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Little european citizens our countries

Little european citizens our countries






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    Little european citizens our countries Little european citizens our countries Presentation Transcript

    • Little European citizens: OUR COUNTRIES 7 wonders of nature in ROMANIA
    • Unique species in the world"Perfectly explainable natural phenomena", geologists say about most of Romanias natural wonders. Per haps itis. But Retezat has 90 species of plants not foundanywhere in the world and is best preserved Delta inEurope, while Western is the larg est karst phenomenon inEurope. And all are found in a single country. Yosemite National Park missed the entry into the naturalwonders of the world, but is a dream destination. ...
    • National park Retezat Overview
    • National park RetezatChamois - monuments
    • National park RetezatZanoaga Lake, the deepest glacial lake in Romania
    • Sphinx and Old Women - Natural Sculptures Located at 2216 m onthe plateau of Bucegi, attractive human form whichnature has carved over time. But nature did not confinehimself only that, if breathed on it and a bit ofpersonality. Well positioned, with a look rough, it gives theimpression that oversees those lands.
    • Sphinx from Bucegi
    • Old Women from BucegiStrange and interesting Old Women attract tourists becauseof the ir unique shape. On this plateau, nature has designed almost all of the surrounding rocks, but still has work to givethem the final. Hags have the appearance of giantmushrooms, but maybe in about 300 years ourdescendants will be able to distinguish the silhouettes of ladies.Over time, around the Sphinx and the Old Women were weaving legends and have turned tens ofmythological theories, funny or just funny. Some say that it would be natural, but modeledwith grace and interest of man, others thatthe "stones" of positive energy emanating mountain top unprecedented who defended the country from enemies, and most
    • Old Women from Bucegi
    • Danube Delta country: desert near water An exotic, with over 1200 speciesof trees and plants, with the richest ornithologicalfauna and of fish, the Danube Delta is thelargest wetlands reserve in Europe, covering over2,500 km2. In 1991, UNESCO includedthe Danube Delta, the newest form of relief inRomania, protected by "the progressof industrialization", including biosphere reserves. Delta area increased annually by 40 feet by thedeposit of 60 million tons of sediment to the river.
    • Danube Delta
    • Danube Delta
    • Wear mouth Galapagos of RomaniaDocumented since 1710, Wear mouth is probablythe last unspoiled beach on the Romanian coast. To get there, you have to go by ferry an hour, but notlike any other beach, especially since they left is to befound in the fresh water of the Danube Delta. In June, the turtles lay their eggs on this beach you cansee whole flocks who arewalking freely, undisturbed by tourists attention.All who have visited Wear mouth a narrow strip ofsand, left there thinking that they will return in one, of themost beautiful places in the Danube Delta.
    • Wear mouth
    • Wear mouth
    • Mud Volcanoes: Lava BlackType geological nature reserve lying on 30hectares, mud volcanoes are located in the Curvature Sub -Carpathians.(Buzau) formations have occurred because of out breaks ofgas to the surface of the earth which causes mud andwater.The area is known asthemist, but similar processes occurwithin them as in real volcanoes. Cones do not exceed 6 -5 meters high, and so-called lava is thrown over a smallarea.
    • Mud Volcanoes
    • Fortress Ponor Water for 10,000 yearsThe Apuseni Mountains are the most impressive karstphenomenon in South - East. Amountain of stone of 76meters is based on a pure water ice which has foundrefugehere 10,000 years ago.Romanian Everest called speleology, cave cities Ponor main gallery is 2 km long, active, in which perhapsthe countrys largest under ground river flowing formingwaterfalls, rapids and whirlpools.
    • Fortress Ponor
    • Fortress Ponor
    • Sibiu SurroundingsForbes magazine considers the most romantic area ofecotourism in the world. At 400 meters above sealevel, air breathing perfectly, and capitals of hay everywhere. In this place of dreams, traditions are placed in highesteem by the people. The area consists of 18 villages, with the centerSalistea all with an ethnological heritage, uniquearchitectural and historical. The old estsettlement is Rasinari in 1204, followed by Talmaciu -1318, Orlat - and Salistea 1322 - 1354. The aspects of material culture and spiritual SibiuSurroundings between ancient hearths of Romanian ethnogenesis.Traditional Wedding in Sibiu Surroundings landscapes,people and hospitality tourism Sibiu age Sibiu
    • Sibiu Surroundings
    • Sibiu Surroundings Maria ŢUCA