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Presentation for VS QA advisers in Inverness

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  • Hi Patricia, thanks for your message and apologies for the late reply. I’ve been away for most of the week and just catching up with the emails. As an ex-hotelier myself very happy to help out with your social media.

    I’m travelling all over Scotland giving social media presentations, workshops and one 2 ones so happy to travel down to Argyll. Have a look at my web site for dates and venues of workshops and presentations. Email me on to discuss steps forward.

    Thanks for your message and feedback, much appreciated!

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  • Good morning Rene, I am very interested in what you are suggesting. I run a small lovely hotel in Argyll but am failing to get the message to people due to my own lack of expertise with the net. Can you help me? I could probably get some other business interested if you could come for a meeting with us. Please look at my hotel on I have owned and refurbished it since 2003 and love my place, but not many people know about us. Thanks for your time. Patricia Watt
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  • Level playing field
  • Social Media awareness

    1. 1. How to make the best use of social media Tuesday 25 January Cowan House, Inverness
    2. 2. Fantastic tool? The Social Media Bandwagon Excellent business tool or waste of time?
    3. 3. Rene Looper Background in Retail (Dutch M&S) ‏ Cluny Bank Hotel 1999-2006 4 star Hotel in Forres TuMinds Ltd. 2006 E-Tourism and Web 2.0 services 4TM Social media 2007 Training, Consulting and Speaking on connecting with your online customers Creevale B&B 2008 Virtual B&B, Inverness
    4. 6. The Social Media Bandwagon Fantastic tool? The Social Media Bandwagon What is Social Media? Social Media, the beginners guide
    5. 7. Social Media or Web 2.0 is people having conversations online
    6. 9. People are already discussing your brand Do you know what they are saying?
    7. 11. 14% vs 78%
    8. 12. Growing your business using Social Media The use of social media, as well as being a less expensive form of marketing, provides an easy way for customers to interact with the company and each other. “ We want to hear what our customers have to say,” he says. “ It’s useful to us and lets our customers feel connected to and engaged with Proper Cloth.”
    9. 17. Growing your business using Social Media Why tweet? Sharing news Branding Networking Feedback SEO..... People do business with people, not companies
    10. 18. Some stats......
    11. 28. Social Media is NOT a Marketing channel The old communication model to customers Monologue Shouting
    12. 29. Social Media is NOT a Marketing channel The average person is exposed to over 3000 marketing messages a day Monologue Shouting
    13. 30. Social Media is a Communication channel The new communication model to customers Dialogue No shouting
    14. 31. Thank you.... Rene Looper