telstra: case study

Polycom video conferencing helPs boost Productivity across telstra
while cutting travel costs and ca...
“video conferencing relies on     situation                                changed the way we work by allowing
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“we use high definition video      “we use high definition video                conferencing, so they connect with
“Polycom is very proud of                           to provide a richer experience and
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Telstra Polycom Video Conferencing Case Study


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Telstra Polycom Video Conferencing Case Study

  1. 1. telstra: case study Polycom video conferencing helPs boost Productivity across telstra while cutting travel costs and carbon emissions “telstra has changed the way telstra is australia’s leading telstra country wide is working industry telecommunication and information by introducing smartphones and it&t services company, providing a full also the use of high definition range of integrated solutions over video conferencing, so they customer next generation fixed and mobile connect with each other and telstra networks. also with their customers with situation telstra has an ongoing commitment less travel. what we have seen telstra wanted to improve productivity to improve productivity within is $1 million saving each year across a dispersed workforce while both its own organisation and that in travel costs and also an supporting its commitment to of its customers. environmental estimated 1100 tonnes reduction environmental sustainability responsibility is also a key in carbon emissions.” focus. telstra realised that video solution domain conferencing would promote both of bill bien, executive director, unified communications these aims while delivering cost- marketing communications and benefits efficiencies across a distributed strategy, telstra enterprise and enterprise. accordingly, telstra Per annum: government enlisted the aid of Polycom to deploy • $1 million travel savings and an estimated 1100 tonnes carbon its world-leading video conferencing emission reductions through solutions. this decision has delivered increased productivity across a a rapid return on investment through dispersed workforce of 650 people increased productive output, reduced • $100,000 travel savings in te&g costs, enhanced work/life flexibility marketing by having offsite and environmental sustainability. meetings onsite.
  2. 2. “video conferencing relies on situation changed the way we work by allowing the fact that we have the right telstra is one of australia’s largest our people to connect with each units at the right places. we have companies, with operations covering other across the country much more 210 Polycom video conferencing a vast area of the continent, effectively.” units, of which 170 are high stretching to new Zealand, asia and the strength of high definition video definition units. it has changed beyond. managing these far-flung conferencing is that it facilitates the way we work by allowing activities requires a high level of true-to-life meetings that allow our people to connect with each communication and collaboration, participants to experience the same other across the country much not just within the organisation but nuances of human interactions as in more effectively.” also with suppliers, partners and live meetings. it is no surprise that the customers. concept of ‘modern meetings’ is being bill bien, executive director, embraced by organisations. as bill telstra staff, in particular its marketing communications and bien explains: executives and sales teams, need strategy, telstra enterprise and to travel long distances to conduct “high definition video conferencing… government business. costly, inefficient and not makes meetings more effective. aligned with telstra’s commitment and this is an important part of to sustainability, avoidable travel the modern meeting concept. as a hampered the company’s ability result, executives can have as many to improve business performance meetings as they did in the past, but and profitability in an increasingly they’re much richer, shorter, sharper. complex environment. bill bien, so you get the productivity you need, executive director, marketing but you’re still home at a good hour.” communications and strategy, telstra enterprise and government (te&g), the telstra next iP™ network is a key explains: factor in the success of the solution, as Joseph sigrist, senior vice President “business is becoming more complex. and general manager, video solutions there are more issues to think about, group, Polycom, confirms: more dispersed teams… businesses are looking for a way to make it “Polycom will continue to provide simpler by connecting with customers, innovative new products and solutions connecting with each other, and to telstra for their customers and will that’s where solutions like video continue to leverage innovation to conferencing come in.” the telstra next iP™ network to allow telstra customers to have the highest telstra turned to Polycom, a provider quality video and audio solutions.” of world-leading telephony and video conferencing solutions, to assist. benefits one of the most important benefits solution of video conferencing is the power Polycom collaborated closely with to do more work in less time. take telstra to deploy the most effective the example of the marketing and cost-efficient video conferencing communications and strategy team solutions to meet their needs. as bill in te&g. conducting quarterly team bien explains: meetings via Polycom high definition “video conferencing relies on the fact video conferencing has significantly that we have the right units at the improved productivity for the work right places. we have 210 Polycom group. it has also improved individual video conferencing units, of which productivity, including his own, says 170 are high definition units. it has bill bien:
  3. 3. “we use high definition video “we use high definition video conferencing, so they connect with conferencing regularly for our conferencing regularly for our normal each other and also with their normal meetings. we’ve also meetings. we’ve also replaced all customers with less travel. what replaced all offsites with onsite- offsites with onsite-offsites, where we have seen is $1 million saving offsites, where basically the 110 basically the 110 people in my each year in travel costs and also an people in my organisation now organisation now meet by video estimated 1100 tonnes reduction in meet by video conferencing. conferencing. by doing that we have carbon emissions.” by doing that we have saved saved $100,000 per annum in travel the carbon emissions saving is not a $100,000 per annum in travel costs, and these are very effective surprising outcome for Joseph sigrist: costs, and these are very meetings.” effective meetings.” “Polycom is very proud of the way we te&g also conducts numerous positively impact the environment. executive briefings that cover a range bill bien, executive director, of current topics and allow telstra our video communications marketing communications and customers to discuss trends with technology, for instance, allows strategy, telstra enterprise and their peers. in the first half of 2009/10, people to very effectively government telstra hosted over 1700 meetings communicate with one another without having to jump in airplanes in the executive briefing centre in or even go in their car to drive across melbourne alone, of which over town.” 40% were video conferences. in fact, bill bien confirms that the modern however, video conferencing is not meeting has become part of telstra’s just for large organisations. telstra is culture, testimony to its usefulness trialling a range of tools designed to and convenience. help smaller organisations measure their own productivity benefits. Polycom’s solutions have had even results from a three-month trial using more impact on telstra country wide just one of the solutions, video-miles®, (tcw), a sales and local marketing look promising. with a usage rate of group comprising 650 employees around 20%, eight video conferencing across australia. teams have vast end points could realise potential geographic areas of responsibility. travel savings of around $200,000 Previously, with a choice between per annum and over 300 tonnes of round-trip drive times of six to eight carbon emissions per annum.** and hours or domestic flights for meetings, the higher the usage, the higher the the result was high travel costs and potential savings. lost productive time. as bill bien explains: both bill bien and Joseph sigrist see a very bright future for video “telstra has changed the way conferencing: the benefits are simply telstra country wide is working by too compelling to ignore. what’s more, introducing smartphones and also the technology is constantly evolving the use of high definition video
  4. 4. “Polycom is very proud of to provide a richer experience and solution details the way we positively impact greater ease of use. the environment. our video • Polycom® HDX 9000™ Series as for the partnership between telstra communications technology, for Power, performance and flexibility and Polycom, bill bien is unequivocal: instance, allows people to very for highly integrated video effectively communicate with “telstra and Polycom have laid conferencing environments: one another without having to a strong foundation for a great - true hd video up to 1080p30 jump in airplanes or even go in long-term relationship. i see this or 720p60 resolution with the their car to drive across town.” relationship growing and expanding ability to connect multiple hd to offer more video conferencing units video sources Joseph sigrist, senior vice to our customers, and bringing them - Polycom’s vc2 vision realised President and general manager, better business experiences.” through Polycom cma™ solution video solutions group, Polycom - 22 khz audio in stereosurround™ - share hd content - easily integrated video system. • Polycom® HDX 8000™ Series Telstra in Enterprise and Government partners such as Cisco, Microsoft, for organisations, enterprises: Ericsson and Alcatel and designed - Polycom ultimatehd™ Telstra is a leading provider of network- and deployed for customers by one of technology centric communication and managed Australia’s largest and most qualified - advanced, flexible architecture services to large enterprise and Network Services organisation. Telstra’s for multiple applications and government organisations in Australia service to enterprise and government environments and around the globe. Telstra serves customers is internationally recognised more than 200 of the world’s top 500 for its high quality, including full - data sharing companies through its international International Customer Service Standard - internal mcu supports up to four operations that facilitate access to over (ICSS) certification, backed by Telstra’s participants 240 countries and territories. Customer Service Commitments and - Polycom cma™ solution option. delivered by one of Australia’s largest Telstra offers superior value for money • Polycom® HDX 7000™, 6000™ & and most qualified field and technical through its range of award-winning 4000™ Series workforce with a culture of continuous world-class products and services that vc systems for smaller groups of improvement. are underpinned by the next generation people. Telstra Next IP™ network and Next G™ Telstra is a financially strong and network – fully owned and managed reliable partner for large enterprise and enablers based on the stringent quality standards government organisations who cannot telstra next iP™ network of Australia’s largest network manager. afford downtime and use ICT solutions to telstra next g™ network Telstra’s solutions are developed improve productivity and drive growth in and tested in close co-operation with a sustainable way. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT YOUR TELSTRA ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE VISIT TELSTRA.COM/ENTERPRISE OR CALL 1300 835 787 this case study sets out the experiences of this customer. your experience may differ. **Potential annual savings were based upon a three month telstra trial, involving 305 individuals who avoided around 1400 hours of business travel. actual results for an organisation will vary and will depend on a variety of factors and model assumptions. ™ trade mark of telstra corporation limited. ® registered trade mark of telstra corporation limited abn 33 051 775 556.