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Tacoma public library
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Tacoma public library


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  • 1. Using Social Media to Find a Job
    It’ssaturdaymorning…I could be cleaning the garage!
    Presented by Carmen Hudson, CEO, Tweetajob
    May 15, 2010
    Tacoma Public Library
  • 2. Five Steps to Connection
    Where I work
    Where I live
    What I like to do professionally
    What I like to do for fun
    What I am passionate about
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5. Hope you had your coffee…
    Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know
  • 6. Today’s Agenda
    How Twitter can accelerate your job search
    Kicking the tires
    Boosting your career
    A bit about Tweetajob
    Q&A about this, or anything else
  • 7. Why use Twitter?
    Increase your online visibility
    Showcase your skills and knowledge
    Learn about new opportunities first
    Keep your skills current
    Research and prepare
    Network with influencers
    Find great job search advice
  • 8. In other words…
  • 9.
  • 10. Do the benefits outweigh your fears?
    Don’t know how to use the site
    Afraid of reaching out to strangers online
    Privacy and security
    Information overload
    Waste of time
  • 11. Top Sources of Hire
    Source: 2009 CareerXRoads Source of Hire Study
  • 12. What is Twitter?
    “A short burst of inconsequential information," and "chirps from birds.”
    -Jack Dorsey, Twitter creator
    Commonly referred to as a social networking or microblogging site that enables users to send and read messages known as “Tweets”.
    “Tweets” are text-based posts of 140 characters that are delivered to an author’s set of subscribers known as “Followers”
  • 13. Think of Yourself as a Radio DJ
  • 14. Increase Your Online Visibility
  • 15. Growth of Twitter
    106 million registered users
    55 Million Tweets every day
    180 Million Unique Visitors Each Month
    37% access Twitter via their mobile devices
    Median age of Twitter users: 31
    Compare with:
    Facebook: 26 years old
    Myspace: 27 years old
    LinkedIn: 40 years old
    Source: Chirp Conference
  • 16. The Basics
  • 17. The Basics
  • 18. The Basics
  • 19. The Basics
    (Direct Message)
  • 20. The Basics
  • 21. The Basics
  • 22. The Basics
  • 23. The Basics
    Don’t read about it, do it (it’s free)!
  • 24. Good question.
    OK, so how do I tweet myself to a new job?
  • 25. Getting Started Checklist
    • Complete your profile – 100%
    • 26. Build your network (slowly at first)
    • 27. Observe and learn
    • 28. Follow and create relevant lists
    • 29. Find job opportunities
    • 30. Connect with recruiters
    • 31. Follow companies
    • 32. Update your status and participate in discussions
    • 33. Develop relationships
  • Complete your Profile
  • 34. Build Your Network
    Twitter Search
    People Search
    Manual scan
    Many active users will follow you back within a day or so. Don’t worry about who follows you back.
  • 35. Observe and Learn
  • 36. Follow and Create Lists
  • 37. Find Job Opportunities
  • 38. Find Job Opportunities
  • 39. Connect with Recruiters
  • 40. Follow Companies
  • 41. Participate…Develop Relationships
  • 42. Tips for Success
    Number One Rule of Twitter: Give to Get
    Lurkers are takers
    Help others
    Mix business with pleasure
    Integrate (mobile, LinkedIn)
    Artful self-promotion
    Dialogue vs. Monologue
  • 43. Been there, done that
    Never fight with anyone on Twitter
    Remember, you’re broadcasting to the world
    Overtweeting is bad for your health
    Be selective
    Don’t forget the “unfollow” and “block” functions
    The number of followers does not equate to your self-worth
    Ashton Kutcher still does not follow me!
  • 44. Thank You