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Corporate Tekes Safety and Security programme 2013
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Corporate Tekes Safety and Security programme 2013


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Turvallisuuden liiketoiminnallinen arvo
  • CEMAT (Aalto)
  • MerAito (Aalto)
  • Value of Corporate Security Services (VTT)
  • Artic Drilling Company Ltd: Putkien käsittelyautomaatti
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  • Wise Ex lighting technology (Centaurea)
  • Intelligent Access Control for Improved Security/ eAccess (Advanced Locking)
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  • Valuesse - The Value of Corporate Security Services – yritysryhmähanke 2, yritysprojekti
  • Turvallisuuden liiketoiminnallinen arvo
  • Valuesse - The Value of Corporate Security Services - yritysryhmähanke1, yritysprojekti
  • Turvallisuuden liiketoiminnallinen arvo
  • Surveillance imProved System (spy)
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  • Häiriöttömyyden hallinta logistisissa monitoimijaverkostoissa, yritysprojekti LogProof
  • Logproof
  • TAPA Alarm Monitoring Service (Locuswell)
  • Flexible access control (Megaflex)
  • Crimes against Retail and Manufacturing Businesses in Finland (Oikeuspoliittinen Tutkimuslaitos)
  • Turvallisuuden liiketoiminnallinen arvo
  • Valuesse - The Value of Corporate Security Services - yritysryhmähanke1, yritysprojekti
  • Improved Safety for Single Fieldworkers (ProTieto)
  • Rollock kääntyvätelkilukko (Rollock)
  • Valuesse - The Value of Corporate Security Services – yritysryhmähanke 2, yritysprojekti
  • Intelligent Converting
  • Häiriöttömyyden hallinta logistisissa monitoimijaverkostoissa, yritysprojekti LogProof
  • Logproof
  • Turvallisuuden liiketoiminnallinen arvo
  • UNDISTURBED DISTRIBUTION - Activities out-of-the-cab and manual materials handling (Oulunyliopisto) HÄIRIÖTÖN JAKELUKULJETUS
  • Valuesse - The Value of Corporate Security Services – yritysryhmähanke 2, yritysprojekti
  • Ihmisen tunnistaminen liikkuvien työkoneiden ympäristössä (VTT)
  • Turvallisuuden liiketoiminnallinen arvo
  • Improving product safety in medical and food industry by using direct marking technologies (VTT)
  • Turvallisuuden liiketoiminnallinen arvo
  • BIM based Safety Management and Communication System (VTT)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Solutions from Tekes Safety and Security Programme
    • 2. Early Support OHS User need  Untimely retirements due to deficiencies in occupational health system are costly for corporations and have an unfavorable effect for the quality for life at individual level Solution  An Early Support module as a part of the OHS management information system gives early indications of problems combined with proper supportive measures untimely retirements can be largely avoided. Benefits  The Early Support approach yields a high return on investment as the inevitable economical consequences related to prolonged problems are avoided.  The system brings about benefits for enterprise, the individual as well as the society Users  The solution is applicable for all industries Source: 3TOnline
    • 3. Business Security in Russia and China User need  Knowledge of the risks of business in Russia and China; takeovers, IPR violations, etc. Solution  Analysis on the influence of security factors to companies’ internationalization and choices of location Benefits  Improved readiness of Finnish companies for potential risks in rapidly changing business environments  Evaluate the Finnish business environment for foreign companies based on the security dimensions created in the project Users  Internationalizing Finnish companies investing in Russia and/or China  Finnish public sector agencies promoting investments, talent and tourism into Finland So far, the subject of security has generally been handled one factor at a time (e.g. corruption rankings of the Transparency International). Instead of that, an exact and systematic analysis on the security of business as a whole in each country and compared with each other has been lacking.
    • 4. Marking Technology for Product Authentication User need  Tools for identifying counterfeit and pirated goods  OECD has estimated that the value of internationally traded counterfeit and pirated products in 2015 will be 770 – 990 billion US dollars Solutions  Low-cost singly-used or multilayered marking technologies for products for authentication and/or track-and-tracing purposes Benefits  MerAito taggant technologies widely usable: for marking materials, specimens and their packages  Portable low-cost reading instruments  Well-suited in multilayering purposes also with other types of taggants addable by printing or in connection with printing Users  Brand owners, distributors, packaging industry, material producers, authorities
    • 5. The Value of Corporate Security Services User need  Deeper understanding of how customer value is created and what are the specific customer needs related to corporate security Solution  Develop and demonstrate methodology and tools for defining the value of corporate security services, support the consideration of earning principles and develop networked business models in the industry Benefits  Supports the consideration of earning principles and possibilities to develop networked business models in the industry Users  The security industry, companies combining security services in their core business, etc. Finnish security companies have excellent technology to be sold in international markets, but many companies lack a deeper understanding of how customer value is created and what are the specific customer needs related to corporate security.
    • 6. Drill Rod Manipulator Need  Safety and ergonomic burden conditions at drilling work needs to be improved Solution  Innovative drill rig design automates drill rod handling Benefits  Heaviest part of drilling is mechanized  Less accidents, less physical stress on workers and faster work progress Users  Contractors and mining companies in possession of similar surface drill rigs
    • 7. Productive Safety Culture Need  Show the correlation between productivity and advances in safety culture Solution  Develop index type indicators, which reflect the changes in safety culture by interviewing personnel  Introduce statistics, which show the correlation between productivity and safety culture Benefits  A methodology with inherent wide commitment from top management to the factory floor  An undisputable tool for safety management  Simultaneous improvement in safety situation and work flow fluency Users  The scheme is applicable to wide range of industries Boliden Kokkola Works Source: Boliden
    • 8. Lighting for Demanding Conditions Need  Higher safety when working in extreme conditions where light is missing or not enough  Safer maintenance work in hazardous areas like refineries, tank ships, gas & chemical industry, fire service, etc. Solution  A leading technology implemented to a luminaire  Fully portable, customized lighting  Designed and certified to latest requirements Benefits  Click’n See, workers can see -> Less accidents -> Safety increases  Easy to install, use and maintain – Less time spent on assembling – Saves money Users  Operators of oil industry, outsourced oil maintenance providers
    • 9. Intelligent Access Control User need  Access control and management in multiple geographical locations with a large number of users Solution  eAcces: Internet based full access control solution Benefits  Scalable and flexible high security access control  Efficient and cost effective centralized system for even global installations  Low investments: No dedicated infrastructure, hardware or software required Users  Organizations with multiple locations and changing infrastructure  Smaller companies requiring cost efficiencies eAcces provides full access control; protection, locking, monitoring and reporting. Either as a competitively priced solution; or as an outsourced service. Origins with Assa Abloy, the global leader in door opening solutions.
    • 10. Safety Investments and Annual Overhaul Need  Defining correlation between safe and effective execution of annual maintenance turnarounds  Proving that safe wok promotes effectiveness in terms of quality, cost and schedule Solution  Defining 2-3 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) by measuring the correlation between safety and work efficiency, then improving annual overhaul management disciplines basing on new KPIs Benefits  Annual overhaul quality improved  Possible to establish causative relationship between safety investments, quality and work efficiency Users  The scheme is applicable to wide range of industries Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant, Finland Source: Fortum Corporation
    • 11. Sustainable Key Management User need  The diversifying access system development calls for new, time standing solutions for Key Management Solution  A cloud based Key Management SaaS system which adapts itself to the constantly changing environment Benefits  The systems is vendor and technology independent  It covers the existing key systems in the market place and embraces new emerging key technologies  It is scalable and offers the same features to key management needs of all dimensions  It is designed according to the most stringent information security principles  The systems has been piloted in real customer environment Users  The solution is a perfect solution for sustainable key management for all organizations Source: Flexim Security
    • 12. Management System Based on Realized Safety User need  A Safety Certificate owned by a company and systematic follow-up does not give an undisputable guarantee of the real safety status Solution  A new method for evaluation of the level of the occupational safety Benefits  The survey extracts problem spots which may be hidden behind the averages presented by the safety statistics  The approach provides with wide organizational view; from individual workers to department managers as well as subcontractor staff Users  The methodology is highly adaptable for all companies wanting to develop and measure their activities, also in connection with acquisitions, as well as companies that use subcontractors Source: Golder
    • 13. Risk Facilitation & Awareness Software User need  Are we compliant with all the requirements?  Is our personnel aware of all the risks?  How do we implement risk management process? Solution     Proven ease of use, already +100.000 users Scalable to organizations of any size Support for multiple RM models (ERM, ISO, etc.) Can be tailored to your organization needs Benefits  Increased risk assessment activity and awareness  Improved overall picture of risk management Users  Government organizations, manufacturing & technology industry, finance sector, ... Go to and get a free demo!
    • 14. Partnership for Corporate Safety Management User need  CEO is always responsible for safety issues, but often this is not within his/hers key competence area Solution  Developing comprehensive set of safety management tools and offer management support through a Safety Management Partnership Benefits  Corporate safety status covering both economical and operational aspects is established  Safety management and investment principles are derived from risk scenarios  Safety and economic indicators allow the measurement of the performance status and help to take early corrective action if necessary Users  The scheme is applicable to wide range of industries Source: Inspecta
    • 15. Speeding Wireless Situation Awareness and Rescue Actions Need  Reliable information through richer media resources to help in day-to-day-missions  Improved way of sharing significant information between control rooms and operators in the field Solution  Automated, intelligent surveillance and rescue framework adapted to the mobile environment  Advanced video analysis and abnormal-situation detection in mobile and unpredictable contexts Benefits  Customised algorithms provide the most comprehensive picture and automated decision support for more faster and effective control and acting in unpredictable situations Users  Law enforcement, Fire & Rescue, Customs, Boarder Guard, Civil Defence
    • 16. Safety Investments and Customer Quality User need  Safety investments must produce a positive outcome also below the bottom line Solution  The customer impact of safety investments will be shown by connecting them to the Six Sigma quality system employed by Konecranes Benefits  Common language for company general management and safety management established  Safety investment results directly in enhanced customer quality and helps to increase sales  Six Sigma is a vehicle which roots safety attitude to the entire Konecranes organization providing higher efficiency in a sustainable way Users  The scheme is applicable to wide range of industries
    • 17. Analytic Routing Solution User need  The user of logistic services needs to evaluate the routes available in terms of cost, safety and security Solution  A cloud based, easy to use tool that provides accurate and real time facts about logistic risks such as damage probability on a given route Benefits  The solution allows the customer the make full use of the vast knowledge base available through the service  The solution covers all modes of transportation and routes on a global scale  Containing the knowledge of where, how and when the logistics damage occurs, the system helps the customer to design cost, safety and security optimized routes Users  Any logistics intensive business that encounters logistics related losses and in need of intel; owner of goods, insurers
    • 18. Security Management in Logistics Networks User need  Increased disturbances in supply chains worldwide (such loss, breakage, or delays) have become a deep concern for logistics companies Solution  The Logproof research project addresses the issue and proposes solutions to the logistics security problems Benefits  Comprehensive operational models are researched  The operations models suggested are evaluated in pilots  The results are presented in a way which allows quick introduction of new business models and services Users  Logistics companies and specialized service providers Stakeholders in logistic networks
    • 19. Control Over Valuable Mobile Assets User need  Tracking vehicles and vehicle personnel in real time time or place independently  Increase safety of the freight and personnel Solution  GPS solution for vehicle or person tracking, monitoring and alarming system with real time map interface Benefits  Safety and potential accident can be identified by following the estimated time consumed on site by system Users  Freight and transportation, manufacturing, retail industries We will deliver everything needed to build up foundation for secure and sustainable management system for mobile assets – from specification planning and roll-out to 24/7 monitoring service.
    • 20. Flexible Security Portal User need  Cost effective and easy to use way to control access and security portal Solution  Centralized access-rights management to all locks  Group, property and/or user specific rights Benefits  Flexible, cost efficient and easy to use  Reliable, easy to update and maintain  Scales easily to different size environments Users  Governments, institutions, banks, corporations, building management, corporation security, etc The Megaflex software service is designed to replace the traditional, technically difficult access control systems in companies and properties of all sizes. The system is perfect for complex access control environments as well, thanks to its new network structure.
    • 21. Business Crime Victim Survey User need  Only a fraction of crimes against businesses is reported to the police and therefore included in the official statistics  Comprehensive picture of business crime victimization requires measures of unrecorded crime Solution  National representative victim survey of retail and manufacture businesses was conducted in spring 2010 Benefits  BCVS describes the current crime situation at the national level, analyses risk and protective factors of crime victimization, and estimates the cost of crime to businesses Users The research project has developed an indicator system of business crime victimization in Finland: the Business Crime Victim Survey (BCVS).  Governmental agencies, companies, security industry, researchers, etc
    • 22. Gauging Safety User need  Choosing right HSE indicators is of crucial importance for management of safety critical industry Solution  Introduce new indicators which combine safety culture, total recordable incidence frequency and plant economy Benefits  Provides situational picture of total safety from precise sub indicators  The solution covers all modes of transportation and routes on a global scale  Containing the knowledge of where, how and when the logistics damage occurs, the system helps the customer to design cost, safety and security optimized routes Users  Any production and logistics intensive business that encounters production and logistics related losses  Owner of goods, insurers Renewable diesel plant Porvoo Source: Neste Oil
    • 23. Value Creation in Corporate Security Management User need  Security managers in the manufacturing units expect well advised support from corporate management Approach  Management maps the support needed using an analyzed interactive survey combined with on-site audits Benefits  Balanced development process between management and manufacturing units  Corporate security planning makes use of field experience and competence  Corporate wide security management commitment Users  The method is applicable to large corporations in all industry branches Outokumpu Tornio Works, source Outokumpu
    • 24. ProTieto Improved Safety for Single Fieldworkers User need  Single fieldworkers can be faced with serious accidents, dangers and threats; city personnel collecting fees, loggers out in the woods, electricians changing cables, workers on remote worksites Solution  With one mobile phone a single worker can connect, ask for help and automatically send a report of an accident or deviation out from the field  This advanced mobile application enables operational and reporting functions all in one device Benefits  Remote installation, immediate and easy to use  Real-time respond from group workers – instant help  Automated reporting, no need for documentation after fieldwork  Leverages transparency and quality Users  Cities and communities, governments  Manufacturing and maintenance industry
    • 25. Electromechanical Locks for Secure and Maintenance-Free Doors User need  Doors that are easy & pleasant to use, silent and maintenance-free Solution  Rollock motor lock – a door mechanism based on rotating bolt technology  Awarded by Finnsecurity as the most innovative security product in 2011 Benefits  Use of the door is light, safe and noiseless  Maintenance free  Compatible with all key cylinders, readers, builders' hardware and access control systems Users  Industry and municipal buildings, offices, hospitals military buildings as well as homes
    • 26. Converging Safety Automation User need  The safety professionals have to up-date their competence as dedicated building and safety automation solutions converge with general IT systems Solution  The members of the entire delivery chain participated in a system commissioning to learn about the IT convergence together with the client Benefits  A two-way learning process establishes trust between the parties involved  The IT oriented customer and building safety automation professionals share the same terminology  Instead of confusion the well managed convergence brings about better system performance Users  The solutions is applicable to all industries where IT convergence is an undisputed fact Source: Schneider-Electric
    • 27. Intelligent Converting Need  Technological and process-based solutions for production capability and appealing cost level for high functionality packaging, such as traceability in logistics and healthcarerelated adherence control Solution     Material and process development Production development for mass volume manufacturing Sustainable low cost conductive adhesives Hybrid structures, combining printed electronics and conventional electronics Benefits  Decreased costs  Increased information flow and data delivery for logistic and healthcare industries Competition  Conventional methods of tracking and evaluation of supply chain; Traditional adherence control technologies Adherence control package DDSI Wireless • Utilising results achieved in Intelligent Converting • Launched 15.2.2011 • Co-operation with Encubator AB, incubation project Mevia
    • 28. Risks Hidden in the Logistics Chain User need  The unique business concept applied by Transbox in the food products delivery chain logistics calls for thorough risk analyses Solution  A supply chain risks analyses was applied to the entire logistics chain of Transbox Benefits  The company is now conscious about its risks and has exact information of their nature, probability and cost in given cases  The analyses is reported in a form which enables company board make decisions of appropriate actions  The report also provides indications of the way the company may have to enhance its processes and structure of operation Users  The Transbox experience is useful for any company involved in rental transport box business Source Transbox
    • 29. Supply Chain Integrity and Efficiency Need  Capability to manage supply chain security 24/7/365  Improved supply chain reliability, predictability and lead time efficiency  Better control, continuous development adding competitive edge • 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 24/7 monitoring of e.g.: Location data, route deviations Integrity Acceleration Shock Temperature Humidity Air pressure Approach  ESP – services are built to work like ESP works in a car  Integration of technologies Benefits 2 4 3 5  Shipments just in time preserving overall quality  Comprehensive (global, 24/7, coordinated networks) 6 7 Competition  Fragmented  No holistic services 1
    • 30. Minimizing Product Damages in Logistics User need  Transportation damages have a remarkable impact when speaking of the quality of logistics, customers´ satisfaction and steadily increasing expenses of goods transportation Solution  The reasons, cost, attitudes and improvements needed were studied with statistical analysis, in-depth interviews and surveys Benefits  Identifies the sources and reasons of damages.  Gives instructions as regards what to do and where to focus on when reducing damages Users  The logistics sector particularly in Finland
    • 31. Proactive Occupational Safety User need  Insurance companies need valid and reliable knowledge about the effective safety management practices in order to guide and evaluate the occupational safety status of their customers (policy holders) Solution  A special audit method with on-line top management interview will provide with the data from which the safety profile of the enterprise can be derived Benefits  The methodology stresses the crucial role of enterprise top management and management practices in safety issues  More reliable understanding about the policy holders’ safety status and insured risks is achieved Users  The methodology is applicable to wide range of insurance companies
    • 32. Work Activities Outside the Cab User need  Risk assessment for short haul drivers’ work in work outside the cab environments Solution  ICT based quality and risk assessment application to an existing hand terminal Benefits  Procedures for drivers to assess working conditions  Assess drivers and transportation companies work and performance Users  Transportation companies and supplying companies broadly  Occupational health care services indirectly Application is a communication tool between value chain members.
    • 33. Personal Security for Lone Workers User need  An increasing number of lone workers need effective solutions for personal security Solution  The personal security solution is a to the case tailored service based on an agile concept and off the self standard technical components Benefits  The solution tackles the problem form both technical and non-technical angles  Training, which helps the lone worker to manage hazardous situations, is an essential part of the service  Transparency of the solution increases its acceptability as the customers know what they are paying for Users  The solutions has been successfully implemented for lone workers in both public and private sector Source: Verifi
    • 34. Human Detection in Work Machine Areas User need  Smoother and safer operation on worksites without interruptions  The need to enable more automation to gain higher output rates  Reliable real-time detection of humans in harsh conditions like dust, fog, rain, snow or darkness Solution  A safety system that would detect and track humans even in challenging conditions Benefits  Saving costs due to reduced operational interruptions  Faster and safer operations in environments that include both humans and mobile work machines  The same sensors can be used for other automation task like picking up containers or preventing collisions Users  Harbors, warehouses, factories, construction sites and other locations that use mobile work machines and have humans onsite
    • 35. Safely from Forest to the Mill Site User need  In forest industry the inclusion of timber logistics in the corporate OHS is a challenge because independent contractors are used to transport timber from forest to the mill site Solution  Training program adapted from Finnish Transport Safety Agency and The Centre for Occupational Safety was delivered to the 700 strong contractor driver staff Benefits  The use of UPM forestry officials as trainers was a good way to transfer tacit UPM OHS knowledge to the drivers  The standardized hand-given sign marks were introduced for unload area safety  Cooperation improved between mill site and the contractors as the trainers were counterparts for the drivers in daily logistics operations Users  The training scheme as well as the hand-given signs can be used in any bulk logistics operation Source UPM
    • 36. Direct Marking Technologies for Product Safety in Medical and Food Industries User need  Counterfeited and pirated products threaten the health and safety of consumers  Accurate traceability needed in case of product quality concerns Solution  Direct marking of food and medical products in addition to package markings Benefits  Authenticity guarantee, brand promotion, proof of origin  Traceability in case product and package are separated  Product identification (e.g. production date, batch code) Users  Brand owners and their subcontractors
    • 37. The Financial Value of Safety User need  What constitutes security as service? (understanding value)  How to bring security services to meet customer business needs? (creating value)  How to achieve more value for money in security services? (capturing value) Solution  Advanced understanding of customer value in corporate security services  Security co-creation: both customers and providers get more  New approaches and practices for customer-oriented security service development Benefits  Committed customer intimacy based on new service business concepts  Quantum leap in adapting security services to customer needs  Order of magnitude enhancement of security providers’ R&D Users  Security industry and its customers  Service business researchers
    • 38. Construction Safety Management User need  The construction accident rate is high  Need for preventing the accidents and forecasting where and how they might happen Solution  BIM-based construction safety planning  BIM-based safety management on site  Safety related communication with BIM advantages Benefits  Accurate safety plans can be made early in the project  Easier to see challenges and critical details in advance Users  I.e. software-developers and various parties of construction projects, especially contractors In Finland, one in four fatal occupational accidents takes place in the construction field.