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  • 1. Topic: My new school Lesson 1, Unit 2, English 2 Content: (have got + rooms at school) Teacher: B. Enkhzul
  • 2. Have is one of the most common verbs in the English language.“To have” as a main verbAs a main verb “to have” implies the meaning of possession.For example: “I have a job.” “I have a car.“When it is used to indicate possession you can say "I have..."or "I have got...".When you are talking about actions, you only use "have".For example:Possession:-I have a shower in my bathroom, I dont have a bath. = I havegot a shower in my bathroom. I havent got a bath.
  • 3. Structure: Have and Has got Affirmative sentences long form Contracted form I have got a brother. Ive got a brother. He has got a budgie. Hes got a budgie. She has got a dog. Shes got a dog. It has got Bluetooth. Its got Bluetooth. We have got CDs. Weve got CDs. You have got a nice room. Youve got a nice room. They have got pets. Theyve got pets.
  • 4. Example: Complete with have or has gotMy sister has got a computer.Because he she it + has got, not have gotNote: Don’t write “My sister have got a computer”.
  • 5. Example My school has got fifteen rooms. Because that word’s (school)meaning is the same “it”. We can write he, she it + has got Note: Don’t write My school have got fifteen rooms.
  • 6. What is it?
  • 7. New words : Rooms at school
  • 8. Memorize new wordsAn Classroom
  • 9. An office – ажлын өрөө
  • 10. An office
  • 11. A hall
  • 12. A hall – коридор
  • 13. A library
  • 14. A library – номын сан
  • 15. A computer room
  • 16. A computer room – компъютерын өрөө
  • 17. A gym
  • 18. A gym - Заал
  • 19. A Language lab
  • 20. A language lab – хэлний кабенит
  • 21. A canteen
  • 22. A canteen – цайны газар
  • 23. Answer the questions
  • 24. Answer the questionsHow many gyms has got in your school?Example: My school has got 2 gyms.How many library has got in your school?How many desks has got in your class?How many windows has got in your class?How many pens have got in your pencil?How many pencilcase have you got?
  • 25. Complete with have got/ has got1. My school ______ a lot of rooms.2. We ______ a big gym3. _____ you _____ a computer room?4. They _____ (not) _____ a videoroom.5. The library _____ (not) _____ a lot of books.6. _____ this school _____ a lot of computers?
  • 26. HomeworkDraw your school. How many rooms you know. Can you write the room’s name?