Creativity Past Present And Future


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Keynote presentation
May, 2008

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Creativity Past Present And Future

  1. 1. Creativity: Past Present and Future International Conference: Integrating Enquiry and Action, Buffalo, NY, (May 28th - 30th, 2008) Tudor Rickards The University of Manchester
  2. 2. Creative Treats Ahead
  3. 3. Our Journey Together Recollections Today’s perspectives Future possibilities
  4. 4. The Female Essence of Creativity can be found in the Earliest Creation Myths
  5. 5. Later, Creativity became the Preserve of (Male) Genius …
  6. 6. … Associated with <ul><li>Madness </li></ul><ul><li>Mystery </li></ul><ul><li>Muses </li></ul><ul><li>Magic </li></ul>
  7. 7. Creativity, the Individual and Cosmology Early mythologies assumed creativity was a gift to ‘ chosen ones’, individuals who were destined to use the gift to celebrate the ultimate creator of the Universe
  8. 8. Historically, Creativity operated within a Patronage System
  9. 9. Science, Modernism, and Rationality rejected Earlier Beliefs
  10. 10. But ‘Gifted’ Individuals are still Highly Respected today .. … in many walks of life
  11. 11. Although sometimes, Genius is not Recognized … Edison was among many great scientific pioneers rated stupid at school. Would he have been dismissed today as having too low an IQ to amount to anything in life?
  12. 12. In the 20 th Century, attempts were made to ‘tame’ Creativity.. Guilford Wallas Sid and Bea Parnes Koestler Eysenck
  13. 13. Structures to Assist Creativity were Developed Paul Torrance Alex Osborn Tony Buzan Edward De Bono Genrich Altshuller
  14. 14. Studies of Creativity in Teams and Organizations were carried out
  15. 15. Creative Leaders were identified
  16. 16. Creative Industries Emerged Today, creative industries, through their organizations are the fastest-growing economic sectors around the world. They include Architecture; Arts & antiques; Design; Performing arts; Electronic games; and Multi- Media
  17. 17. Creativity is found in many and diverse Walks of Life
  18. 18. ‘… But does it Work in Theory?’
  19. 19. So Many Theories … Insight theories Self-actualization Transcendence Cognitive reframing Darwinism Information processing Problem-solving Experiential learning Intrinsic motivation
  20. 20. Today’s Knowledge Guides come from around the World Michael Kirton [Innovation styles] Teresa Amabile [Intrinsic motivation; contextual modelling] Ikujiro Nonaka [Knowledge creation]
  21. 21. Modernity itself has changed …
  22. 22. How Modernity forced yet more Creativity “ Painting is washed up. Who will ever do anything better than that propeller?” Marcel du Champs [at an early exhibition of aviation Technology]
  23. 23. A Triumph of Serendipity “ I was modelling heat storage (wind power) … Intuition: One more stored quantity Insight: But heat leaks! Serendipity: Ignore boundary conditions …mix the deterministic and stochastic in a single equation ” Dr Syd Howell, University of Manchester (2008)
  24. 24. A Triumph of Creative Hope … “ So hope for a great sea-change On the far side of revenge. Believe that further shore Is reachable from here .” Seamas Heaney
  25. 25. Beyond the frontiers …
  26. 26. Creative Imperatives Creativity will be even More vital as we address 21 st century imperatives of human and environmental Well-being
  27. 27. Creativity in the Future Buffalo, May 2008 The EEC Year of Creativity And Innovation 2009 The Global Creativity Network, 20…??