Why Twitter is Essential to Recruiting Organizations


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Why Twitter is Essential to Recruiting Organizations

  1. 1. @#!$%*Why Twitter is Essential to World class Recruiting Organizations
  2. 2. Today•  What’s the big deal?•  Ok, so how do I get started?•  How do I reach candidates on twitter?•  What about spammers, scammers, evildoers & assassins?•  chillax
  3. 3. @peopleshark
  4. 4. #SMAgc
  5. 5. Hello!
  6. 6. What’ s the big deal?
  7. 7. •  500 Mm registered, 127 MM active•  13% of internet users•  59% Women•  59% college degree•  51% age 34+•  54% mobile•  36% tweet at least once a daySource:    Online  MBA  
  8. 8. Only old people use email
  9. 9. •  Real-time search•  Technology and ecosystem•  Relevant conversations•  Industry insiders and trendsetters•  Organized chaos•  Global, mobile, ubiquitous
  10. 10. Getting started
  11. 11. What’s your objective?•  Listen, observe, learn, collect intelligence•  Find candidates and prospects•  Promote your employer brand•  Participate fully, be part of the conversation•  Post your jobs
  12. 12. Following•  Be promiscuous•  Go outside of your industry and interests•  Follow celebrities, ceos & other notables•  Follow companies , organizations & events•  Follow the 39%•  Use search, lists & alerts to hone in on conversations
  13. 13. followers•  Tweet interesting stuff and they will come•  Follow and they will come•  The number of followers isn’t all that important•  Cultivating the right audience is important•  Search out and target potential candidates and leads
  14. 14. Do this, not that•  Use your name•  Don’t lock your account•  As a recruiter, combine the personal and professional•  As a company, define your identity or “voice”•  Authenticity, transparency, openess is key
  15. 15. tweets•  Multiple topics, personal and professional•  Track Most productive times of day•  Respond, make friends•  Give credit where credit is due•  Share, share, share
  16. 16. retweets•  Ensure that your tweets are retweetable•  The auto retweet vs. the manual retweet•  Add editorial comment•  Curate good content, check links•  Mind your manners, say thank you!
  17. 17. Finding candidates and prospects
  18. 18. X-ray searchsite:twitter.com intitle:on shopify developer -job -jobs
  19. 19. lists•  Create lists as a public service•  Create private lists to follow candidates•  Explore lists to find groups of candidates or prospects•  Conference or event lists
  20. 20. hashtags•  Used to organize or categorize tweets•  Great for searching and connecting with specific audiences•  Common job seeker hash tags #jobs, #job, #cityname, #positiontitle•  Virtually attend events like this
  21. 21. Fear
  22. 22. Don’t be scurred•  Work with pr, marketing and legal•  Follow others, watch, observe, ask questions•  Research, collect examples•  the spammers & pron bots might follow you – it’s ok•  Unfollow, if it gets weird
  23. 23. Didn’t we learn our lesson in the 90s?Source:  Globalspec  Report:  Social  Media  Use  in  the  Industrial  Sector    
  24. 24. Credit:  Peter  Shankman    
  25. 25. If it gets out of control, tweet me•  @peopleshark•  @recruittoolbox•  carmen@recruitingtoolbox.com•  www.recruitingtoolbox.com•  www.linkedin.com/in/carmenhudson
  26. 26. Thank you!