Publish And Flourish

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Advice for students wanting to get into the (academic) publishing game

Advice for students wanting to get into the (academic) publishing game

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  • 1. Publish and Flourish
  • 2. Frequently Asked Questions
    • How do I get started?
    • What should I publish?
    • Where should I publish?
    • With who(m)?
    • What can I learn from winners?
    • What can I learn from losers?
  • 3. How do I get started?
    • Method 1: One planned step at a time
    • Method 2: Wait for the right idea
    • Method 3: Build networks that will help
    • Method 4: Multi-task
    • Method 5: ‘Knitting’
    • Method 6: Apprenticeship
  • 4. It’s winning by losing all the way
    • So go out there and start losing your way to success …
  • 5. What should I publish?
    • Think portfolio and product
    • You will probably be judged long-term by a few exceptional bits of work (products)
    • In the short-term, you may have to show you can ‘publish to order’ and meet production quantity as well as quality standards
  • 6. With whom?
    • Your supervisor?
    • Your local research network
    • In a ‘community of learning’
    • With a trusted colleague/friend?
  • 7. Where should I publish? Harder: Articles in Top Journals Sole author Good Critical Reviews Theoretical (Re) conceptualization Easier: E-publishing Notes and Comments Team publishing Working papers Empirical/Incremental contributions Conference chapters
  • 8. What can I learn from winners?
    • Principle of extended effort
    • Fun trumps duty
    • Collaborative generosity of spirit and tall poppies
    • Reciprocity and exchange
    • Finding your signature
  • 9. You may not like to hear this …
    • Gary Player was right: “ I'm crap at drawing. But I bet you that if I practiced, I'd get much better. It's that fear of failing (and not having a lot of time at the moment) which keeps me from doing more…”
    http://wannabeadman . more-i-practice- luckier-i-get.htm
  • 10. What can I learn from losers?
    • Talent will not guarantee success
    • The stress/effort trap
    • Denial
    • ‘ Who owns the problem?’
  • 11. Paying attention to context
    • Managing your supervisor
    • Understanding your scholarly network
    • Finding ‘intellectual bodyguards’
    • ‘ Search widely …chose wisely’
  • 12. Some Thoughts on Networks and Collaboration
    • Collaboration is a great way of learning
    • Know what you can bring to the party
    • Technology and networking are changing research and collaborative methods
    • Research requires individual courage, supported by social sensitivities