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My hobby

  1. 1. Essay My hobby is Music1. IntroductionI like music very much. Music is my only hobby. I have the strongest passionand interest for music. Let me talk about music now.2. Bodymy family like musicAll my family can play some instruments. My father is so good at playingclassical guitar. My mother is an excellent pianist. She had taught piano to mysisters and me when we are children. Sisters are good at piano even now. Oldsister is also good at trombone and percussion. All my family likes music verymuch.My instrumentWhen I was 15 years old, I began classical guitar. But the playing was difficultfor me, I gave up it early. When I was 18 years old, I began bass. Bass is myfavorite instrument. I like the heavy sound of bass. When I was 19 years old, Ibegan guitar again. Now I want to begin drum or piano again.Music I likeMy favorite genre of music is rock music. I began to be interested in rock musicwhen I was 13 years old. There are many excellent rock musicians in Japan. Irespect them. Rock music makes me happy, excited, refreshed and sometimessad. I also like ballad music. Beautiful and sad melody of ballad is impressive.BandI belong in 2 rock band. I play bass in the bands. We play a lot of music we like.I want to do concert frequently. The activity of band is so pleasant for me, and itis my best pleasure.CompositionI often compose original songs with guitar. The genre is rock or ballad. Thework is not easy, but I like this work. I can concentrate my passion on
  2. 2. composition. I want to play my original songs as my band. I also want manypeople to listen to them.3. ConclusionMusic is source of my energy and life. Music gives me many things. They are soimportant things for me. I’ll always be proud of the hobby in future.My Hobbies 2In my life I had a lot of things to do and enjoy. According to my lifebesides the ordinary tasks that anyone does, I have several pastimes.Among these one is swimming, watching movies with my parents andplay baseball. Swimming i use it to keep my body in good conditionand get muscular endurance. the hobby of watching movies with myparents is fun and we talked and shared the evening opining about thebest movie we saw. Baseball is a pastime that was implemented sincemy fourth years old by my dad and i never stopped practicing. Myfavorite pastime is the baseball, because I can show my talent playingthis sport. The baseball is a sport that depends about ability and mindcontrol. Anyone can have the tools to be the best players of ever, butIf the person doesn’t have mind or self-control any couldn’t try to playthis sport. The baseball have a roll in my life and that role representmy respect on the field. The respect that I purpose being a greatcatcher; everybody knows when I’m in there I the back of thehomeplate doing my work, the work than anyone can’t do better thanme, protect and command my team. Im my life this activity is soimportant, because my position in the game describe my self equalthan me in the outside. Each people determine his position by hisability, but the catcher position that if you want to play it, any might tobe a lider just only to could try it.