Episode 8 Turn Cupcakes into Cash, product design

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The transcription of Episode 8 video on the presentation of cupcakes, based on exclusive interviews with successful bakers

The transcription of Episode 8 video on the presentation of cupcakes, based on exclusive interviews with successful bakers

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  • 1. Episode ##8Jack Finn: Hello and welcome once again to today’s podcast, your host Jack right here. How are youdoing? Now if you’re about to take the first step in setting up your cupcake business, or any type ofbusiness you have got to watch this show. It’s Series 1, Turning Cupcakes into Cash. Today’s podcast ispresented to you by www.turncupcakesintocash.com/rich - Rich Schefren’s exact steps that take themystery out of succeeding online, and www.turncupcakesintocash.com/digitallife with Stuart Ross,“digital marketing at its best”. Today’s podcast is actually more on presentation. Let’s listen to theexperts talk about how they deal with their product designs.Shannon: Being a website designer, it’s very easy to transfer those designs to cake, as long as the visionis in your head. It’s basically what I have been doing for a very long time, except for it’s a differentmedia. So cake design came very, very easy to me. You can be completely creative, which is a plus inthis business. So it really was easy for me. It was easy for me from the first day to pick up a ball offondant and start shaping something out of it. I immediately… my first rose that I ever made wasperfect and I got great reviews on the first gum paste rose I ever made. My bows are incredible. There were some things that even surprised me as far as what I could pull off. And you know of course research, research. I do a lot of online classes, which are incredible, up on Craftc.com. I would pay like $19.95 for a course that you can go at your own pace. You can ask the instructor questions. They’re incredible and they’ve been a huge asset to me. But yeah, I mean being in the design business it really, really helps to have that art background. *** Alex: Probably the convenience of just people being able to comein, grab a cupcake, not having to have like a tray or a fork or anything, can just shove it in. I mean yeah,and great, people come in and just buy a dozen cupcakes.Leanne: And they can have a mix of flavours.Alex: Yeah, exactly.Leanne: They don’t’ have one whole cake where it’s all just chocolate, or all just vanilla. I do a lot ofcupcakes for parties, weddings, engagements etc, and that’s another thing they like, they don’t haveto... Over here we have a thing called “cakeage”. I don’t know if you have it there, where sometimesyou take it to a hotel, that they will charge you to slice up your cake.
  • 2. Alex: Like a $1.10 a slice.Leanne: And sometimes it’s more than what the cake is worth, so with cupcakes they don’t have to sliceit for you, and you don’t even have to have a plate that you are going to dirty and be charged for. Soconvenience and price, it keeps it down. And plus you can do a variance on different types ofdecorations. So if you want to do a flower theme you can have a whole lot of different cupcakes, with awhole lot of flowers that just give you, you know, on a tower will give you a really good work of art.Alex: You can have one cake, or you can have 300 multi-coloured cakes that someone might want. So itjust depends on what you want and I reckon that’s why cupcakes are the way to go because they’re just,yeah, convenient and stylish in a way. ***Shannon: Cakes and cupcakes are my biggest things. I would say I grew up absolutely obsessed withcake from a small age, from a young age. I’ve been designing cakes but nothing great. It was just like, if my mother would give me an opportunity to decorate a cake I’d take it. All my friends and family know that cake is my passion. I love cake. If there is ever cake at a wedding; I am going around taking everyone’s cake from them. And maybe it’s just the artistic side of me. I have an art degree, so I was always obsessed with decorating cakes for special occasions. But, again when the economy went south, I took a class or two. I actuallytook two classes at Michael’s Craft Shop on cake decorating - two basic classes. And they were fourhours a day for a month and I loved it. I just absolutely loved it. I started doing it on my own out of mykitchen. I would make a cake for somebody in the family.Or I would just make a cake for the hell of it and post it on Facebook and every time I posted anothercake somebody wanted one. And it turned into people were offering me money. I would start charging$25, then $50, then $75. ***Alex: We’d put 12 aside for lemon curd, 12 aside for cherry ripe, 12 aside for… so we would just do themlike that.Leanne: So 99% of my cupcakes have got a filling in the middle. It’s not just the whole flavour throughthe cake, we’ll make the little hole inserts, and we’ll fill them with lemon curd, or we’ll fill them withraspberry, or blackforest, or caramel, or peanut butter, Nutella, yeah we do an Oreo one. So it is prettymuch the same; but it is the flavour that we add to it that changes.
  • 3. Alex: And it’s having the flavour middle as well instead of just… We walked into a place and had a cupcake once and they called it a Mars Bar. It was a white mud cupcake with a chocolate swirl and they stuck a Mars bar in the wrapper on top like, you know, a little tiny bite sized Mars bar. So you know, it’s having the flavour of caramel inside a chocolate cupcake with nuts sprinkled on top of the topping itself.Jack: Now how do you get the people to enjoy your designs? Internet marketing, but you have to becareful. Hundreds of entrepreneurs put their money in the first internet marketing tool they see becausethey heard of it, or maybe somebody told them about it. And many of them end up frustrated and at aloss.Please don’t make that same rooky mistake. Map out your internet marketing the best way possible. Aman named Rich Schefren is what we are looking for. He will change your entire mindset about internetbusiness. Check out how this guy turned businesses around in years. All you have to do is click onwww.turncupcakesintocash.com/rich and watch his amazing video. Here’s Rich:Rich: This is your opportunity to possess the very same power to be truly a strategic entrepreneur. AndI’m absolutely convinced this is the most important area for you to focus your attention on, more important than anything else regardless of whether you haven’t even started your business yet, or you have already. And here is why: Because you can spend lots of time getting better at many other aspects of your business, many other skills and still wind up no farther ahead as a result.That’s why this skill, the one I’m going to teach you, is the most liberating of all skills. One of mymentors once told me: “The only real security is your ability to produce.” And that is what I am offeringyou, the ability to take an idea and quickly create a high performance business that delivers incomealmost at will, and with it your life will never be the same. It’s called “The Ultimate Business GrowthMentoring Program.” It’s based on my past seven years of experience transforming internet marketersand opportunity seekers into entrepreneurial millionaires.Jack: And for just watching the video I will be throwing in a free guide for you on growing your cupcakebusiness, that’s right. It covers everything you need to know making your business successful. Just leaveyour name and your email address, and I will take care of everything, alright.Baker 1: At the beginning, Janet kind of came to the table with the recipes that had been tried and truefor her. I did the same. We kind of played, experimenting and forcing cupcakes down people’s throats.Baker 2: That wasn’t too difficult.Baker 3: No it really wasn’t. And then from there we kind of formed our base recipes and then recipesthat we kind of add on to, or ingredients. And then now we will just be walking through the grocery
  • 4. store and see fresh strawberries and come up with some sort of strawberry shortcake cupcake, or youknow, just whatever we see that strikes us.Baker 4: We’ve kind of expanded our line a bit. We’re starting to do some what we call brunch cakes.But they’re basically like savoury. They’re not cakes as much as they are savoury muffin sort of things.We’ve done some spinach and egg in a crescent roll. They look like a cupcake but they don’t have icingand all that on them. We can also do cupcakes and cupcake cups, so we’re just kind of expanding ourinventory a bit. And then you know we’re just keeping our mind open to if some other part of townstarts to hop in, if we need to get our cupcakes in that part of town we’re definitely open to it.Baker 5: You know as part of our branding and you asked earlier marketing, I think we won five awardsin our first six months open, our first year. We won Best Sweet of Morgantown, from MorgantownMagazine when we’d been open like six weeks and it was a reader poll. And we won… gosh let me walkover here and look at them. The Red Cross held a local contest and we won Best Dessert. And that waswhen everything had to be local.That was when we developed our apple butter cupcake and we also came up with a honey lavendercupcake that used West Virginia honey. There was Sweet for the Sweet, it’s a fundraiser and we wonPeople’s Choice Dessert there and we also won Best Dessert presentation. And Main StreetMorgantown awarded us with the best new business of 2011 in Morgantown.Jack: There you have it. That winds up the episode for today for Series 1 Turn Cupcakes into Cash.Please don’t be shy with your product, with your creation. If you think you’re an artist and you designyour own cupcakes, don’t be shy and be proud of your product, okay.Thank you for joining us on this episode. Don’t forget if you want to know more about how to start acupcake business, all you need to do is go to www.turncupcakesintocash.com. That’s right, put in yourname, put in your email. We will send you the interviews and we will send you what you need,everything you need, alright. This has been Jack Finn, thank you for joining me. Until the next episode,don`t forget, if you’ve got what it takes, then go for it!