The Calypso Family Apocalypse Ch 4


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Chapter 4 of The Calypso Family Apocalypse.

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The Calypso Family Apocalypse Ch 4

  1. 1. The Calypso Family Apocalypse Chapter 4
  2. 2. How are you feeling today, Emily? "A little better, I think Id feel better if I had a job." So, what’s in the paper? "Um, something, something, and medical. Can I take it?"Emily, you’re not supposed to read past the first job. The other two jobs are not available. "But theyre listed." Im sorry, just recycle it, I cant have a temptation like that lying around. "Ok, its gone. But I still think its not fair." Life’s not fair. Get used to it.
  3. 3. You seem a little happier today. Is medical the first job? "No, Ive just been getting a few small wants." Like what? "Mainly interactions with my family." Hrmm, that must come from the popularity side.
  4. 4. Eeeewwww, that outfit sucks, you should change."Ok, Ill change after I eat. I dont like this outfit either."
  5. 5. "Theres not much available."Well, find something for now and I will have your dad make you something better. "Ok."
  6. 6. So whats there today. "Um, Oceanography."Were not allowed to do that one yet. Jealous God, Remember.
  7. 7. How bout, today. "Its athletics."Id really like that one, but Stiff Joints wont allow it to be lifted yet.
  8. 8. "Dont even ask, Its not there."
  9. 9. "Im done, Im not exercising anymore." "Can I stop, too." No, Brandon, Keep going.
  10. 10. Eeeewwww, those clothes make you look like you belong in a mental ward. "I feel like I am in a mental ward."
  11. 11. Thats much better."I like these, they’re pretty."
  12. 12. So did Dad finish your clothes now? "Yeah, and boy are they nice." Lets see.
  13. 13. Yes, Very nice. I like.
  14. 14. Well..."No, Its not there. And there isnt anything better either."
  15. 15. What are you doing, Emily. "Theres a man frozen downstairs."But how are you thawing him from up here.
  16. 16. Yeah, Hes frozen alright. Crack Thaw "Brrrrrr, Ive got to get out of here."
  17. 17. I see your finally working on your third and final car. "I thought Id try to get it done before I died."Oh no, looks at life bar. Oh Dante, Im gonna miss you.
  18. 18. Weird, did you ever notice the reflection inside the engine.
  19. 19. Hey, there arent any trees, houses or grass around here. What gives?
  20. 20. "Whats everyone looking at?"I dont know what theyre thinking, Im not a mind reader.
  21. 21. Now dont bite my head off, but tell me if its there. Hello, Emily.
  22. 22. "Yes, Its there, its finally there." Well save that paper for later. "Why?" Jacob grows up tonight, I just want to be double sure that medical get lifted."Oh, thats Ok, but you know Im gonna lift it, I have all the skills I need and Jacob still lacks a bunch."
  23. 23. Good morning, Jacob."What, Oh good morning. Why are you talking to me, you never talk to me." Thats not true, you’ve just been busy.
  24. 24. I see you’re ready. Where is the rest of the family? "I dont know"
  25. 25. Ah, here they come."I wish to be clean and happy"
  26. 26. "Hehe haha, Oh that tickles." "Woo, Jacob"
  27. 27. Not bad, Im glad that you and Brandon have different hair, or Id never be able to tell you apart. Now after you eat you cake, theres a paper behind you, I want you to take the first job. "But isnt Emily lifting medical?"Im just being double sure that it gets lifted, besides as soon as something better shows up in the paper, Ill switch you. "Ok, just checking."
  28. 28. "I didnt go to college but I guess I dont really care." And he really didnt, he never rolled the fear.
  29. 29. "Ok, Im in, I guess Emily and I will start together tomorrow." You could treat it as a race, whom ever gets to the top first lifts it."Emily will do it, she has all the skills, I lack lots of mechanical and more."
  30. 30. I had Dante and Essie change their turn ons and offs in a desperate attempt to get Essies aspirations up. She was still rolling wants to get kids in college, get scholarships, ect. Now shes rolling more wants for Dante. Too bad Dante wont be around much longer.
  31. 31. "This is our last night together isnt it." sobs.
  32. 32. "Bye, Paperboy, Im off to work."
  33. 33. Dont miss the carpool, Emily."Dont worry, I still have plenty of time."
  34. 34. Wash wash washUm, the sink is behind you, Essie.
  35. 35. This is Hook, Do you want to live with us, Hook. You could lift security for us.
  36. 36. "Meow like hug "
  37. 37. Wait, dont go!"Meow me no work "
  38. 38. So how was work?"I got promoted to paramedic."
  39. 39. How bout you? "Yes, I got promoted, too."So whats in the paper today? "Nothing worth taking."
  40. 40. Cool, I like.
  41. 41. "Mooaaannn, Boooo booo"I wouldnt do that if I was you. He only has three nice points.
  42. 42. So, How was work. "I didnt get a promotion, and now Im standing in cat pee." "I did get a promotion, I need to sleep, I have to be up early to go to work."Sorry, Emily. Could you please clean up the trash, It looks like youll have the day off tomorrow. "Oh no, hes going to get ahead of me." Jacob is a Nurse now.
  43. 43. "Theres still nothing better I could take."
  44. 44. "Dante, I love you so much, Please lets have one more time together."
  45. 45. "I love you, dear.""I cant believe that Im going to loose you."
  46. 46. "What was that, sis?""I was studying Lifelong happiness, Its supposed to help keep my aspirations up longer." I didnt know that.
  47. 47. "Oh wow, I can feel it already."
  48. 48. "I got promoted, Im an Intern now. What happened here?"
  49. 49. Well, I thought Dante was going to die tonight so, I got everyone out here and we made snowmen. But Grim never came, Then some stranger came and knocked them all down. Penguin "This place looks like a bomb hit. You poor snowmen."
  50. 50. What did you just learn."Um, I think it was Couples counseling. Ill never use it, but I really wanted to learn it." At least youre finally platinum.
  51. 51. Looks like youre almost done. "I am."
  52. 52. I see youre going to try black again. "I like black."
  53. 53. "There its done, now dont let them take it away." Im sorry youll never get to use it.
  54. 54. "Zzzz home zzz prison zzzz."
  55. 55. Ok, Ive never seen anyone do this before. At least not a passerby. Must be all those outgoing points. "Braaaaiiiiiinnnnssss"
  56. 56. He didnt find anything."Nooooo Braaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnsssssss, muuuussstt steeaaalll paaaapeeerrrrr."
  57. 57. "Oh, Dante, Im going to miss you so much." sniff"Oh Essie, Dont worry, Ill come back to visit you, I promise." "Dont you dare haunt me. I dont need any accidents." "I Promise."
  58. 58. "Waaaaaaa, Noooo, Please, I dont want you to go."
  59. 59. "Please dont cry." "She cant hear you anymore."Oh no, now your making me cry.
  60. 60. "Dante Calypso, Your time is up, You have accomplished a lot. Are you ready for you final reward?" "Will they be Ok?" "They will be fine."
  61. 61. "Come it is time to go." "Oh Dante, hic, sob"
  62. 62. "I cant go on, I just cant" sob
  63. 63. "Meow I sad meow"
  64. 64. Dante Calypso You lifted Culinary so we could eat.You were a wonderful husband, and father. May you rest in peace.(And not haunt the hell out of your family.)
  65. 65. "Oh no, Dad. Why, couldnt you have waited, I didnt get to say goodbye."(Jacob did not get his promotions tonight, I just couldnt ask him right now.)
  66. 66. "Dad, Ill miss you."Brandon wasnt able to make it down in time.
  67. 67. Uh oh. Looks like were going to have our first haunting.
  68. 68. Hi Neely."Meow, I ghost star "
  69. 69. Awww, Neely was my favorite. I favorite Purr
  70. 70. "Aaaaaaahhhh."
  71. 71. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, Oh how embarrassing" "Hiss stranger bad " "So cold, brrrrrrrr"
  72. 72. Crash.Oh well, Hell thaw later.
  73. 73. "Im home, Im a nurse now."
  74. 74. "Oh hi Neely. You wont haunt me will you." Um, Emily, I have some bad news. Dante Died last night after you went to work."Daddy, Oh, Im going to miss him. I have to be strong now. Im going to carry on his dream. I will lift medical if its the last thing I do." "Meow My pet sad " Shell be Ok, just dont haunt the family, Ok Neely."
  75. 75. Bye, Neely.
  76. 76. "Hi, your pretty, want to marry me when I grow up." "I dont think so. Why arent you in school, kid.""They dont let teens go to school anymore, I guess Im lucky to have gotten any schooling at all."
  77. 77. "Hey guess what? I got promoted to Intern. I also got a chance card, they gave me a bonus of 5000 Simoleons."Um, thats real good, but WTF!! Frozen guy died?!? I didnt know that visitor could die on your lot like that. Oh no, were going to have an angry ghost floating around our lot.
  78. 78. "Yoooouuu kiiiillleeeeddd meeeee, noooow Immm goooiiing tooo Haaauuunt Yoooouu." Look, Im Sorry, I didnt know, couldnt you give me a break just this once? ... Please? Oh dear.
  79. 79. What are you looking for?"Im just checking. Im not going to give up on medical, but if something better comes up, I can tell Jacob about it."
  80. 80. Whatcha writing."I thought I would write what my life was like. That way when Brandons kids read it they will know how hard life was back then and really appreciate what they have. Even if they still dont have everything they want." Thats a really good idea. "Thanks"
  81. 81. I see you two are still working hard on your skills.
  82. 82. "Hey, medical has shown up again."Hrmm. Maybe we should have Brandon take that later. Just in case. It is his birthday.
  83. 83. "Happy birthday, Brandon." "Grow up good""Wish for the school bus to stop coming."
  84. 84. Brandon was by far the easiest to keep happy, his wants revolved around grilled cheese mainly. "I want to have my first kiss, now." Ill see what I can do.
  85. 85. "Can we go to bed now?"Yeah, sure, go. I just thought you might like to see him grow up, thats all.
  86. 86. "Who cares, we need sleep."Im sure they care, theyre just too tired. And I mean fall on the floor tired.
  87. 87. Well, that all for this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it. Twilight.Come back soon to see who Brandon marries and who lifts medical.