Common Online Terminologies
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Common Online Terminologies






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Common Online Terminologies Presentation Transcript

  • 1. University of Santo Tomas Morales, Sharah A. Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Preschool Education
  • 2. • Also called as Electronic Mail• Sends and Receive electronic letter • Video chatting • Sends longer documentation, pictures, videos, applications and spread sheets • Sends a copy of email to other people • Accept, forward, deliver and store messages.
  • 3. WIKI • • • • Edit page Create new page Enables people to write collaboratively Database for creating, browsing, and searching through information • Allows structure to emerge according to the users
  • 4. Social Bookmarking • Centralized online service • Enables users to add, edit, annotate and share bookmarks of web documentation • Tagging • Description may be added
  • 5. HTML • HyperText Markup Language • Markup languaga for creating web pages and other information that can be displayed in web browser • Allows images and objects to be embedded • Consist of tags • Enclosed in angle brackets
  • 6. PODCAST • Consist of an videos, audios and PDF files downloaded through streamed online to a computer or mobile devices • Can be listened on portable media player
  • 7. VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL • Group of technologies for the delivery of voice communication s and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks such as the internet
  • 8. ONLINE CHAT • Live chat • Real- time transmission of text messages from sender to receiver • Chat messages are short in order to enable other participants to respond quickly
  • 9. WORLD WIDE WEB • System of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via internet • Can view web pages
  • 10. Streaming • A multimedia that is constantly received by and presented to an end- user while being delivered by a provider.
  • 11. BLOG • Short term for Web Blog • Served as the publicly accessible personal journal for an individual
  • 12. SOCIA NETWORKING • Provides as set of method s for analysing the structure of whole social entities
  • 13. References: