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My Presentation to the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club
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My Presentation to the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club


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I was asked by the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs to give an overview over the use of Social Media tools. Here are my slides.

I was asked by the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs to give an overview over the use of Social Media tools. Here are my slides.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • My Name is Frithjof Petscheleit and I am almost everything at Tweet4Ok Social Media Services in KelownaI focus my business on education. I am first and foremost a business consultant coaching my clients to use Social Media tools to build meaningful relationships with their audience.As a coach I walk the talk and integrate Social Media into my life and my business
  • Just like in the other real life it doesn’t matter where the conversation takes place. The tools and means are secondary. The quality of the conversation and is the key.It is irrelevant if I like Twitter, Facebook, Email or telephone if I want to reach my audience I have to go where it is
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  • Transcript

    • 1.  Secrets of Social Media Success  What platform is right for you?  Facebook  Twitter Your Questions
    • 2.  A new Dimension to ◦ Marketing ◦ Customer Service ◦ Communication ◦ Networking  A new Customer ◦ Connected ◦ Informed ◦ Greater Reach
    • 3. • The Different Faces of Facebook • Using Facebook as a Page • Creating Effective Updates
    • 4. Profile Page Group For Friends and Family For public promotion For Collaboration Flexible privacy settings Public, indexed by Google Can be open or “secret” By invitation only Users “Like” = subscribe Add users to a group or Ask to join
    • 5. Everything that “Happens” is an “Edge” Relationship User-Edge Facebook generated Values Time Decay
    • 6.  Cover Image  Apps ◦ Photo ◦ Custom ◦ More  Timeline ◦ Highlights
    • 7.  Post  Photo / Video  Event  Milestone  Question  Whenever possible include an image  Post every day  Avoid posting more than twice a day  Check Insights for most effective times  Think “interaction”  Think “sharing”
    • 8. Set up your Twitter account
    • 9. What’s the #hashtag?
    • 10. Let’s go
    • 11. Event / Organization  Unified voice  Only need to follow account  Building a following  How large is the network?  Will you maintain it between events? Your own account  Using existing network  If you talk about the topic more often you will have your interest group already  Crucial to use the #hashtag
    • 12. •Make sure you have a clear custom image 1 •Make sure you have a bio 2 •Turn off sharing to other networks! 3
    • 13. @yourname ◦ Short ◦ Unique ◦ Try to stay away from Numbers and _ ◦ Branding ◦ Easy to type ◦ Easy to remember
    • 14.  Avatar ◦ Image size 81 x 81 pixel ◦ Clear head shot ◦ Square Logo ◦ Branding ◦ No .gif wiggly pictures ◦ No dogs, kids, trees…… Many people remember you by your Avatar rather than your name! Don’t change too often!
    • 15.  Focus on conversations  @mentions are like email addresses  Listen and learn  Share (RT)  Build relationships
    • 16.  Pictures  Results  Stories  Impressions  Spectators  Weather…..
    • 17.  Include @mentions if you can ◦ (google: name, last name twitter)  @mention Sponsors especially if you see their logo  @mention spectators that are tweeting to encourage them to use the #hashtag
    • 18.  Hashtags create links to pull a topic together  Users can save and follow a #hashtag stream  Only messages with the correct #hashtag appear in the stream  Analytics available
    • 19.  Link Facebook and Twitter  Auto – DM!  Only tweet once  Tweet only a link  Send out the same message and link to many
    • 20.  Use #hashtag  @mention  Pictures are great!  Don’t forget sponsors and spectators Have FUN!