Gillette mach3 cartridges, 12 count


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Gillette mach3 cartridges, 12 count

  1. 1. Gillette Mach3 Cartridges, 12-Count Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 4.0 out of 5 Product Feature q Specially positioned blades progress gradually closer to your beard, resulting in fewer strokes q Each blade has a patented DLC Comfort Edge to help minimize irritation q Advanced indicator lubricating strip features a gradually fading blue stripe to alert you that its time to change blades q Read moreProduct DescriptionFeatures three blades for a close, comfortable shave Read moreProduct DescriptionMake sure you’re always stocked up on Gillette Mach3 refill cartridges. The Mach3 combines Gillettes 3 BladeShaving Technology with antifriction blades that gently glide over your face. Its pivoting razor head with 10Microfins follow every contour on your face for comfort and closeness. A lubricating strip on the razor headgradually fades to white, to indicate when you are no longer getting an optimal shave.Additional Product Features
  2. 2. Cartridge Comparison Chart
  3. 3. Reengineered Low Cutting Force Blades X XThinner, finer edges* and Gillettes most advancedlow-resistance coating enabling, the blades to cut effortlesslythrough hair with less tug and pull**.Advanced 5-Blade Technology X5-Blade Shaving Technology with blades spaced closertogether to help reduce pressure—for a close, comfortableshave.Advanced 3-Blade Technology X3 blades for glide and comfort.Innovative Microcomb XHelps guide stubble to the blades.Streamlined Comfort Guard X XChannels excess shave prep to help maintain optimal bladecontact.Flexible Comfort Guard XFeatures 15 Microfins follow the contours of your face for acomfortably close shave.Comfort Guard XFeatures 10 Microfins for a closer shave.Enlarged Lubrastrip® X XLarger than before, infused with mineral oil and lubricatingpolymers, enabling the razor to move smoothly over skin.Indicator Lubrication Strip X XFades to white when you are no longer getting an optimalshave.Improved Precision Trimmer X XAn enhanced blade with anti-clogging rinse slots.Precision Trimmer XFor those tricky spots like sideburns, under the nose, andaround facial hair.Blade Stabilizer X Xto maintain optimal blade spacing for comfort, while allowingthe blades to adjust to the contours of a mans face.*First four blades vs. Fusion.**vs. Fusion® Manual.Accessories
  4. 4. Product FAQsHow long will the Gillette Mach3 cartridge last?How long a razor cartridge lasts varies from person to person, as it is dependent on many variables such asbeard toughness and thickness, beard preparation, shaving habits, and skin sensitivity. The Gillette Mach3Cartridges have an Indicator® lubricating strip that will provide you with a visual cue — it fades to white —when shave conditions have been reduced. When this happens, you may want to consider changing the bladeon your razor.Will the Gillette Mach3 cartridge fit any other razors on the market?The Gillette Mach3 cartridge features a razor blade that fits on any Gillette Mach3 Power, Mach3 Turbo, orMach3 handle. All Mach cartridges fit any Mach handle.Shaving FAQsIs it better to use hot, cold, or warm water to shave?Warm water is best for hydrating beard hair. Soaking in warm water softens hair and causes it to expand,making it 70% easier to cut.What is the best way to avoid razor burn?If the skin is not properly prepared before shaving or if the blade on your razor is dull, you are more likely toend up with razor burn. Make sure to hydrate hair in warm water for up to three minutes and apply plenty ofshave gel. Also, consider changing the blade on your razor at the first sign of dullness or discomfort.Is it okay to let my girlfriend or wife borrow my men’s razor?For both hygiene and performance, its not a good idea to share your razor with your partner. Women have amuch larger area to shave and you may find that after only a few shaves, your blade has dulled considerably;increasing the likelihood of nicks and cuts. Tell her to try a razor specifically designed for the way a womanshaves, such as Gillette Venus® Embrace®.Does shaving make your hair grow back thicker?Scientists at Gillette have conducted extensive testing on the effects shaving has on both male and female hairgrowth, texture, and color. This testing has proven that shaving does not affect hair growth, color, or texture.Shaving does, however, alter the tip shape of the regrown hair, which may initially change the way hair feels asit grows back. But if hair is left to regrow completely, it will return to its former state.In what direction should I shave to achieve Gillette’s best shave?
  5. 5. Men’s facial hair tends to grow in different directions. Start by shaving with light, gentle strokes with the grain.Then, if necessary, go against the grain for a close shave.What is the difference between disposable and refillable razors?The entire razor is discarded when you are through with a disposable razor. With a refillable razor, only theblade cartridge is replaced. Refillable razors like Gillette Fusion ProGlide and Gillette Fusion incorporate moreadvanced blade technology and ergonomics vs. most disposables for great control and a close comfortableshave.What are the differences between single, double, triple and 5-blade razors? Which is best?Gillettes research has demonstrated that single blade technology, which has been applied since 1901, isdemonstrably inferior to twin blade shaving systems such as Sensor Excel®, and even more so to 5-bladesystems such as Gillette Fusion ProGlide. But the number of blades alone does not ensure a superior shave. The5-blade shaving surface of Fusion ProGlide Manual and Fusion ProGlide Power features progressive bladealignment, an advanced blade coating process and a flexible comfort guard, which collectively provide Gillettesmost comfortable shave.How do I avoid nicks and cuts, particularly above my upper lip?The area above the upper lip is tricky for many men. To help avoid nicks and cuts, always leave it for last. Applyplenty of shave gel and allow this area to soak up as much lather as possible. When shaving, dont apply toomuch pressure.Read moreYou May Also LikeGillette Mach3 Classic Razor - 1 Razor, 2 CartridgesBarbasol Original Thick and Rich Cream Men Shaving Cream, 10 OunceGlad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Garbage Bags, 13 Gallon, 45 CountCascade Complete All-in-1 ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent, Fresh Scent, 30.5 Oz, 48-CountGillette Venus Divine Womens Razor Refill Cartridges 8 Count