Great Duke Vladimir Palace (Venue in St. Petersburg 2014)


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Great Duke Vladimir Palace (Venue in St. Petersburg 2014)

  1. 1. PALACE OF GREAT DUKE VLADIMIR Venue in St. Petersburg
  2. 2. VENUE LOCATION & ACCESS Address: Dvortsovaya Embarkment, 26 Located in walking distance from Hermitage museum The view from the Palace's windows:
  3. 3. EXTERIOR Like the Winter Palace and the Marble Palace, the Vladimir Palace fronts Palace Embankment; water frontage on the Neva was extremely prized by the Russian aristocracy. The façade, richly ornamented with struccorustication, was patterned after Leon Battista Alberti's palazzi in Florence. The main porch is built of Brenen sandstone and adorned with griffins, coats-of-arms, and cast-iron lanterns. Other details are cast in portland cement.
  4. 4. HISTORY The Vladimir Palace (Vladimirsky dvorets) was the last imperial palace to be constructed in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It was designed by a team of architects (Vasily Kenel, Aleksandr Rezanov, Andrei Huhn, Ieronim Kitner, Vladimir Shreter) for Alexander II's son, Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of Russia. Construction work lasted from 1867 to 1872.
  5. 5. INTERIOR The palace and its outbuildings contain some 360 rooms, all decorated in disparate historic styles: Neo-Renaissance (reception room, parlor), Gothic Revival (dining room), Russian Revival (Oak Hall), Rococo (White Hall), Byzantine style (study), various oriental styles, and so on. This interior ornamentation, further augmented by Maximilian Messmacher in 1880-1892, is considered a major monument to the 19th- century passion for historicizm. After the October Revolution, the palace became the home of the 'Academics' House‘.
  6. 6. INTERIOR
  7. 7. INTERIOR
  8. 8. THE SMALL BANQUETING HALL In 1888 the court architect М. Mesmakher designed Small Banqueting Hall, together with other palace's rooms. The Small Banqueting Hall is decorated in the Venetian taste. Maximum Capacity: 40 pax
  9. 9. The oak hall is decorated in unusual style based on the traditional Russian folk elements. The ceiling, panelling, cornice, and borders are all painted in imitation of oak. which makes the room seem interesting. Five popular Russian fairy tales decorate the walls, interpreted by Vereshchagin in oil on a special rough canvas that makes them look like tapestries. THE OAK HALL Maximum Capacity: 130 pax
  10. 10. BALLROOM: WHITE HALL Maximum Capacity: 100 pax The Ballroom is decorated in elaborate Louis XV Rococo style with an elaborate music gallery The ornate walls and ceiling includes beautifully sculptured figures of nymphs and cherubs. The three medallion paintings to the celling executed by Vereshchagln.
  11. 11. DINNER Dinner is served in Oак Hall, Small Banqueting Hall or White Hall. Table settings can be provided in various colors and motives depending on if providing a classical evening / seating or folkloristic themes and table settings with Russian Samovars and Russian Scarf's instead of table cloth. Have a gala dinner at private residence belonging to an imperial family of Romanovs!
  12. 12. THEME VARIATION  Classical Gala Dinner  Folklore Dinner
  13. 13. ENTERTAINMENT CLASSICAL ARTISTS: • Ballet Dancer • Classical Quartet • Opera Singer • Harp Player • Classical Orchestra Other artist can be used (depending on theme of event)
  14. 14. SCENARIO: CLASSICAL DINNER •19:00 - Arrival to the Vladimirs Palace (recommended entertainment during welcome :Classical music performed by Classical Quartet or Orchestra) •19:00 – 19:30 - Welcome meeting of guests at the staircase or mainroom (indoor or outdoor) with champagne/cocktails •19:30 - 20:00 Short tour around the rooms of the palace •20:00 - 23:00 Dinner at Oak Room (recommended entertainment during dinner: Ballet performance -30 min, Classical music performed by Classical Quartet, Harp Player) •22:00 – 22:30 - Opera Singer performs after Dessert served •23:00 - Departure from the Vladimirs Palace
  15. 15. FOLKLORE ARTISTS: • Cossack dancing & singing group • Bread & Salt ceremony • Balalaika Orchestra • Gypsy group (song & dance) • Russian Singing Folklore group Other artist can be used (depending on theme of event) ENTERTAINMENT
  16. 16. SCENARIO: FOLKLORE DINNER •19:00 - Arrival to the Palace (recommended entertainment during welcome cocktail: Bread & Salt ceremony, Balalaika Musical Trio) •19:00 – 19:30 - Welcome Cocktail in the lobby •19:30 - 23:00 Dinner at Marble room (recommended entertainment: Babki from Karelia (authentic countryside folklore), Balalaika Trio, Russian Folklore singing group) •22:00 – 22:30 - Cossack Dance Show on the stage after Dessert served •23:00 - Departure from the Palace
  17. 17. CONTACTS TSAR EVENTS DMC & PCO Meetings, Congresses, Incentives, & Corporate Events in Russia Destination Management Certified Professional 58, Moika Embankment, Office #509 RUS-190000 ST. PETERSBURG Tel. +7 (812) 449 96 50 Member of AHK, ICCA, MPI, SITE, HOSTS GLOBAL ALLIANCE™