OAHSM 2010 Presentation

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Making Collections Come to Life Presentation for the OAHSM 2010 Annual Meeting & Conference

Making Collections Come to Life Presentation for the OAHSM 2010 Annual Meeting & Conference

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  • 1. Making Collections Come to Life Tutti Jackson, Project Curator Ohio Historical Society [email_address] How we do it and how you can do it too
  • 2.  
  • 3. Why? ! ?
  • 4. Purpose
    • To model the use of primary source material for classroom applications
    • To connect our collections with real world classroom instruction
    • To make meaningful connections with our most important constituents
    • History Teachers!
  • 5. What Do Teachers Want?
    • Pre-Packaged (Lesson Plans!)
      • Easily Adaptable to Classroom
      • Ready to Assemble (Worksheet, Vocab List, Instructions, Bibliography, etc.
    • Easily Accessible and Free or Cheap
    • Graphic
      • Examples: Photographs, Maps, Posters…
    • Local Connections to National History
    • Authoritative
    • Related to What They Actually Teach!
    This May Happen! WWII poster Ohio Historical Society Available online at OhioPix
  • 6. What Teachers Actually Teach
    • Ohio Academic Content Standards
      • Example: History 6-8
          • Benchmark G: Analyze the causes and consequences of the American Civil War
          • Grade 8, GLI 9: Explain causes of the Civil War with emphasis on: e. The abolitionist movement and the roles of Frederick Douglas and John Brown
    John Brown [graphic], Ohio Historical Society Available online at OhioPix
  • 7. Where Can You Find Them?
    • Available on Ohio Department of Education website:
      • ODE Ohio's Current Social Studies Academic Content Standards (2002)
      • ODE Social Studies Revised Academic Content Standards (2010)
      • http://www.ode.state.oh.us/
  • 8. Here’s How We Do It, Folks
    • Instructional PowerPoint
    • Collections (Actual or Facsimile) to Go
    • Develop an Activity
    • Include All the Materials Needed (Activity Sheets, Links to Online Resources, etc.)
    • Link to the Standards!
    • Give it Away
    And you can do it, too!
  • 9.
    • Instructional PowerPoint
    • Great Teaching Tool!
      • Provide Relevant Content and Background
      • Outline the Activity and Steps Involved
      • Provide Visuals and Links
      • You Can Share and Teachers Can Use
  • 10.
    • Instructional PowerPoint
    • FREE Alternatives
    • OpenOffice IMPRESS
    • Open Source Software
    • Google docs Presentations
    • Advantage: Easy to share!
    • slideshare
  • 11.
    • Collections to Go
    • Actual
      • Do you have collections that can travel or be touched?
      • Can you assemble a Teaching Collection?
    • Facsimile
      • Can you provide digital representations or reproductions of your collections?
  • 12.
    • Collections to Go - Actual
    • Put Together a Teaching Collection
      • Relevant Cultural Artifacts That Illustrate or Explore a Particular Era or Story in American History
      • Tactile History
        • People Respond to Objects They Can Touch
        • Can You Replicate that Experience?
  • 13.
    • Collections to Go - Actual
    • Put Together a Teaching Collection
      • EBAY!
        • And don’t overlook your local
        • thrift stores and antique dealers!
    Hopewell Artifacts Virtual First Ohioans , Ohio Historical Society
  • 14.
    • Collections to Go - Facsimile
    • Scan It and Print it Out!
      • Scan once at archival resolution, share forever
      • Ohio Memory Digital Projects Guidelines and FAQ (Scanning Specifications)
    • Don’t have a scanner? Take a digital photo and print it out!
    • Don’t have a printer?
      • Take (or send) it to FedEx Office or Staples
    • Want it to last?
      • Have it laminated!
  • 15.
    • Collections to Go - Facsimile
    • FREE Alternatives
      • GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
      • CutePDF Writer
  • 16.
    • Develop an Activity
    • It’s not enough to just look
      • Active Learning
    • Develop the skills of Historians
      • Analyze
      • Synthesize
      • Support an argument
      • Project-based learning
    • 21 st Century Skills
      • See Above
  • 17.
    • Develop an Activity
    • Benchmark Activities with Other Institutions
      • Library of Congress: Collection Connections
      • National Archives: Teaching with Documents
      • Smithsonian NMAH: The Object of History
      • Smithsonian Source
      • National History Education Clearinghouse: TeachingHistory.org
    • Listen to Collections
      • Example: Put Yourself
      • in the Picture
    • Ask your Teachers!
    Rick's Child Guidance Center Students Dressed up for Halloween Ohio Historical Society, Available online at OhioPix
  • 18.
    • Develop an Activity
    • PS – It Can Be Fun!
  • 19.
    • Include All the Materials
    • Instructions
    • Primary Sources
    • PowerPoint
    • Activity Sheet
    • Vocabulary List
    • Etc.
  • 20.
    • Include All the Materials
    • No matter how you package it (in a folder, an envelope, online, in a suitcase to go), include everything that teachers will need to replicate the activity!
    Civil War Case History Ohio Historical Society
  • 21.
    • Link to the Standards!
    • The Academic Content Standards Guide Teachers Through the Content They Need to Cover Throughout the School Year
    • If You Can Connect with the Standards, You Can Make Your Collections Valuable, Relevant and Useful to Teachers
    • And Students!
  • 22.
    • Give it Away
    • Make all your hard work available for free or for cost
      • Put It on Your Website or Blog
      • Burn It on a Disc
      • Make Packets and Have Then Ready to Go
    ODE FOCUS! on Social Studies http://ohiossrc.org/ode_focus.php
  • 23. Give It Away?
    • Teachers are our most loyal and vocal audience
    • Add Value
    • Constructive Feedback
    • Improve Quality
    • Gateway to New Audiences
    • Advocacy
  • 24. Questions?
    • Thank You!