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Integrated multichannel marketing in a world of silos. What is it, why is it a good idea, and how can I do it?

Integrated multichannel marketing in a world of silos. What is it, why is it a good idea, and how can I do it?



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  • Turlough intro, Agillic introExplanation of change of title
  • if you only have time for one clue this year, this is the one to get... Thanks to the web, markets are becoming better informed, smarter, and more demanding of qualities missing from most business organizations.Consumers are more empowered and have more choice
  • We have to put each customer at the heart of our communications – to make the message revolves around them rather than just push-messageIt’s not enough to act on insights gathered days or weeks (sometimes even hours) earlier – we may be too late.Let’s look at each of these in turn
  • Too many brands send the wrong message to the wrong people. Let’s take what we know about our customers and prospects and personalise our communications with them.It’s as likely that this lady searched for a red convertible as the bachlor did for a people carrier. Too many brands are pushing their brands when they are ready to talk about them and not when consumers are ready to hear.This particular hapless carmaker is doing itself few favours
  • Whensomeone is in buying mode, let’sact upon that information. There and now. Not in ourLikewise, ifthey’reshowingsigns of disaffection, let’s deal withthat.Conversationsare real-time. Let’srememberthat.
  • I feel confident that we’ve all suffered the irritation of one department of a corporation being seemingly unaware of our interactions with another.We need to do better than that.
  • This doesn’t have to be restricted to digital channels. Clever use of calls to action can make traditional above the line channels work as part of an integrated conversation with the consumer.
  • We have some good case studies that bear this out and I will share with you in just a moment.
  • So integrating channels is a good idea. How do we do it?By orchestrating all communications through a single platformA good technology basis should allow us to integrate any or all of our communications seamlessly – and in both directions.Its all about the executionWhere data such as CRM and web analytics exists, it should allow us to make that data work as part of the wholeIt should act as a hub where anything communicated to or by consumers is immediately known and acted upon wherever they interact
  • A controversial brand at this moment, but one I’m sure you’ve all heard of
  • By making the interaction easy and convenient, you drive responseattribution
  • One obvious disadvantage of this is that we have helped create a larger number of cars to recall.But, in seriousness, what we helped provide for Toyota is a robust platform from which to deal with the crisis they currently face.
  • This is a very good example of how small beginnings provided a platform for a wider strategy that has yielded extremely impressive results
  • So here’s a very simple Agillic campaignIn a ’over spammed’ Email market, simply sending an SMS appetizer assist the open rates (as show by this case).Thiscorrespondsentirelywith the findings of the Forrester data welooked at earlier(click)The case is easy to understand, generates value, and develops an appetite for more. Ie. Works as a proof – not the end-goal of what Agillic can facilitate.
  • The target of 20,000 members was reached in just four weeks, beating the twelve weeks target.In fact, nearly treble the target 20,000 customers signed up for the loyalty scheme in the first 12 weeks … and counting (current figures 105,000)In the first six months of the programme, the scheme generated an extra 1.1 million more train journeys with DSB. A member get member scheme, offering a free train journey when a friend purchased a DSB ‘Wildcard’, increased the database by 94%
  • Enterprise strong on mrm but costly, time consuming and large footprint.Cloud based approach can alleviate these difficultiesCloud base more suitable for involving external agenciesIntegrated reports
  • By effectively delivering triggered, personalisedcomms across channels, we can drive far greater rates of acquisition, conversion and retention.

Agillic Integrated Multichannel Tfm&A Presentation Agillic Integrated Multichannel Tfm&A Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • “If markets are conversations, how should I talk to my customers?”Integrated multichannel marketing in a world of silos. A how-to.Turlough MartinMD UK, AgillicTFM&A, 24th February 2010
  • Integrated Multichannel – why?
    “Markets are conversations.”
    “We are not seats, or eyeballs, or end-users or consumers. We are human beings, and our reach exceeds your grasp. Get used to it .”
    The Cluetrain Manifesto, April 1999
  • What does this mean for marketers?
    It’s no longer enough to take a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. We have to respond to each individual’s needs and wants.Conversations happen in real time. Each party responds and reacts to the other. Today’s consumers expect conversations with brands to be no different.To compete in today’s market we must ensure that our communications are relevant, timely and consistent.
  • Make it relevant
    Let’s give people communications that are personalised to their own needs
  • Make it timely
    Let’s give peoplewhattheywant, whentheywant it (and beforesomebodyelsedoes!)
  • Make it integrated
    There’s no point holding a conversation on one channel. All communications must be consistent across channels.
  • And why stop at online?
    With a little creativity we can integrate our offline channels just as easily.
  • Of course, we don’t do all this just because it sounds like a good idea…
    …we do it because effective integrated communications measurably drive:Acquisition Conversion RetentionTo put it another way, when we engage with customers, they engage back, and we win, and keep their business.
  • But don’t just takemyword for it…
    …and with digital channelsitseasy to do evenbetter
    Source: Forrester Research
  • Multichannel Integration – an overview
    SMS, MMS, mobile links
    Direct mails
    Online and mobile portals
    Call Centre, IVR
    & POS Modules
    Online advertising
    Social media
    Integrated Marketing Execution Platform
    • behavioural data
    • fulfilment data
    • enriched profile data
    • prospect contact data
    • segmentation data
    • permission data
    • CRM data
    • campaign data
    • segmentation
    Agency Databases
    Brand Data Sources
    * = if available
  • Case study - toyota
    How integrating channels boosted test drives and sales
    (Agency: People Group)
  • From offline ads, to digital conversation, to offline conversion.
    Print ad with call-to-action
    TextAvensis to 1231
    Receivewap push and enteremail
    Receive email to confirm test drive
    Directed to sign-up page
    Collect further data about customer and sendinformation according to segment and interest
  • 1
    Most Sold Cars in Denmark 2009
  • Case study – DSB s-more
    How The Danish Railways Drive Brand Equity and Sales using Integrated Multichannel
    (Agency: Wunderman)
  • First, Danish Railways increasedclick-through by utilising simple multichannel mechanisms
    Campaign microsite – business goal is ’refer-a-friend’
    Promotional email: call to action is URL
    58% higher
    Conversion = 100
    Campaign microsite – business goal is ’refer-a-friend’
    Promotional email: call to action is URL
    Conversion = 158
    Email triggers alert SMS: ’”check your inbox – cool offer from DSB”
    Source: Danish Railways
  • The S-moreloyaltyschemenow encompasses a broad variety of touchpoints between DSB and its passengers
    Personalised Mobile Portal
    Social media on mobile
    Fast track at ticket sale for S-more Members
    Personalised Emails
    Dear John
    Regards DSB
    Personalised Online Portal
    SMS, MMS and mobile ticket vouchers
  • Email and mobile integration
    Highlighting membership benefits
    Happy birthday. Today, you can ride the train for free in all zones. Just show this text, your ID and your membership card when boarding the train.
    Competition targeted by using profile data
    Highlighting membership benefits
  • Personalised ‘MyPage’ on web and mobile
    Membership benefits
    Membership upgrade
    Customer profile
    - Name
    • Membership status
    • Card
    Retrieve Customer Data:
    “ Answer 3 easy questions and get better advice”
    S-train news
    Get travel info directly on your mobile
    S-train news for you travel route
  • Sign-ups and networkusage have increasedbeyond all expectations. Happycustomers, happy brand.
    Extract from online’Markedsføring’
  • “Behind every great integrated marcomms strategy is a great technology platform.” Points to consider when choosing a partner:Enterprise or Cloud?Agency integrated or in-house team only?Genuine open multichannel or ‘email plus?’Ease of data integrationReporting flexibilityCapital expense or Software as a Service?
  • In summary - by integrating triggered, personalised comms, marketers can deliver ROI
    TriggeredPersonalised Integrated
  • Thank you.Turlough MartinManaging Director UKAgillicturlough.martin@agillic.comMobile  +44 (0)7771 785 757