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The Yusupov Palace acquired its present appearance in the course of palace’s constructions from 1760 till 1850 done by the famous architects of the time. The building belonged to the Yusupov family. The staterooms in neoclassical style are remarkable for their rich and elegant decoration. The unique West European works of art as well as musical instruments of the 19th century adorn the palace interior. The gem of the palace is the unique Domestic Theatre built in the Baroque style as a miniature of the world-known Mariinsky Theatre. The palace has a historical meaning since the night of 16-17 December 1916, when Grigory Rasputin, who was very close to the family of Emperor Nicholas II, was murdered here by a group of monarchists, including Prince Felix Yusupov. The exhibition dedicated to Grigory Rasputin is set up in the original rooms where the tragedy took place.
The following rooms and halls can used for evening events:
- Private Theater of Yusupoff Family ( 178 guests) – highly recommended for private performance of Russian ballet
- The Preziosa Hall - 150 guests for cocktail
- White Column Room - 150 guests for the Gala-Dinner
- Moorish Drawing Room - 20 guests for the Gala-Dinner
- Mirror room – 50 guests for Gala-dinner
Recommended decorations: Classical, but no special decorations are required;
Recommended entertainment: Classical style
Recommended Catering companies: Concord Catering, Elba group

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Yusupov Palace

  1. 1. YUSUPOV PALACE VENUE in St. Petersburg
  2. 2. VENUE LOCATION & ACCESS Address: Moika Embankment 94 Located in the heart of St. Petersburg. As an option guests can arrive by boat, or embark from here on an exiting tour of St. Petersburg’s enchanting rivers and canals. Copyright Tsar Events, 2010-2011
  3. 3. EXTERIOR/ENTRANCE Plan your event at the Yusupov Palace, a palace filled with mystique and intrigue. The palace is a classic statement of refined wealth and grandeur. The Palace is ideally located in the most magnificent part of St. Petersburg’s historical downtown on the Moika River embankment. The Yusupov Palace remembers Russian emperors, rich ladies and gentlemen, and famous artists of its time. The Palace had always been a center of high society life in St. Petersburg. Copyright Tsar Events, 2010-2011
  4. 4. INTERIOR The building has retained its dazzling interiors, palace features the marble staircase, White Column Ballroom, Mirror Hall, a Moorish-style billiard room, the Picture Gallery and the exquisite 180-seat theatre for private concerts or ballet performances. All rooms provide a perfect setting for a formal cocktail reception, gala parties and banquets. Not only is the Palace a remarkable architectural monument, but it is also a historical site, tied to the fall of imperial Russia. It was here that Grigory Rasputin, a favorite of the last Russian Tsar, was murdered.
  5. 5. Copyright Tsar Events, 2010-2011 HALLS: WHITE COLUMN HALL
  6. 6. Copyright Tsar Events, 2010-2011 HALLS: WHITE COLUMN HALL
  7. 7. Copyright Tsar Events, 2010-2011 HALLS: PRECIOZA HALL
  8. 8. Copyright Tsar Events, 2010-2011 HALLS: MIRROR ROOM
  9. 9. Copyright Tsar Events, 2010-2011 THEATER
  10. 10. EVENING SCENARIO  Welcome Reception musical accompaniment (harp).  Tour around Palace (1 &2 floor) with visit to Rasputin exposition  Champagne/cocktails in the Precioza Room  Private Ballet Performance in the Yusupov Theater (15 Minutes)  Gala Dinner with entertainment (entertainment up on clients request) in the White Column Hall Copyright Tsar Events, 2010-2011
  11. 11. THEME VARIATION  Classical Gala Dinner  Gala Dinner in Tsar Palace Copyright Tsar Events, 2010-2011
  12. 12. ENTERTAINMENT DURING EVENT  classical quartet  violin player  harp player  Cosak performance  Private ballet  Opera singer
  13. 13. OUR CONTACTS TSAR EVENTS DMC & PCO — Head office Visiting Address: 7, 6th Krasnoarmeyskaya Street office #302 190000 St. Petersburg, Russia Phone: +7 (812) 332 95 66 Fax: +7 (812) 332 95 66 Emergency 24 hrs: + 7 (921) 972 80 98 E-mail: info@tsar-events.com URL: www.tsar-events.com TSAR EVENTS DMC & PCO — Representative Office in Norway Visiting Address: Akersgaten 47, 0180 Oslo, Norway Mr. Richard Seeberg Phone: +47 92 40 40 12 Fax: +47 22 34 70 71 E-mail: r.seeberg@tsar-events.com