My favorite tv program


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My favorite tv program

  1. 1. My favorite Tv programWell , I’ve never been absent a single day watching my best-lovededucational TV program named “Lecture Room” , which ,I suppose, isfamiliar to most of Chinese people .It is a popular TV program of China Central Television, mostlyfeatured on CCTV-10, which invites scholars to provide lectures onvarious discipline. Well, In its early days, areas featured includedbiology, physics, economics, history and literature and the likes, withlecturers from around the world , and its focus has gradually changed.You can’t miss some of the lecture series such as savouring the ThreeKingdoms by Yi Zhongtian , the Secrets of Dream of Red Chamber byLiu Xinwu , ho,one last point what I highly recommend is the series“Looking back at Founding Ceremony” which told the story of progressof China and presented the formation of national flags , nationalemblems and national anthem, also ,unfolded a picture of theceremony spot: ,I remember clearly,the people’s leader Mao Zedongdeclared :”The Central People’s Government of the People’s Republicof China has been founded!”, soon afterwards, the large-scale militaryreview was held in front of cheering crowds, what a proud moment!So back to the program, you know , it’s like the Chinese version ofTED , however, the difference between them is that “Lecture Room”’srecent programs have focused on Chinese history and culture, whichboth are so splendid that , I believe, worth spreading, too. I myselfbenefited a lot from it as well , I suppose without this TV program ,Iwould not have tasted so much of the charm of China…TV program 2Firstly, for many of us the television is our first or only source of newsand current events. Most channels have news updates up to fourtimes a day and current affairs programmes which take a deeper lookat the news that has affected the world that day or week. Thesesprogrammes are often family friendly and are sometimes the only form
  2. 2. of media available or easy to understand for children or non-speakersof English. These news shows keep people up to date on the outsideworld it is possible to know everything that happened in a day withouteven going outside. However these news shows can try andmonopolize peoples opinions and be a bias to one political party orone side of a war.The final advantage is the vast amount of educational programmingavailable for viewing particularly on channels like the discoverychannel and national geographic which can educate and stimulatepeople and wet every audience members appetite. It is also thefastest way to improve your knowledge and help you learn somethingcompletely new. Where else can you learn about Marylyn Monroe andWinston Churchill in the same afternoon? Many people who cannotafford university or night courses or simply just want a basicknowledge of one particular subject or event. Use documentaries toquench their thirst for learning.2Firstly, News is the first beneficial aspect of television. For example,people today need to watch the news to keep track of what ishappening with the war in Iraq. Also, news provides information onweather, crime and many other news that are occurring around theworld. Another example is that news gives people information onschool closings and traffic before he or she may want to leave thehouse. These are some reasons why news on television arebeneficial.Entertainment is the second reason why television is beneficial.Entertainment takes peoples minds away from the bad situations thatcould be occurring in every day life. On the article "Friend or...