  Subscription cloud-integrated storage model meant lower capital expenses and easier to budget operational expenses  3-site implementation used virtual CloudArray appliances to backup directly to the cloud – no middleman  Deployed in less than 30 minutes BENEFITS ”  99 percent improvement in recovery time objective  Automatic cloud backup means continuous offsite data protection  Remote sites protected as well as HQ  Near instant recovery ability from any of company’s locations or even in-cloud
    13. 13. CASE STUDY: DISASTER RECOVERY “ TwinStrata’s CloudArray has enabled us to truly simplify our DR backup strategy, while allowing us to increase the overall quality and flexibility of our storage environment and decrease our operational costs. CHALLENGES  Needed to replace SAN three times in five years  Wanted independence from proprietary hardware  Expensive monthly disaster recovery costs © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 13 -- Joe Kempenich, Vice President of Information Technology SOLUTION  Needed secure, easy-to-use backup for that would integrate seamlessly with VMware infrastructure  Researched more than 20 solutions, before selecting TwinStrata CloudArray BENEFITS ”  80 percent reduction in monthly disaster recovery costs  Unlimited scalability  Simplified disaster recovery  Increased quality and flexibility of storage environment
    14. 14. CASE STUDY: DR & DATA PROTECTION “ With TwinStrata, storage provisioning is a trivial matter, not the significant undertaking it used to be. We’ve reduced the provisioning time for retention log storage by at least 90% and eliminated the complex and demanding planning and commitment required of our IT group. TwinStrata CloudArray proved to be exactly what we needed. CHALLENGES  Needed ability to expand capacity without requiring additional disk  Disaster recovery plan included secondary data center, with costly remote disk storage, rack space, cooling and power requirements © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 14 -- Dave Stackhouse, Director of Information Systems SOLUTION  Leveraged underutilized bandwidth at secondary data center  Used cloud storage to alleviate demands of disk’s capital and infrastructure costs  Used CloudArray so that cloud storage would be available virtually as a local disk accessible to the continuous data protection solution BENEFITS ”  90% faster provisioning times  Reduced planning and commitment required of IT  Minimized cost of disk storage  Ability to easily/quickly keep up with capacity requirements
    15. 15. REAL-WORLD BENEFITS: FILE AND DATA ARCHIVAL CHALLENGES  Five-year savings of $283,000 by eliminating tape and using lower-cost commodity servers – LAUSD SOLUTION  Employees experienced no performance degradation – Russell Lands BENEFITS  Achieved flexible solution for multiple archiving requirements – Essex Agricultural & Technical High School © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL “ 15 We didn’t want to continue purchasing storage, tape and file servers. We chose TwinStrata because [it] provided everything we were looking for from traditional storage arrays and backup software for far less cost without the added maintenance overhead. ” Steve Saitman Los Angeles Unified School District
    16. 16. CASE STUDY: FILE “ With TwinStrata, we get twin benefits. We still experience local performance because of the locally cached data yet our data also sits at an offsite storage location with far better disaster recovery provisions than we could ever afford before. CHALLENGES  File servers 90% full  Data volume doubling (or more) every 18 months  Upgrading VMware servers for more storage too costly  Employees needed on-site-like performance © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 16 -- Cliff Grappe, IT Director SOLUTION BENEFITS ” • Deployed unlimited virtual TwinStrata CloudArray appliance  75% reduction in offsite data storage expenses • Local cache keeps 95% of data accessed by employees; second copy in cloud for disaster recovery  Unlimited scalability • TwinStrata provided flexibility to choose cloud storage provider  Insulation from uncertain data growth  Worry-free disaster recovery  Employees experience no performance degradation
    17. 17. REAL-WORLD BENEFITS: BRANCH OFFICE STORAGE CHALLENGES  Eliminate need for expensive on-premises storage for each office SOLUTION  Support multiple sites from a single location  Unlimited capacity at minimal upfront costs BENEFITS “ 17 We needed a solution that was simple to buy, simple to implement and simple to maintain. With TwinStrata, we get easy, secure access to unlimited cloud storage for each of our offices globally without having to deal with multiple vendors or big upfront costs. ” Jerry Bogart © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL
    18. 18. CASE STUDY: REMOTE AND BRANCH OFFICE STORAGE “ Moving to the cloud has not only reduced the cost and burden of maintaining the multi-site infrastructure, it has eliminated the need for future data migrations and costly upgrades. Our upgrade plans now are to simply purchase new servers every three years. CHALLENGES  Needed to replace failing hardware, but didn’t want to continue purchasing storage, tape and file servers  Painful expansion/overhaul required regularly  Exponentially growing data volumes  Limited disaster recovery plan © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL -- Steve Saitman SOLUTION  15-site implementation  Seamless integration with and connection to existing storage and Amazon Web Services  Deployed each site in less than hours BENEFITS ”  Saving $283,000 over 5 years by eliminating tape and using lowercost commodity servers  Reduced cost & burden of maintaining multi-site infrastructure  Instant disaster recovery to any location globally  Replacement of primary storage, tape and backup software 18
    19. 19. HOW MANY BENEFITS HAVE YOU ALREADY ACHIEVED? 7 Respondents selected from the following list: 6 • • • • • • • • • • 5 4 3 2 1 0 Less than 3 months 3-6 months 6+ months Total How long TwinStrata CloudArray has been deployed © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL Lower operational expenses Lower capital expenses Improved disaster recovery Reduced RPO/RTO Reduced overall maintenance Reduced provisioning time Reduced backup windows Improved confidence / peace of mind Compliance with regulations Resolved security concerns 19
    20. 20. SO HOW DO WE DO IT?
    21. 21. CLOUDARRAY® SOLUTION ECOSYSTEM 21 Backup & Archive database mail application file VM backup VM • • • • • • • • • • Veeam Unitrends Symantec Backup Exec, NetBackup IBM TSM VMware VDR Quest vRanger AppAssure CA ARCserve Oracle RMAN Waterford Technologies Storage Virtualization & Tiering • • • • DataCore Nexenta VMware Storage DRS Symantec Filestore Application and File 20+ Cloud Storage Providers © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL • Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL • Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, etc. • Nexenta Block Storage • • • • • Windows Linux VMware vSphere, ESX(i) Solaris HP-UX
    22. 22. CLOUDARRAY® CLOUD-INTEGRATED STORAGE ON-PREMISE APPLICATIONS CLOUD STORAGE CloudArray® VIRTUAL OR PHYSICAL APPLIANCE Files Backups Business Apps Data Reduction iSCSI / NAS Archives Easy to use • Up in minutes • Plug-and-play • Software or hardware Pay-as-you-go API Fast and secure Volume-Based Dynamic Cache Encryption Bandwidth Auto Backup Instant Controls & Upgrade Recovery © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL Public Cloud In-Cloud Snapshots 22 Private Cloud Existing Storage Set-and-Forget
    23. 23. CLOUDARRAY® - FEATURES FLEXIBILITY • NAS and SAN connectivity • Physical, virtual, in-cloud appliances • Both CapEx and OpEx purchasing options • Plug-and-Play • Quick setup time EASE OF ACCESS • Fast “like-local” performance • Compression • Deduplication DATA REDUCTION • Works with higher level deduplication AUTO BACKUP / UPGRADE • Auto configuration backups • Set-and-forget © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 23 ENCRYPTION BANDWIDTH CONTROLS SNAPSHOTS INSTANT RECOVERY • AES-256 • On-appliance • Local Keys • Optimize WAN traffic • Schedule around peak hours • Instant access • Space-efficient • Continuous data protection • Instant disaster recovery • Offsite, hosted, cloud • One-button recovery
    24. 24. THE TWINSTRATA CACHE – APPLICATION-OPTIMIZED APPLICATION CloudArray® apps backup file archive CACHING © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL CLOUD STORAGE Multiple Applications, One Platform • Archive • Backup • Primary data Advanced Caching • Dynamic, online cache re-sizing • Flexible - Multiple independent caches - SSD hybrid options • Optimized - Cloud transfers - Cloud transactions - Application performance 24
    25. 25. BUNDLED OFFERING / SERVICE OPTIONS Subscription Perpetual  Single fee for cloud storage and appliance  Single fee and maintenance for appliance only  Based on cloud capacity (TB increments)  Virtual or Physical (Physical 160TB of cache)  Integrated cloud storage  “Bring Your Own Cloud” Account  Upgradable capacity and appliances  Upgradable capacity © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 25
    26. 26. NEXT STEP: TAKE CLOUDARRAY® FOR A FREE TEST DRIVE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Virtual Appliance only (VMware V4.0 or greater, Hyper-V, XenServer v5.5 or greater, EC2), Dual 64 bit Processors, 4GB RAM, 50GB Disk Space, GigE Online video tutorials for ease of installation Download, install and provision petabytes of storage in less than 30 minutes © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL TwinStrata support to assist with application use cases, requireme nts, planning next steps 26