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  1. 1. Cameron Tubb
  2. 2.  In this essay I’m going to evaluate how I performed in media and how I came to my finalmagazine. To follow conventions is to follow a certain genre of magazines looks and what specific thingsthey use which separates them from other magazines. So what I wanted to do was to try andfollow these conventions so my magazine had the best chance of working and lookingprofessional. This is so I can challenge other magazines out there, which is the same genre asmine (Dubstep) but to try and change it so it looks different but so it surprises the audiencemaking it intriguing and interesting. The sort of things I took into account from a music magazines conventions was the bigheadline which can be seen on any magazine. This is to introduce something and to catch youeye straight away. Also a main image is used on most magazines to draw you in and to showyou what the main story is.
  3. 3. I got my idea to listcontent down the sidefrom this DubstepmagazineAs you can see in all of thesemagazine I got the idea to have abig bold name and font to back itup but also to place my image atiny but infront of the name. WhenI first did my title it didn’t lookprofessional enough so I went backto my research and redesigned myname font and also the wholemagazine as I didn’t feel it wasrepresenting my genre in a goodlight or professional light.Big strong font formagazine name.From majority ofthese magazine Ialso got the idea tohave a bold plugin the middle ofthe page to gainmy audiencesattention.
  4. 4. For my double page spread I had loads of inspirationfrom a variety of magazines such as Q,NME andKerrang etc. They all had massive impacts on what mydouble page spread looks like. I took many thingsfrom the magazines such as the idea to have half thepage and image I saw this on majority of the magazineI saw so I followed these conventions as placed apicture on the right hand side of the page. I also tookwriting my content in strips going down the pageseparated with paragraphs. This makes it lookprofessional and easy to read as you eyes follow itdown the page. Finally I added a title to the page togets people attention so they can get a briefdescription of what I will be talking about. I got thisidea from a NME magazine.
  5. 5. For the contents page I gotinspiration for the layout of mypictures from this magazine asthere is one main image and acouple below I only used 1picture below my main imageas I needed more room forcontents. I also placed andimage in the corner of mymagazine below the contentstitle as it brought colour to thisarea and made it look muchmore professional.I got the idea for having my contents down theleft hand side from Q as it look very clear andprofessional and I thought it would fit with theconventions of my genre of magazine. I then gotwhere to position my Contents title from Q andNME and many other magazines as they allseem to have them in the top left corner.
  6. 6.  The sort of magazines I usually buy are very much like the one I created , colourful vibrant andsomething which is a bit different. The typical age group to go for the magazine I have createdis usually teenage years heading into early twenty’s with the odd older generation getting ataste. The genre of music I have chosen is mainly Dubstep and a slight introduction of Dance/electrothis was because it’s the fastest growing genre of music with artists such as Skrillex, Nero andModestep getting more airtime than ever before on mainstream radio. The magazine is aimedat both male and female and any race as this is a genre of music which brings people togetherin clubs and differentiates them from everyone else, as Dubstep is not a mainstream genreunlike R&B/HipHop. I feel its for both sexes as the genre of music is very appealing to both unlike 1D for examplewhich is aimed at female audiences as they are an all male group but Dubstep is for both sexes.The information and written work in my magazine is easy for all ages to read and understandas it explains in full detail, this is so people who might be getting into the new genre willunderstand.
  7. 7.  The age range I’m looking at is 14 to 25 as most people have been brought up in their own eraof music listening to their own style of music and unlikely to change, but I chosen 25 as thesepeople are still young and open to new sounds as the 90’s was the beginning of hard-coreelectronic music. I also believe that the colours I have used are very appealing to the age group I have chosen asthey are bold and very eye catching, the colours also stay in your mind for exampleMcdonald’s you can remember as being yellow and red. I felt using the coloursorange,black,white and green where great colours as they fit perfectly with the genre ofmagazine I have chosen, as they are vibrant and contrast each other making them stand out,this could also link in to what genre of magazine I have chosen as Dubstep stands out fromother genres. The photos I have chosen are very much of what Dubstep artists look like performing, as mostof them are standing behind a mixing desk playing the music they have created. This doesn’tleave much time to move around stage. This is the reason I chose the pictures I did.
  8. 8.  I believe the stories which I chose were excellent as it gave insight on the artist and what he islike as an individual. But also because I need a good stories to make people to buy mymagazine this means the stories need to be interesting and have a sense of purpose, forexample gaining knowledge of what the artist is like. I made it very clear on my magazine so itwas readable for everyone as the story is on the right hand side in clear rows. There is plenty ofinformation about the artist and it fills up all of the space. I filled it with a lot informationbecause people nowadays like knowing all the of the information. Overall I think I haverepresented my social group in a very positive way and can be clearly distinguished.
  9. 9.  There are many different institutions which could publish my magazine but some are morelikely than others due the genre of magazine they normally aim for. An example of someinstitutions could just sell music magazines and some lifestyle magazines. The 2 places whichwould be likely to publish my magazine WUB would be Bauer media and ICP. Bauer media is a massive media company which has under its belt some of the greatestmagazines out for example Grazia,Closer,FHM,Kerrang and 4Music. They are Europes largestprivately owned publishing group and have over 300 magazines in 15 countries as well asonline, TV and radio stations. There are multi-platforms media based groups with magazines and radios. Their objective is toconnect audiences with excellent content through both multi touch brand platforms, wheneverand however they want. They also span over 80 influential brands. This would be a perfect company to publish my magazine as they are very interested to createconnections with many different types of audience s and a Dubstep magazine would do justthat expanding their music genre magazines introducing new opportunities. My second media publisher is ICP media they have more than 60 iconic media brands theyalso create content for multiplatform across print,online,mobile,tablet and events. They are theUKs leading consumer magazine publisher they engage with 26million UK adults almost twothirds of UK women and 43% of UK men. They reach over 25million users each month. Thesorts of magazines they publish are mainly lifestyles but they do publish the NME magazinewhich is possibly the UK’s biggest music magazine they also do world soccer and What DigitalCamera.
  10. 10.  This would also be a great publisher as they have many connections all over the UK and arevery proud of what they have achieved I think my magazine would be a great investment forthem as its one of the fastest growing genres of music and if they take this into considerationthey could jump on that fact and make some money. Overall I think that Bauer media would be the best publisher for magazine as they know moreon how to advertise to the music market when it comes to music magazines. They would alsobe able to advertise to a niche market and advertise all over many countries as they are spreadover 15 different countries.
  11. 11.  When doing my research I used many different types of magazines for inspiration. Thesewhere NME,Kerrang and Q.These are the sort of magazines which are aimed at a massaudience as they aim towards the mainstream genres of music. Looking at these magazines Icould easily tell which genre of music it was portraying and aimed towards. I could tell this byjust looking at the colours and the way they are laid out and what pictures have been used. From my research I wanted to make sure that when looking at my magazine you could tellwhat genre it was aimed at. This is by looking at the layout of the pictures colours andstructure. Looking at the colours and decisions I chose I think I managed to do this as the nameof my magazine also makes it very clear to see what genre of music it is aimed at. Overall looking at what I have done and the genre of music I chose it is definitely aimed at aniche market although Dubstep is growing rapidly its still not as big as other genres such asHipHop .
  12. 12.  Looking at the other magazines I was able to get an understanding of what was needed toattract and address my audience in the best way possible. Things such as the magazine name attracts the customer as it gives them an indication of whatthe magazine I like and what genre it is aimed at. My magazine is called WUB straight away Ican tell this is a Dubstep magazine as this is the sound (stereotyped sound) which is used inthat genre of music and heard in most Dubstep songs. The colour I chose was white this was soit stood out from the green background this gets the customers attention straight away. Makin the main image cover the whole front page also attracts your audience as you can tellwhat the artist looks like straight away without have to pick up the magazine. Also adding aphoto story or a headline gives the image some information to intrigue the buyer so they willbuy it and read on. The main image I chose was a male dressed in ordinary clothes this was sopeople could relate to him and he wasnt seen as some extravagant artist.
  13. 13.  I think that I have addressed the audience extremely well as on my double page spread I haveshown them some answers from an interview as well as some background information on theartist. This was so they could get to know the artist and see what he is like. I think all theprocesses I have done have influenced how well I have addressed the audience from thephotos I have chosen and what articles I have decided to put in the magazine. This is because Ifeel the contents I have chose is highly interesting and gives them information aboutgigs,reviews,headlines and the latest gossip.I also think the way I have placed all my contenton one side of the double page spread allows it to look clear and proffesional.
  14. 14.  Extremely easy to read. It also catches your eyes as it draws you into the information. Overall Ithink I have addressed and attracted the audience to the best of my ability by using the correctcolours and images to attract people to the genre of music I have chosen.
  15. 15. I think from this project I have learnt a lot about many different softwares ,this will help me infuture projects.first thing I have managed to get to grips with more was macromedia fireworks, things I havemanaged to become better at are things such as using different tools like the magic wand tool whichcan get rid of areas of a picture without having to do it all by hand. For example in my work I had todelete some parts of my photos so they couldn’t be seen. At first I struggled with this but after awhile practicing I was able to delete the background without deleting the parts I wanted.Things such as lighting I also took into account. I researched many different magazines fromNME, Grazia and Vogue to pick up different techniques to use in my magazine. I managed to getmy main idea of NME with my main image of someone doing a pose staring into the camera. I tookthis at a slightly lower angle to make it look like you are looking up at them to give him a sense ofdominance. The lighting I used was there to light him up to make it look like he had a spot light wason him.Websites I used in my projects were slide share and blogger. These were used to get my work ontothe internet so all my work could be stored in one place. Slideshare allowed me to transfer mypower points on to the internet. At first on blogger it was difficult to get to grips with the layout as Iam so used to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. But after a while I got to gripswith it and I was able to navigate and upload information with ease.
  16. 16. Looking back on my preliminary task I feel that I have improved dramatically and learnt manythings through the process. Things I didn’t learn much about was technology this is because I havealready used the programs before, I just managed to become more skilled than I was before.There are many things I have learnt in making my actual magazine, I have learnt that everythingneeds to be planned to enable you to get the best possible magazine. To do this I made many powerpoints filled with different types of fonts , colours, layouts and images. I got a variety of each type soI was able to pick the best one possible for my genre of magazine. To get the best layout I madedifferent layouts I then looked at some magazines in my genre to see which one matched the most Ithen chose which layout was the best.I also did this with fonts, I had a variety of different fonts I then looked at other magazines andpicked which ones looked the most suitable for my magazine. I chose my house style at the startusing the colours which showed up most on Dubstep magazines. I found that I have learnt a lotfrom all these as I feel I am now able to take these tips into future projects.Ive also learnt a lot about how to aim and attract my target market by using these correct methodsby choosing the right colours,images,layout,fonts and story lines to attract the audience into readingmy magazine.Overall I think I have personally gained a lot of knowledge from making the magazine and havealso created a fairly good magazine as I have managed to create a magazine which follows all genreconventions and has the correct colours, fonts and images.