Experiential tourism - best practices 2011


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Experiential tourism - best practices 2011

  1. 1. 10 BEST PRACTICES IN EXPERIENTIAL TOURISM 2011www.destinosexperienciales.com
  2. 2. FOR MORE INFORMATION, LINK PICTURESwww.destinosexperienc
  3. 3. EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL COMMUNITIES TOURISM IRELANDFirst Social Game On FacebookA new platform for Tourism Ireland to engage potentialholidaymakers around the world with the kind of experience that aholiday in Ireland offers them. It is a unique promotional tool and afirst, as no other national tourist board had done this before
  4. 4. EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL COMMUNITIES NOMADERS“Local Heros“ ProjectA new way to travel beyond conventional tourism, facilitating the meeting of people with people, local travelers whowant to share a slice of their reality.
  5. 5. EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL COMMUNITIES gtrot.comPersonalized city discovery service based on friends socialpostsAggregates travel recommendations from friends’ social network updates into an interactive grid.Featuring friends’ photos and other visuals, the grid saves time by presenting all options on onescreen that can be used to quickly build an entire trip itinerary.
  6. 6. EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY WHAIWHAIGood example of creative revolution tourismappIdentifying the desire in travelers to explore and find things out and combined this withdeeply contextual real life historical and contemporary content.
  7. 7. EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau (HVCB)Perfect Hawaiian Islands moments in Chicago - Augmented-RealityEmotionally transport to Hawaii’s stunning beaches and more deeply connect with what makes Hawaii a uniquetravel destination.
  8. 8. EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY Tuscany+Augmented Reality tourism applicationBased on innovative technology that, when pointed at any real space through the phone’s camera, overlays a range ofinformation, be it multimedia, virtual elements, geolocalized data, or information from websites.
  9. 9. EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL SERVICES The Plaza, in New York CityAn iPad for guests of The Plaza hotel in New York CityAllows the 5-star hotel’s pampered guests to order room service, request wake-up calls, or browse NYC travelguides, among other things. Guests can even adjust their room’s lights and temperature controls directly from theiPad.
  10. 10. EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL PR MARKETING VISIT BRITAIN3D at Ion Orchard And MandarinGallery in SingaporeAstonishing 3D art installations of Britain’s mosticonic landmarkswere popping up all over the world and one hasjust appeared at IonOrchard and Mandarin Gallery in Singapore
  11. 11. EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL GASTRONOMY INNOVATION “TastingSpain" & Basque Culinary CenterSpain leads in promotion of gastronomic tourism Innovation“TastingSpain", transforming gastronomic products into high value tourismexperiences, unique and specialized.Basque Culinary Centercentre of global reference in gastronomy
  12. 12. EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL ENTERTAINMENT Avatar theme parkThe Cameron-Disney deal is indicative of the vast earning potential of hit franchisefilms, which can be spun off into games, toys and theme park attractions.Create a replica of Pandora, the fictional planet featured in the film, allowing park visitors to walk through rainforestsand “experience the oceans”.