The Calypso Family Apocalypse Ch 12


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Chapter 12 of The Calypso Family Apocalypse.

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The Calypso Family Apocalypse Ch 12

  1. 1. The Calypso Family Apocalypse Chapter 12
  2. 2. Welcome back, I apologize for the delay, but I had to deal with some problems. I had taken a break and was playing another neighborhood when my game started slowing down. I tried every trick to speed things up. But I kept having problems, then my game started not responding on me. I finally decided tomove all the important files to a folder and delete the whole game folder. And after the restart, everything works fast again. Well, enough of that, on with the story. I want to get caught up. Last time, we saw Jessie become a teen and were waiting for Ethan to get to the top of his career so we can have the nice education bookcase. "I wish he would hurry up, I dont like this game, its hard."
  3. 3. Hi, Ethan. I can barely tell its you with that hat. Did you get promoted? "Yes, Im a Hostage Negotiator now." Too, bad you cant go back to work. It seems you have the rest of the day off. "I getting closer, soon I can move out to be with Gayle."I noticed something weird. Both Ian and Ethan fell in love with a girl named Gayle. Electras fiancé is named Jon.
  4. 4. What are you so happy about, Tammy? "I made money, Look up."But you didnt get a promotion because you still lack some skills and you got a bad chance card. "I dont care, I made some money."
  5. 5. "Look, I maxed my body."Good, now you can look for a job.
  6. 6. Good job, Mikey."Arent I getting a little old to be called that anymore?" Nah, youll always be Mikey to me.
  7. 7. "Emma, your my best friend. Do you think maybe you could like me as something more?" "I dont know, Why dont we find out."
  8. 8. I like Mikey, he deserves a little bit of happiness.
  9. 9. "Oh, Mikey. I do love you. And its so nice out now. Maybe Ill even thaw out some." "Oh, Emma, I dont mind not being the heir when Im with you."
  10. 10. Jessie! Your not supposed to change your hair!"Calm down, this is just part of my work uniform. Do you think I would really want to change my hair to this horrible hair cut." No I guess not.
  11. 11. "Hey, Im an International Sim of Mystery. One more promotion to go." Yeah, and you can return to work now. "Ok, Ill be back later on tonight."
  12. 12. Why so down, Tammy. You just got promoted to College Dean of Students. "I dont know. I just hope I can make it before I become an elder."
  13. 13. "Hey, Creator." What?"I got promoted to Private Eye." Good job.
  14. 14. Isaac, why are you yelling you reached the top ages ago. "I cant help it, Im a family sim."
  15. 15. Hey, Wheres my career topper? "I dont know. But look at all the points I got for getting my LTW." I wish my Career toppers would come back. Ethan has lifted the Adventure restrictions. As much as I would like to bring back Smart Milk, It just would be a waste. After careful consideration I decided thathe would bring back energizers. Now we can use the career rewards that are stored up on the roof. At least the ones that can be moved.
  16. 16. Hey, Ethan. I thought you were leaving?"I decided to wait until Natty had become a child." Thats nice.
  17. 17. "Oooh, Tickles."
  18. 18. "Oooo. Now what kind of trouble can I get into?" This family doesnt really get into trouble, Natty."Couldnt you have come up with a better nickname?" No, couldnt you not be a clone of your sister. "Thats not my fault!"
  19. 19. This generation seems to be dragging along. "I grew up well, didnt I?" "I think its time I got out of this house."
  20. 20. "Cool, whats this."This is your ticket to being happy, now wish for peace of mind. "It is?"
  21. 21. "Cool, a genie." "Master, you have three wishes, What do you desire.""Wow, I get three wishes, My first wish is for Peace of mind. My Creator told me I had to." "Kazam." "Um, for my second wish..." Hold it right there, the extra wishes have to be saved. "Aaaw, no fair." "I must do as she commands, Young Master."
  22. 22. Thats going to be a really nice picture of you and Tammy, But how did you manage to do it? "I didnt start the painting, Mikey started it while we were posing. He was too busy to finish it."I found this out ages ago. Any sim can finish another sims painting. All they have to do is click Ruin Painting, Ruin painting will always show up if you click the easel and not the painting.
  23. 23. Thats lovely, Isaac. "Thank, I thought Id get a portrait of Electra before she moved out." But then art wont be suppressed anymore. "It wont really matter. We can still use the bookcase to skill our creativity up."I checked the rules, they are allowed to skill creativity with the bookcase even if art is not lifted. Its the same for some of the other career rewards.
  24. 24. I think it turned out well, even if its a little dark.
  25. 25. Most of the career reward are so large that they cannot use them. Jumbok is still restricted. "I have him in my inventory, Will Poseidon know?" Nah, just keep Jumbok hidden for now. What skill are you all working on. "Does it really matter? Well have them all finish soon at this rate." Did I ever mention how much I love that bookcase, I have. Oh yeah.
  26. 26. Still no career topper doodad."I finally did it. I reached the top of the Education Career." Tammy is the first spouse to reach her LTW.
  27. 27. Good job, Jessie. Now you just have to keep your job until you become an adult. "How hard can it be?" Dont jinx yourself. "Why didnt you tell the readers about me maxing my skills yesterday?"Um, I forgot. That and you didnt show the doodad, again. Both Jessie and Mikey maxed all their skill yesterday, and Tammy, after getting her LTW, decided to go into Law Enforcement. Happy now? "Yeah."
  28. 28. "Daddy, whys Jessie heir and not me. Were the same arent we?""The Creator wanted a girl to inherit this time. You just got a raw deal." That and I dont feel like waiting forever for the next generation.
  29. 29. "Whyd you lock us up here, Twilight? We cant get down to scare anybody."Thats the point. I dont want you scaring anybody. Be glad that youre not in Inventory.
  30. 30. "Why am I still here? Why cant I move out yet?" Um, I dont know."Youre not going to leave me here till I become an elder, are you?" Crap, your that close. "Yes, I am."
  31. 31. "Wow, this stuff is fantastic."I know Ill regret this later. But at the time I was planning on keeping her here a little longer.
  32. 32. "I feel so much younger." Youre only nine days younger. "Can I go now?"After rereading the rules for art I decided to go ahead and move Electra out. She took the easal with her. We can still skill using the bookcase. "So you wasted the elixir on me didnt you?" Yeah, so what, everyone makes mistakes sometimes.
  33. 33. "Youve got ugly hair, My Moms going to arrest you.""Your moms only a cadet. She cant arrest anyone yet." "My little boy is doing so well in school."
  34. 34. Isaac, whatd you do? Thats not your normal work outfit."Did I forget to tell you, I switched jobs, now Im in the Law career." Well, I hope you at least got promoted. "Of course I did. Im a Legal Biller."
  35. 35. "I love you Daddy, Can I take my homework inside now?""Natty, you should be glad to do your homework outside, We should enjoy this weather while it lasts. Winter will be back before you know it." "It will, I thought we wouldnt have winter no more." "We will, but it wont be as bad or last as long as before."
  36. 36. "Oh no, I didnt know it was my birthday already."
  37. 37. Yuck, I know its spring but I just cant stand an elder in shorts. Go change. "Ok, I think there are some better clothes in the closet."I had him change into one of the outfits they had made, but I plan on having him make some more clothes, I dont want him to wear the same clothes his father and grandfather wore.
  38. 38. Hey, Mikey, how was your first day at work. "I got promoted, but I dont think Im going to have time to top my career before I age up."Hmm, you may be right. Lets see, If you dont age up on the day before and you keep getting promoted then you will just make it.
  39. 39. Hey Tammy, how was work."It was fine, they promoted me to Patrol Officer." Thats nice. Whats wrong? "I feel funny."
  40. 40. "Aaaaaaah"
  41. 41. "Ooooooh"
  42. 42. What is with your hair?! First it changes from dark brown to light brown when you move in. Now it has changed to Red!? "I cant help it." I usually try to rebin the hairs I like but I was tired of binning.
  43. 43. You look tired."I am, but I was promoted again. Im a part of the Vice Squad now."
  44. 44. I finally took the time to send Jessie and Natty downtown. Jessie was all set to talk to the evil witch, but I stopped her because Im classing the witches as NPCs "Its not fair, its not like she provides a service or anything. Why cant I talk to her." She does provide a service. You can buy stuff from her. "Not if Im not friends with her, I cant." "Hahaha, I laugh at your pain little girl." "Oooo, shes going to regret that."
  45. 45. You did it, Mikey."Yeah, I could have grown up last night, but I waited like you wanted me to. But I dont think I can wait anymore."
  46. 46. "Oh no, I have a bad feeling about this."
  47. 47. What an ugly outfit.
  48. 48. "Ill change it later." Why not now?
  49. 49. "No college, uneducated. Stupid, dunce."I didnt think that platinum sims could collapse like this.
  50. 50. "Hmmm, Itz been a while since I seen this problem."
  51. 51. "Look into my magic umbrella, Youre getting sleepy, so sleepy." "Sleepy, ..................sleeeeeeepyyyyy."
  52. 52. "Are you asleep, Mr. Calypso?" "Yesssss, ......sleeeep.""Good, When I snap my fingers you will act like a chicken." Snap.
  53. 53. "Bruk, bruk, bruk.""Good, good, Now Im going to count to three. When I reach Three you will forget this silly college nonsense and continue you normal life." "One,.........Two,............Three!"
  54. 54. "Thanks Doc. I feel so much better.""Good, good. Call me if you needs me."
  55. 55. "Professor Von Ball, Teach me." "You must continue you life, You dont need me anymore."After this his aspiration shot back to platinum and stayed that way. Lets hope this doesn’t happen to his siblings.
  56. 56. "Quit stalking me!"Hey, its not like I can see anything, I just thought this shot was cool.
  57. 57. Well, Who are you? "Im Abigail Calypso. I came home with Natty."Abigail is the daughter of Ian and Gayle. It seems that Ian has some blonde hair hiding in his genes because her mother has red hair.
  58. 58. Im glad there are no lingering effects from yesterday. So did you get a promotion today, Mikey. "Yeah, Im a Draftsman now."
  59. 59. "Hey, Uncle Ian. Congratulations on getting married. I heard you have a kid now." "Yeah, she came home with your little brother. Shes around here somewhere." "Well, Im glad you could come to visit."
  60. 60. "Tag, you’re it.""Aww, no fair, you snuck up behind me."
  61. 61. Ian and Abigail couldnt stay for the birthday. "I wish to be the best athlete ever." Natty is going to lift athletics.
  62. 62. "Woah, that really tingles."
  63. 63. Hey wait, whered Natty go? "Too many sparkles....."
  64. 64. Nathanial Rolled Popularity, his secondary is Pleasure. Im glad he didnt roll knowledge, I would like some variety. "Look at my muscles. Ill make a great Athlete."
  65. 65. "Look how cute I am, How can you resist this face?"Your sister has the same exact face. And she had it first. so nice try.
  66. 66. They are allowed as many Energizers as they want, but because of the size, there is only one place to put them. So really they can only have one at a time. "I like this." Good, now go up there and max your skills.
  67. 67. "Look, Mikey. Its a ghost.""Where? Is it Grandpa, I really want to see him." "He was just there, Keep looking."
  68. 68. What is your problem? "Mom and Dad are making out on the couch." So, don’t watch.Isaac had to quit his job today because no one would have been home when Natty got off the school bus. So I went ahead and had them both quit. Natty didnt have very much time left before he became a teen and I didnt want the social worker coming to take him away.
  69. 69. "Nathanial, There was never a ghost was there. If your going to cheat. Im not going to play with you." "Aww, youre no fun. Its not like I can help it."
  70. 70. Ive been tying Jessie to the telescope in the hope that she will be abducted, but so far no luck.
  71. 71. "Ok, youve maxed logic. Now, go skill some where’s else where you wont be cheating me." "I dont need to. This was my last skill point."I know he maxed all his skill tonight, I think it was here. But Im still not getting most of my Doodads. Maybe the reset will fix that problem. I wont know until I get to play some more.
  72. 72. "Its snowing again. When did spring end?"Um, I think it ended on Nathanial’s birthday. So, did you get promoted? "Yeah, Im an Architectural Partner, now."
  73. 73. Well, Im glad someone got the right doodad, Where was it when I needed it?
  74. 74. "Emma, you grew up!" "Yeah, I dont know how it happened. But I really wanted to see you." I had her grow up with Mikey."You know, I really liked you when you were a teen like me, Emma. But I think I like you more now." "Really."
  75. 75. "Yeah, I think Im in love. Will you please Marry me."
  76. 76. "Oh its so pretty. I think I love you too."
  77. 77. "It wont be much longer. I have to finish my work here, then we can have a life together." "I cant wait."
  78. 78. "Give me a kiss before you have to go."
  79. 79. Whats the matter, Jessie. You look Pale."You left me out in the cold too long."
  80. 80. Isaac and Tammy really have nothing left to do.
  81. 81. "Hello, Say hello to the Master Architech." Just one more promotion to go.
  82. 82. Well, that was fast, but there really wasnt anything else going on.Mikey has lifted the Architect Restrictions. Now we can build as much as we want and use any of thegood building materials that we want. I can build more floors, as soon as athletic is lifted, because too many large items are in the way. So what are you going to do now, Mikey? "Well, Im going to help redecorated and then Im going to move out to be with Emma."
  83. 83. Wow, it sort of matches the snow, doesnt it?
  84. 84. Downstairs the layout is the same as before, I just changed to my favorite floor and wallpaper combo.
  85. 85. I redecorated the nursery is a pretty green color.
  86. 86. I put in some better doors and windows that let in lots more light.
  87. 87. The bedrooms are done up in blue for now.
  88. 88. "Well, Im off." Wait, wheres your career reward?"I put it up on the roof, there was no room anywhere in the house."
  89. 89. Bye Mikey. I hope you have a good life with Emma. "I will, if you decide to play me."I will, a little. Well, at least long enough to let you have some kids and then age them up fast. "I thought you couldnt cheat." I cant when Im here, but you spares are fair game.
  90. 90. Hey me. What are you doing here. "Someone was spying on me."
  91. 91. Going so soon."Well, the doors locked. I cant get inside to shove the person who was spying." Well, Im glad. I dont want you to make them not like you.
  92. 92. I finally got my frozen ghost back. Hes locked on the roof with all the rest of the ghosts.
  93. 93. "Hey, Nat. Why are we eating cake?""I think its because the creator saved it." I dont like to waste.
  94. 94. "I wish to not collapse like Mikey did."
  95. 95. "Oh, here I gooooo."
  96. 96. That outfit really sucks. Go change.Jessie managed to keep her teen job and was promoted to a Rookie Field Agent.
  97. 97. Somehow, she managed to avoid collapsing like Mikey. She had the same fear of being uneducated but she never lost any of her platinumness.
  98. 98. "I dont have time for a sim shrink visit, I have to go to work now." Well, Happy birthday and good luck at work tonight. "Thanks."
  99. 99. "Im not a Rookie any more. Now Im just a Field Agent."
  100. 100. "Hes hot, Can I keep him." Jessie brought this guy home with her tonight, she has two bolts for him.Sure, if you two feel like falling for each other, go ahead. Just dont forget to take care of the trash, I dont want you guys to get roaches.
  101. 101. "I really like you, Delbert." "I like you too, Jessie."
  102. 102. Jessie finally gets her first kiss. "Its getting kind of late, Jessie. I have to go now." "Aww, so soon." Dont worry, Jessie. You can call him on Tuesday. "But Tuesday is six days away."Well, Maybe Delbert will come home with you again.
  103. 103. "Im a Double Agent now. Delbert didnt come home with me, though. I miss him." Its only been one day. "I still miss him."
  104. 104. "Hello, Im home early."Jessie got a chance card. She was promoted to Elite Operative. "Im going back to work now."
  105. 105. "Im home again." Jessie has lifted the Intelligence Restrictions. We can now leave the door open and talk to NPCs. Jessie can finally become a Witch, but until we can make a secret place for her to store her magical stuff shecant do much witchy things, so it would be a waste to go become a witch right now. We can now use the ask menu.
  106. 106. During one of my side trips to a spares house, Parsi died, I had Ian send Parsi home with us so he could join the rest of the family gravestones.
  107. 107. Where are you going, Natty? "I got a job in athletics."Great, I was beginning to think youd never find it.
  108. 108. Um, that was quick."You skipped some pictures, I was promoted yesterday as well." Well, now you have to hold on to your job for what, six days? "I think its five now."
  109. 109. Jessie, you’re not supposed to spy on people!
  110. 110. Keep your mouth shut or else. I wont have you spreading rumors about me. "Youre no fun. Hehehe."Well, I cant fit anymore in this chapter. So Ill leave it here before Jessie can spy on me any more.