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Uniqueness Travel Agent


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Uniqueness Travel Agent …

Uniqueness Travel Agent

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  • 1. HTM 2121Tourism and Hospitality Marketing Marketing Plan Uniqueness Travel Agent Chan Hoi Yi, Emily 10554711D Chan Wan Lun, Janice 11354512D Tai Yip Chung, Johnson 11516279D Tsang Siu Hang, Steven 11566166D
  • 2. Uniqueness Travel AgentMission To become the leader of the Asia Pacific Region travel agent for businessObjectives To acquire 30 tours during the peak season of 2013 To achieve 150,000 net profit during the financial year of 2013-2014 To maintain the cost within 70% of the total revenue.
  • 3. External Environment Analysis Examine opportunities and threats Consists of:  Macro environment  Demographic, Political, Economic, Social-Cultural, Technological and Natural  Micro environment  Suppliers, Marketing Intermediaries, Publics, Customers and Competitors
  • 4. Macro Environment Analysis1. Demographic  Opportunities:  Huge market with continuous growth  41,921,310 visitors arrival in 2011, +16.4% (HKTB visitor arrival statistics,2011)  High spending MICE visitors with significant growth  1.43 million MICE visitor arrivals in 2010, +22.8%  per capita spending of HK$8,475, +25.9% compare with overnight visitors (HKTB annual report 2010/11, 2011)  Mainland China is the dominant market  41.8% MICE visitors come from mainland China (HKTB annual report 2010/11, 2011)  Marketing strategies need to be developed for reaching them
  • 5. Macro Environment Analysis2. Political  Opportunities:  Streamlined VISA restriction for visitors to Hong Kong  Visit Hong Kong for visa-free  Over 170 countries or territories  Frequent business travelers with APEC Business Travel Card  Threats:  Travel agent license need to be renewed annually
  • 6. Macro Environment Analysis3. Economic  Opportunities:  Rapid economic growth in China  Threats:  Uncertainty in the USA and European economics  Minimum Wage Ordinance in Hong Kong
  • 7. Macro Environment Analysis3. Social-Cultural  Opportunities:  Increasing health conscious  Half-day relaxation itinerary4. Technological  Opportunities:  Advancement and increase popularity of E-business  Increase number of Smartphone users  491.4 million smart phones sold in 2011 (Brownlow, M., 2012)  Threats:  Careful management on electronic word of mouth
  • 8. Macro Environment Analysis6. Natural  Threats:  Heavy air pollution threaten visitors away  A survey conducted with tour guides (Yung, C., 2006)  50% thought Hong Kong having heavy air pollution
  • 9. Micro Environment Analysis1. Suppliers  Opportunities:  Various high reputation suppliers in Hong Kong  Car rental companies  Michelin recommended dining restaurants  Luxury brands  Threats:  High dependence on multi-suppliers  High negotiating cost incurred in the business
  • 10. Micro Environment Analysis2. Marketing Intermediaries  Opportunities:  Advantages from advancement in E-business  Cost effective e-marketing  Threats:  Heavy competition on e-marketing  First priority cannot be assured3. Publics  Threats:  Complains from environmental groups  Limousines service
  • 11. Micro Environment Analysis4. Customers  Opportunities:  Rich but time-conscious business travelers  Offers luxury itinerary package yet with high flexibility to satisfy the business travelers’  Threats:  Demanding and high expectation  Pay for high quality service  Any mistakes would bring dissatisfaction
  • 12. Micro Environment Analysis5. Competitors  Opportunities:  None have single focus on business visitors  Without local tours’ e-booking or reservations services  Co-production cannot be found  Allow alternation between choices  Create their unique tours  Threats:  Numerous retail outlets or cooperation with hotels  Highly accessible by customer
  • 13. Target Market Expensive Fig.1 Minimum Target Market Extensive Service service Locals Visitors Business Travelers (MICE) Fig.2 Organizers Less Expensive Participants Individual Group
  • 14. The reason is … • Hong Kong is an international city Government support Hong Kong Trade Develop Council (HKTDC) Host more than 110 exhibitions each year Attracting 62,000 exhibiting companies and 5 million visitors (TDC, 2012)Visitors’ purpose of visiting byMajor Market Areas Jan-Jun 2011(HKTB, 2012) Tourism Expenditure Associated to Inbound Tourism Jan-Jun 2011 (HKTB, 2011)
  • 15. Product • 4 Tour Itineraries:  One day tour for dining and sightseeing  One day tour for sightseeing, shopping and dining  One day tour for culture and dining  Half day tour for relaxation
  • 16. Price  Businessmen – high purchasing and spending power  High quality service in luxury approach  Tangible resources enhance overall satisfaction  High cost  prestige pricing
  • 17. People
  • 18. Place• Official website - E business• Booths in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and Hong Kong Asia World Expo• Shanghai Jinjiang Tours Co., Ltd
  • 19. Promotion• Advertising strategies HKTDC - Set up information counter in Expo Drive Launching itineraries competition Establish joint promotion with Shanghai Jinjiang Tours Co., Ltd Advertisements on Hong Kong ECHO and E- Mice China business magazines Uniqueness official website, Facebook account, Forum, Apps, Yahoo search engine
  • 20. Promotion• Personal selling Strategies Lucky draw session in HKTDC counter Incentive programs• Direct marketing strategies Direct mailing and on-line retailing
  • 21. Partnership Hong Kong Trading Development Council Shanghai Jinjiang Tours Co., Ltd F&B partnership like Jumbo Kingdom, Grand Café etc Fotomax Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited (DCH) Paypal, VISA, Master
  • 22. Milestones Start Date End Date Milestone Budget Who is responsible? How to evaluatePromotion1.Competition 9/2012 1/2013 HK $2000 Sale executive Quantity of participants2.Facebook/ 9/2012 On going $0 Sale executive Volume of website traffic Weibo3.Website/ 9/2012 Regular HK $36,000 for apps Sale executive Volume of website traffic Apps Update HK $10,888 for website Webdesign488 (first year) company4.Hong Kong 12/2012 12/2013 HK $ 14,400 x 4 issue a Sale executive Post-tour ECHO year = $57,600 Hong Kong ECHO Questionnaire5. E - MICE China 12/2012 12/2013 RMB $96,000 for 12 issue Sale executive Post-tour (Third banner) Questionnaire6.Yahoo Search 12/2012 12/2013 HK $2,000 per month Sale executive Volume of website trafficEngine 6/2012 On-going HK $100,000 Sales executive Sales volume transacted from TDC Financial assistant source2.China Travel agent 6/2012 On-going 15% commission per tour Sales executive Sales volume transacted from the (first year) Financial assistant China Travel agent2.F&B 6/2012 On-going HK $129,600 Sales executive Immediate Feedback and Financial assistant Post-tour Questionnaire3. Car rental 3/2013 On-going HK $17,000 per month Sales executive Feedback from drivers(DCH Motor Leasing ) Drivers Post-tour Questionnaire Financial assistant
  • 23. BudgetRevenue HK$ Operation expenses HK$Tour 1-Tour for dining and sightseeing $810,000 -F&B($4500 per person x 3 person s per tour x 60 ($1,800 per person x 3 person s per tour x 240 tours a year) $1,296,000tours per year ) -Spa ($1,750 per person x 3 persons per tour x 30 tours a year $157,500Tour 2- Tour for sightseeing, shopping and $1,485,000 -HKTDC partnership $100,000dining -Office Rental (Bank Centre Mong Kok) ($20,480 per month) $245,760($4500 per person x 3 person s per tour x110 tours per year) -Utility $18,700Tour 3- Tour for culture and dining $504,000 -Insurance $30,000($4200 per person x 3 person s per tour x 40 -Car rental (HK $17,000 per month) $204,000tours per year) -License freeTour 4- Tour for Relaxation (Half Day) $387,000 • Application free for a Travel Agents license $630($4300 per person x 3 persons per tour x 30 • 12month Travel Agents License fee ($485 per month ) $5,820tours per year) • Business Registration Fee (1 year) $450Total Revenue $3,186,000 Total operational expenses $2,058,860Less: Expenses Human Resource expensesPromotion Expenses Salaries:-Website design $10,888 Financial Department • Financial Assistant ($12,000 per month) $144,000-Mobile app $36,000 Sales & Marketing Department-Competition prize $2,000 • Product Executive ($11,000 per month) $132,000-Magazine • Sales representative($15,000 per month) $180,000•Hong Kong ECHO $57,600 Operational Department•E - MICE China $115,200 • Tour guides ($15,000 per month) $180,000 • Drivers ($13,000 per month) $156,000-Yahoo Search Engine $24,000 • Booth receptionist ($12,000 per month) $144,000-Miscellaneous $10,000 Total Human Resource expenses $756,000Total promotion expenses $255,688 Total Expenses ($2,870,548) Net Profit (Total Revenue –Total Expenses) $215,452
  • 24. Sales Forecast
  • 25. Control Post-tour questionnaire Comprehensive information about their satisfaction towards the tours, suggestion for the itineraries and identifies effective partnerships Internal audits Reviewing monthly sales, checking monthly website traffic and monthly budget control Website traffic Indicates the effectiveness of our e-marketing strategies like Facebook/WeiBo promotion and Yahoo searching priority Sales and budgets Strictly monitored to assure they are keeping within estimated range and moving towards the objectives Monthly control
  • 26. Thank You
  • 27. ReferenceBrownlow, M. (2012). Smartphone statistics and market share . Retrieved March 5,2012 from - All Hong Kong Events, Retrieved March 18, 2012 from The Hong Kong Trading DevelopmentCouncil, Web site: Kong Tourism Board (2012, January). Visitor Arrival Statistics - Dec 2011. ,pp.1-22.Hong Kong Tourism Board (2011, January). Annual Report 2010/11. , pp.52-59.Tourism Expenditure Associated to Inbound Tourism Jan-Jun 2011 (2011). Retrieved March 20, 2012 from HongKong Tourism Board, Web site: purpose of visiting by Major Market Areas Jan-Jun 2011 (2012). Retrieved March 20, 2012 from Hong KongTourism Board, Web site:, C. (2006). Air pollution puts tourism in jeopardy, poll reveals . Retrieved March1, 2012 from