Cafe Tour Presentation by Charles Manners November 2013


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Catering consultant Charles Manners from Turpin Smale summarises the key trends and companies in the London cafe scene

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Cafe Tour Presentation by Charles Manners November 2013

  1. 1. Café Tour 20th November 2013 Presented By Charles Manners
  2. 2. Agenda • Buying with your eyes - playing on the senses • Product – ingredients, source, display • Humour, atmosphere & design and environment • Companies to watch!
  3. 3. Café Context • Total of 15,723 stores, 5225 branded coffee shops in UK, up from 4,600; grew by 7.5% in 2012 to £5.8billion • Market has doubled in the past 6 years • 1 in 5 visit a coffee shop daily • Potential for 7,000 branded units in 2017, potentially 10,000 beyond Source Allegra Strategies
  4. 4. Buying with Your Eyes Playing on the Senses
  5. 5. Display & Playing on the Senses • • • Ambient sandwiches on display (Spianata) Herb plants for garnish for customer use (Chop’d) Move product on display at the entrance around depending on what time of day it is (Carluccio’s) • Fresh fruit, vegetables and bread on display outside inviting you inside (Albion) • Cakes displayed on slates • Ovens on display with pastries coming straight out (Princi) • Buy with your eyes cake displays (Konditor and Cook – images below) Smell of freshly baked bread (Albion)
  6. 6. People & Service • Big trend in personalisation – make it your own (Starbucks, Vital, Chop’d) • ‘Great jobs for great people’ (Pret) • ‘Looking for cool people’ (Jo and the Juice) • Deliveries (Pret) • Huge opportunity in takeaway cakes (Hummingbird)
  7. 7. Marketing & Personality • • • • • Using humour in POS and marketing to create a personality for the brand and a sense of humour. On the outside of the breakfast club are the words ‘Today is going to be a good day’ and inside ‘Sex, drugs and bacon rolls’ Table tennis tables outside Leon ‘Lovingly hand made’ (Pret) Xmas themed pasta in Carluccios ‘Provenance – customers want to know and see pictures of where the ingredients in their food have come from (Chop’d, Pod, Abokado, Starbucks)
  8. 8. Product – Ingredients, Source, Display
  9. 9. Product • • • • • • • • • • • Mini bites and cake pops are the next big dessert trend. Suitable for those on a diet as well as those in need of a quick sweet fix removing the need to indulge in a oversized and often intimidating piece of cake (Starbucks) Luxury fruit bread with berries and lightly toasted (Starbucks) Giant versions – giant bourbon and custard creams (Costa) Loose leaf teas are becoming increasingly popular Afghan biscuit (Liberty Norton Folgate) Red Velvet Cake (Hummingbird Bakery) Hot broth pot to hot noodles (Eat) Savoury muffins – parmesan and spinach (Ozone) Fresh juices - people will pay a premium for fresh juice (although expensive to produce) Gluten free demand increasingly growing Billionaires shortbread (Paul A Young)
  10. 10. Product • Giant macaroons (Pauls) • Gourmet pork pies • Porridge (Pret) Sandwiches • Triangle sandwiches in a box are few are far between, the modern day sandwich needs to be something different and more exciting • Flat breads are increasingly popular • Giant sandwich in a loaf that you can portion off (Slate) • Open sandwich (Fernandez and Wells Café)
  11. 11. Cakes & Traybakes The most important menu segment for mid-morning, lunchtime and midafternoon
  12. 12. Cakes & Traybakes Great display (and taste) is what it is all about
  13. 13. Humour, Atmosphere & Design and Environment
  14. 14. Design & Environment • • • • • • • • • • Kitchen cloths as napkins and bone handle cutlery (Bishopsgate Kitchen) Tea cosies on tea pots (Albion) Cutlery in golden syrup pots (Albion) Rustic feel was very common, and wood was used a lot in the furniture and design Exposed Brick (Pret) Milk in mini milk bottles Objects hanging from ceiling (Pizza East) Use of reclaimed furniture (Foxcroft and Ginger) Interesting menu displays – some on brown paper and others on old cinema boards Vintage tableware
  15. 15. Design & Environment • Open displays with products on show so that customers can buy with their eyes • Open kitchens that invite customers in for visibility and transparency (Bishopsgate Kitchen) • Toasters to ‘do it yourself’ at breakfast time (Bishopsgate Kitchen)
  16. 16. Design • Store as many quality looking raw food ingredients • out front to evidence your foodie credentials • Technology • Trayslides encourage queuing so keep to minimum • by hot food, hot drink and till stations • Retro is in • Staff Uniform to have fun message on back
  17. 17. Story Storyboard at or near café entrance so that customers are aware of ‘mission’ and quality prior to purchasing food and drink Key elements to stress Local sourcing with specific details of ingredients Personality, emotion and distinctiveness
  18. 18. Special Interest Groups Cater for every known group WiFi Babies Gluten-free Lactose intolerant Dogs Cyclists Smokers
  19. 19. Menu Signage
  20. 20. Menu Signage
  21. 21. Waste & Recycling Customers recycle at home and want to support those businesses with a conscience
  22. 22. Companies to watch!
  23. 23. Giraffe Stop
  24. 24. Peyton & Byrne
  25. 25. Benugo
  26. 26. Apostrophe
  27. 27. Tesco Watford
  28. 28. Yum Charr
  29. 29. Pod
  30. 30. abokado
  31. 31. 26
  32. 32. Wahacio
  33. 33. Leon
  34. 34. Yorks Bakery Café Newall St Birmingham
  35. 35. Now the Tour! – www. Polo Café Taylor Street Bishopsgate Kitchen Starbucks Go A Gold EAT Spianata Costa Leon Giraffe Carluccios Liberty of Norton Folgate Boxpark Maison de Garcon Cafe Allpress Espresso Albion Caff Itsu Pod Pret Ozone Thai Salvation Jane café Café Nero Subway Charles Manners – Director Turpin Smale 07836550356