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Brand Proposal

  1. 1. Brand Proposal<br />Group 8<br />
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  3. 3. Brand Background<br />The Philadelphia Zoo opened on July 1st,1874 and is America’s first zoo.<br />The Philadelphia Zoo, a private, nonprofit organization, is a significant regional educational asset. Like most landmarks in Philadelphia, the zoo has a reach historical background. The Solitude home is located on the Zoo and was home to John Penn the grandson of William Penn. <br />This zoo is home to more than 1,300 animals and receives as many as 1.1 million visitors a year. The Zoo prides itself on its mission to conserve endangered species around the world.<br />The zoo also works with many groups around the world to protect the natural habitats of the animals in their care. <br />The Zoo Positions itself as the original family attraction of Philadelphia, that is constantly offering new exhibits, events, and animals. <br />In 2003, FuseBox, a New York firm, created the Zoo’s first website.  The website was created to try to appeal to various targets, including both kids and adults.<br />
  4. 4. Current SituationMissed Opportunities <br />Current Situation<br />The Philadelphia Zoo is the number one leading tourist attraction in Philadelphia, however the website lacks in illustrating the Zoo’s uniqueness and overall appeal.<br />The zoo offers various hands on activities, entertaining and exciting shows and exhibits for kids, yet its website is more informational than fun <br />Current Situation Online<br />The website is not very appealing to kids<br />The Kids zone includes little interaction, and is more reading based.<br />Only includes puzzle pieces and coloring pages to print out<br />Animal pages are heavy on information and is crowed.<br />Overall, the site is not kid friendly. With the heavy paragraphs and crowded pages, the site makes it hard for kids to navigate.<br />Site is difficult to navigate<br />Various navigation bars-includes 4 navigation bars , overcrowding the page <br />Missed Opportunities<br />Can include a virtual tour<br />Offline and online presence is scarce—limited advertising<br />The Philadelphia zoo could have used its 125th anniversary to create a type of interaction that incorporated the residents of Philadelphia.<br />For example, people could have blogged about their favorite memory at the zoo and added personal pictures etc.<br />Could also have created a type of interaction, such as a virtual showing for viewers, featuring the birth of the new baby giraffe, as well as other animals, including new additions to the zoo.<br />Although there are a few number of videos, 6 in total, 3 of the videos do not operate correctly <br />Can have the zoo contest directly streaming on the website. Although the website was established as a fun website for kids to visit, it is very informational and not so interactive. They can create various types of zoo games for kids to play, and more interactive features with less information.<br />
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  6. 6. Brand Challenges <br />Faces competition with other attractions and educational museums/institutions in Philadelphia<br />Number of individuals visit the website infrequently and if they do so attentions are for scheduling, hours, and pricing.<br />Individuals may only visit the zoo once and may feel it is unnecessary to visit it frequently.<br />With limited advertising individuals are unaware of changes, new exhibits, and new additions to the zoo <br />Limited demographics: For a younger, family oriented crowd and younger students <br />Seasonal Operation: Although the zoo is open everyday of the year, except for various holidays, during the off-season (November 1-February 28) there is a significant decrease in the number of individuals visiting the zoo<br />
  7. 7. Competitive Analysis <br />Please Touch Museum<br />Overall website uses clear and clean design, using specific headings and subheadings<br />Clear, easy to use navigation bar<br />Features links to Twitter, Facebook, and Share<br />Allows users to purchase tickets and gift cards online<br />Permits users to purchase membership cards online, however does not allow users to join or subscribe to email<br />The please touch museum has a blog that posts fun crafts and things to do with kids.<br />Is simplistic and extremely easy to navigate, making it kid-friendly.<br />Lacks in visual appeal—minimum eye-catching images and videos<br />Adventure Aquarium<br />Easy to navigate, and includes proper headings and subheadings in the navigation and secondary bars<br />Allows users to purchase tickets and annual passes online<br />Visually appealing<br />Includes an online store, where users can purchase merchandise<br />Allows users to register for adventures online<br />Features links to Twitter and Facebook<br />The Camden Aquarium is not information compared to the Philadelphia zoo website, but the website contains various interactive features compared to the zoo’s website.<br />Virtual tour of aquarium<br />Facebook and Twitter links<br />360 degree virtual tours of animals<br />Includes 4D adventure previews for kids<br />Includes a media center, that allows visitors to download various multimedia about Adventure Aquarium <br />
  8. 8. Offline/Online Presence <br />Offline<br />Beast Feast<br />Several times a day, families can see our animals receive special harvest treats. Produce given to the animals for Beast Feast is provided by local farms as part of the Zoo's "Buy Local" conservation campaign. The Zoo encourages families to buy their fruits and vegetables locally too. <br />Kids aren't the only ones getting treats at the Zoo during October! Several times a day, families can see our animals receive special harvest treats. Produce given to the animals for Beast Feast is provided by local farms as part of the Zoo's "Buy Local" conservation campaign. The Zoo encourages families to buy their fruits and vegetables locally too. <br />Philadelphia Zoo Dances Into New Era of Fundraising, Launching Region's Newest Gala Event to Celebrate 30th Anniversary of ZOOBILEE and Rev Up Donor Expansion; Inaugural Event Kicks Off Long-Range Plan to Increase Net Revenue to $1 Million<br />Complete with dinner and dancing under the stars, personal interactions with the animals and candle-lit Swan Boat, as well as some noteworthy surprise guests, ANIMAL BALL, will provide a unique opportunity for an elite group of the region's movers and shakers to experience and show their support for one of the region's. <br />Online<br />Limited online advertising<br />Although users can view a limited number of videos about the zoo on Youtube, the videos are user generated<br />Users are able to read articles about the zoo’s events and happenings on various local news and travel sites, as well as user generated blogs <br />
  9. 9. Possible Fixes<br />Participate in social media and networking sites by including networking links<br />Condense navigation bars<br />Establish a consistent brand identity, by creating a site that showcases the zoo’s positioning as America’s first zoo<br />Create greater online and offline presence<br />Create offline and online advertising <br />Creation of blogs: Can include blogs for events, exhibits and activities that go on at the zoo<br />People can comment on the exhibits and shows they saw, favorite memories, etc. <br />The map of the world: can click on any country and from there pictures of the different animals from that country can appear. Viewers can then click on the specific animal to obtain more information.<br /><ul><li>The Zoo includes a zillion-piece animal adventure (animals created from Lego pieces). The website can include an interaction tool that enables kids to create virtual animals by using online Lego pieces. </li></ul>Make website more kid friendly and interactive. Use the innovative and interactive tactics to increase user traffic and user frequency. <br />Improve overall design, by creating a “fun” and interactive website to accurately reflect the brand <br />Can include interactive games for kids where they can participate in various zoo experiences <br />An interactive fame in which they participate as the zookeeper and feed different animals.<br />Can create a game where kids can pick an animal and then can interact with other kids playing during this time as other animals. <br />Can include an interactive game for kids pertaining to the air balloon<br /><ul><li>Can include videos of the different sections of the zoo, videos of the day in a life of a zookeeper and etc.</li></ul>Website can show a video of what it’s like to be in the Channel 6 hot air balloon. Can include views from the hot air balloon and pictures and videos of individuals who rode the balloon can also be accessed<br />Videos from video contests can be streamed on website.<br />
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  11. 11. Brand Background<br />Wawa Food Markets, a privately-held company, was founded in 1803 in New Jersey, and incorporated in 1865 as the Millville Manufacturing Company, a textile company with mills in several states and sales offices across the country.<br />The owner, George Wood, opened a small milk plant in Wawa, PA, in 1903. The milk plant specialized not only in processing but also in the delivery of "doctor certified" milk.<br />The first Wawa Food Market was opened on April 16, 1964 in Folsom, PA.<br />From the beginning, Wawa made a commitment to fresh food. Today Wawa is still owned and operated by the Wood Family, which employs more than 12,000 associates with almost 500 stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.<br />Wawa does nothing but deliver the best in the industry, which is why they stand behind all of their products. Wawa offers a large fresh food service selection, including Wawa brands. Each year, Wawa serves more than 300 million customers, sells over 100 million cups of their award-winning coffee, sells more than 24 built-to-order hoagies, and sell more than 92 million quarts of their own line of dairy products, juices, and teas. Wawa also receives 20 million cases of fresh produce in all stores each year.<br />In addition, a handful of the Wawa Food Markets also offer gasoline<br />
  12. 12. Current SituationMissed Opportunities<br />Current Situation<br />Wawa is currently the top convenient store in PA.<br />They are well known for their coffee & deli sandwiches, as well as their own dairy products.<br />Mostly teenagers to young adults are frequent customers of the convenient stores.<br />Wawa is a transient business.<br />Current Situation Online<br />Missing social network icons (FB, Twitter, etc) <br />Overall, site is easy to navigate, but too many pages of written information.<br />There is no specific contact information, only boxes to fill out and sent to an unknown address.<br />Food/beverage prices are not listed.<br />Locating a store is easy, but first step is entering an address, and then the Google map shows up.<br />Design works with their brand for the most part<br />Website allows users to join Wawa and subscribe to email listing<br />Missed Opportunities<br />Can offer locations that include seating.<br />Seems as though the number of locations are limited. Not enough Wawa's in general. People on their Facebook account could not stop saying how they wished they had one near them, mostly in states that Wawa does not exist.<br />Offer users the ability to order and purchase online<br />An active blog/forum/reviews to showcase products<br />Does not offer instant access to their networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter—enabling users to access the sites instantly would increase user traffic online <br />Needs to better illustrate the brands positioning and showcase the brands popularity on the website<br />
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  14. 14. Brand Challenges <br />Keeping the place clean with such high traffic, maintaining efficiency to keep up with demand, deterring loiterers. Each business has good products, but competitors have better complementary products.<br />It’s hard for a brand to be consistent across the board.<br />Faces competition with other national convenient stores <br />
  15. 15. Offline/Online Presence<br />Offline<br />2009-2010 Campaign: Wawa wanted to make people aware of the surcharge most gas stations charge when paying with a credit card, with little disclosure. Wawa guarantees no surcharge, whether cash or credit.<br />Online<br />Youtube Hoagie Fest advertisements(<br />Google Ad Words<br />On Wawa’s website, an ad for their new Sizzli breakfast sandwiches<br /> A contest for everyone to enter to win gift cards to Wawa (<br />
  16. 16. Competitive Analysis <br />7 Eleven<br />Website is clean in design and easy to navigate<br />Users have the ability to sign-up for deals and offers<br />Homepage includes a share and bookmark link, enable viewers to share via Facebook, Twitter, Google, Email, MSN, Myspace. Digg, Stumbleupon, and Favorites.<br />Allows users to vote on products using a like and dislike button<br />Includes Facebook, Twitter and 7-11 links for likes and dislikes<br />Offers users to purchase lottery, movies, and music cards online<br />Includes an interactive gaming section<br />A search bar offering users the ability to search within the website<br />Subcategories are organized well and include distinguishable subheadings<br />Website does not present prices<br />Dunkin Donuts <br />Overall website is easy to navigate and user-friendly<br />Website portrays brand continuity—correctly portrays the brand and what it stands for <br />Homepage is easy to read, simple, and clean design<br />Users are able to create personal account<br />Enabling them to purchase coffee and merchandise online<br />Includes an Online shop<br />Displays prices and quantities<br />Offers users the option and ability to search and purchase coffee and merchandise at local stores<br />Website offers Dunkin Donuts Card<br />Users are able to access an interactive nutrition board and menu<br />Registering, managing and recharging card, as well as coffee subscription and service<br />Includes card promos<br />Includes a virtual tour “From tree to Cup”, which enable users to watch a show that illustrates the countless steps involved in producing coffee.<br />Does not display Facebook or Twitter links <br />
  17. 17. Possible Fixes<br />Place icons of social networks on first page of site<br />Add specific contact information<br />Should use interactive and innovative tactics to promote site traffic and increase user frequency<br />Include customer reviews and like and dislike buttons to rate products<br />Create a contest: have users create their perfect sandwich and showcase the winner’s sandwich at Wawa location for an allocated time <br />Should illustrate brand positioning and showcase the uniqueness of the brand by promoting their MTO (Made to Order) specialty <br />Offer an MTO pickup app including digital payment.<br />People can place an order while they are on the road and pick up their MTO food and quickly be on their way. Unclaimed MTO’s can be marked as specials if not picked up within a certain time.<br />When a user logs on it can display the local map with an overlay of other people using the app. For example… someone orders a burrito via app and a burrito pops up in the spot they ordered from (not exact spot for privacy purposes). This way, people will be convinced that it’s worthwhile because other people are using it. (i.e.. Social approval) <br />people can “wave” to someone else on the map if they’re in the same area and even “share” the food they just bought. The site can have a recent activity feed.<br />Locating a store in one click, instead of typing out an address<br />Having the Google map be the first thing you see with all the areas marked.<br />
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Brand Background<br />Founded: New York Branch was established in 1955 and formally incorporated as Canon U.S.A., Inc. in 1965.<br />Canon U.S.A., Inc., headquartered in Lake Success, New York, is a leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions. Canon products include cameras and camcorders, printers, multifunction, scanners, office software, projectors, free space optics, and much more. <br />Canon U.S.A.’s parent company, Canon Inc, a top patent holder of technology, ranked fourth overall in the U.S. in 2009†, with global revenues of US $35 billion, is listed as number six in the computer industry on Fortune Magazine's World's Most Admired Companies 2010 list, and is on the 2009 BusinessWeek list of "100 Best Global Brands." Canon U.S.A. is committed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, providing 100 percent U.S.-based consumer service and support for all of the products it distributes. <br />
  20. 20. Current SituationMissed Opportunities<br />Current Situation Offline<br />Sales and Support Offices: More than 21 offices throughout the Americas<br />Leader in: Professional business and consumer imaging equipment and information systems.<br />Current Situation Online<br />Canon U.S.A. unveiled a newly designed website<br />Has a huge following on Twitter, blogs, and flickr group pages, generated by brand loyalty<br />Overall website is cluttered and lacks brand strategy and positioning<br />Website can be confusing to navigate through, after clicking through subheadings and various pages. Many links open to new pages, thus overcrowding the screen.<br />Most links open to additional sites that are cluttered and unorganized <br />The site highlights Canon's legacy as a leader in technological innovation, by providing access to information<br />Yet information is scattered and cluttered throughout the site, making it difficult for users to understand <br />Users are able to compare products by using the product comparison tool, however the comparison is hard to find.<br />Includes search tool, online purchasing, and product review. <br />Allows users to register online, enabling users to receive 15% off (only on accessories)<br />User gets lost in website—seems organized, yet each page has an overabundance of information, links, and sub-pages within one page <br />Missed Opportunities<br />Website can generate greater user traffic if it depicted the “cool” and “innovative” factor of the brand<br />Limited user interactivity—for being an innovative and interactive brand, the website does not illustrate the brand’s innovative excellence and imaging<br />Virtually showcase the products capabilities<br />Utilize consumer thoughts, by illustrating why they are loyal consumers through an interactive blog<br />Can have a greater online presence besides the website and Youtube<br />Website does not have links that enables users to instantly connect to social networking sites<br />Website can showcase the brands positioning within the market<br />
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Brand Challenges<br />Garnering brand loyalty in several categories, including cameras, camcorders, printers, scanners, office software, projectors, etc.<br />Maintaining a strong brand personality and tone of voice throughout various markets.<br />Suffers from a fragmented and inconsistent worldwide portfolio and brand strategy<br />In a challenging recessionary time, it is hard to maintain sales due to a large number of competitors and competitor’s prices. <br />
  23. 23. Competitive Analysis <br />Samsung<br />Website is simple, clean design, and easy to navigate.<br />Easy access throughout site—drop down menu enables users to search for all products<br />Navigation bar takes user directly to desired location within the site<br />Features links to Facebook and Twitter, and showcases the like and share this buttons for each product, as well as “I own this” and “Picture this” buttons.<br />Enables users to share their own photos and videos<br />Users can connect to their Twitter page instantly, from their website<br />Users can join an online conversation instantly<br />Enables users to download TV and Video applications (Twitter, Blockbuster, Netflix, etc) instantly and activate<br />Features eye-catching visuals, videos and pictures<br />Includes search bar<br />Offers reviews and a comparison tool<br />Provides links to various tools, including Potobucket, Webshots, Shutterfly, etc.<br />Maintains brand positioning and showcases the brands strategy <br />Kodak<br />Overall website is clean in design, user-friendly, well organized and easy to navigate.<br />Easy access throughout the site<br />Navigation bar has proper headings<br />Features Kodak Gallery, which includes photo sharing, uploaded photos, buying prints, and shopping for photo products.<br />Features Tips and Project Center, which enables user to learn, create, access picture of the day and forums.<br />Clearly states positioning “125 years of Innovation”<br />Includes links to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and a survey (tell us what you think)<br />Includes various Interactive Features <br />Get your picture out there<br />See your pictures in Times Squares—enables users to upload pictures, which then would be showcased on a screen in times square<br />Make a photo books, cards and calendars<br />Sharing back to school projects<br />Enables user to join the home exchange, which allows user to connect with other creative individuals <br />
  24. 24. Offline/Online Presence<br />Online<br />Canon U.S.A. Inc. is engaging shoppers throughout North America with a multifaceted mobile marketing program.<br />Limited online advertising<br />Users are able to view Canon commercials on Youtube<br />Offline <br />Canon will run contests and sweepstakes to support its tennis and football ad campaigns for its EOS Rebel and PowerShot cameras.<br />Canon will unveil the next generation of PowerShot digital cameras with marketing efforts featuring tennis star Maria Sharapova.<br />Canon is hosting photography workshops at U.S. National Parks this summer. <br />Embassy Suites Hotels has launched its “Snap Happy” family vacation photo contest, encouraging participants to capture family travel on film.<br />Canon U.S.A. Launches New Print Sample Program Showcasing Fine Art Capabilities of imagePROGRAF Large Format Printers And Lucia EX Inkset.<br />Canon U.S.A. Announces The 2010 Schedule For Canon Live Learning With Exciting New Educational Workshops.<br />
  25. 25. Possible Fixes<br /><ul><li>Establish or incorporate brand strategy for the site</li></ul>Create a “cool” and innovate site<br /><ul><li>Improve overall website, by reducing clutter and the number of navigation bars.
  26. 26. Decrease the number of links, which take users to a new window
  27. 27. Include instant forums and blogs, allowing users to compare product experience.
  28. 28. Create interactive tactics, which enable users to test products capabilities online—such as producing a tool which allows a user to interact with a camera online.</li></ul>Enable users to instantly stream their videos or pictures using a Canon product.<br /><ul><li>Enable users to create projects online using their products, such as photo albums, images, digital photo galleries, etc.
  29. 29. Feature links to blogs, Canon’s Twitter and Facebook pages. Create photo contests to generate user traffic.
  30. 30. Feature user images, allowing users to upload their personal photos which can be showcased at various sites on a specific date and time.
  31. 31. Include promotions and savings online
  32. 32. Display images and videos taken by Canon products, thus showcasing the products abilities
  33. 33. Create various contests (regional or global) that incorporates offline presence with online presence</li></ul>Example—create a contest which enables users to video-tape the “coolest” thing they saw or did and stream the video on the site. The winner of the contest would win various prizes, including a showing of the video in times square<br />
  34. 34. Wrap-Up<br />Overall, the three proposed websites need help in creating user-friendly websites, that utilize today’s leading technologies. By creating innovative and interactive websites, that properly express the brand’s strategies, identities, and attitudes, the proposed brands can increase user traffic, brand loyalty and awareness. <br />The Philadelphia Zoo website has great potential to be a fun, interactive website for kids. It has a great reputation and a very large audience. Overall, the zoo’s presence online should match its offline presence.<br />Wawa’s made-to-order business model sets it apart from competitors because it has an extensive menu aside from the grab-and-go food. It’s regionally based, but it has potential to expand. With an MTO app there are many possibilities. Everyone from the long distance commuter to the office gopher can benefit from ordering digitally. If the app proves to be a success, workers may be overwhelmed. With the Wawa map, the business can transition from being transient to being a community.<br />Canon U.S.A., although a leading in its category, a weak brand strategy and a website that lacks cohesiveness with offline brand presence, threatens the brands current market standing. With a more innovative and interactive website, Canon can further increase their popularity and consumer loyalty. <br />