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Uniqueness Travel Agent
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Uniqueness Travel Agent


Uniqueness Travel Agent …

Uniqueness Travel Agent

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  • Marketing control is essential to ensure effective marketing strategies for achieving company’s overall objectives. Various evaluation methods have been developed to monitor the effectiveness of marketing strategies implemented for Uniqueness. Post-tour questionnaire will be distributed to the customers for gathering useful feedbacks. It provides comprehensive information about their satisfaction towards the tours, suggestion for the itineraries and identifies effective partnerships as they have to state through which means they know about and join our local tours. Apart from gathering information from customers, internal audits are vital. The internal audits include reviewing monthly sales, checking monthly website traffic and monthly budget control. Website traffic indicates the effectiveness of our e-marketing strategies like Facebook/WeiBo promotion and Yahoo searching priority. Sales and budgets are strictly monitored to assure they are keeping within estimated range and moving towards the objectives. Monthly control will be carried out as newly established business would have higher uncertainty and any inefficiency can be immediately recovered through adjusting the marketing components.


  • 1. HTM 2121Tourism and Hospitality Marketing Marketing Plan Uniqueness Travel Agent Chan Hoi Yi, Emily 10554711D Chan Wan Lun, Janice 11354512D Tai Yip Chung, Johnson 11516279D Tsang Siu Hang, Steven 11566166D
  • 2. Uniqueness Travel AgentMission∗ To become the leader of the Asia Pacific Region travel agent for businessObjectives∗ To acquire 30 tours during the peak season of 2013∗ To achieve 150,000 net profit during the financial year of 2013-2014∗ To maintain the cost within 70% of the total revenue.
  • 3. External Environment Analysis∗ Examine opportunities and threats∗ Consists of: ∗ Macro environment ∗ Demographic, Political, Economic, Social-Cultural, Technological and Natural ∗ Micro environment ∗ Suppliers, Marketing Intermediaries, Publics, Customers and Competitors
  • 4. Macro Environment Analysis1. Demographic∗ Opportunities: ∗ Huge market with continuous growth ∗ 41,921,310 visitors arrival in 2011, +16.4% (HKTB visitor arrival statistics,2011) ∗ High spending MICE visitors with significant growth ∗ 1.43 million MICE visitor arrivals in 2010, +22.8% ∗ per capita spending of HK$8,475, +25.9% compare with overnight visitors (HKTB annual report 2010/11, 2011) ∗ Mainland China is the dominant market ∗ 41.8% MICE visitors come from mainland China (HKTB annual report 2010/11, 2011) ∗ Marketing strategies need to be developed for reaching them
  • 5. Macro Environment Analysis1. Political ∗ Opportunities: ∗ Streamlined VISA restriction for visitors to Hong Kong ∗ Visit Hong Kong for visa-free ∗ Over 170 countries or territories ∗ Frequent business travelers with APEC Business Travel Card ∗ Threats: ∗ Travel agent license need to be renewed annually
  • 6. Macro Environment Analysis1. Economic ∗ Opportunities: ∗ Rapid economic growth in China ∗ Threats: ∗ Uncertainty in the USA and European economics ∗ Minimum Wage Ordinance in Hong Kong
  • 7. Macro Environment Analysis1. Social-Cultural ∗ Opportunities: ∗ Increasing health conscious ∗ Half-day relaxation itinerary2. Technological ∗ Opportunities: ∗ Advancement and increase popularity of E-business ∗ Increase number of Smartphone users ∗ 491.4 million smart phones sold in 2011 (Brownlow, M., 2012) ∗ Threats: ∗ Careful management on electronic word of mouth
  • 8. Macro Environment Analysis1. Natural ∗ Threats: ∗ Heavy air pollution threaten visitors away ∗ A survey conducted with tour guides (Yung, C., 2006) ∗ 50% thought Hong Kong having heavy air pollution
  • 9. Micro Environment Analysis1. Suppliers ∗ Opportunities: ∗ Various high reputation suppliers in Hong Kong ∗ Car rental companies ∗ Michelin recommended dining restaurants ∗ Luxury brands ∗ Threats: ∗ High dependence on multi-suppliers ∗ High negotiating cost incurred in the business
  • 10. Micro Environment Analysis1. Marketing Intermediaries ∗ Opportunities: ∗ Advantages from advancement in E-business ∗ Cost effective e-marketing ∗ Threats: ∗ Heavy competition on e-marketing ∗ First priority cannot be assured2. Publics ∗ Threats: ∗ Complains from environmental groups ∗ Limousines service
  • 11. Micro Environment Analysis1. Customers ∗ Opportunities: ∗ Rich but time-conscious business travelers ∗ Offers luxury itinerary package yet with high flexibility to satisfy the business travelers’ ∗ Threats: ∗ Demanding and high expectation ∗ Pay for high quality service ∗ Any mistakes would bring dissatisfaction
  • 12. Micro Environment Analysis1. Competitors ∗ Opportunities: ∗ None have single focus on business visitors ∗ Without local tours’ e-booking or reservations services ∗ Co-production cannot be found ∗ Allow alternation between choices ∗ Create their unique tours ∗ Threats: ∗ Numerous retail outlets or cooperation with hotels ∗ Highly accessible by customer
  • 13. Target Market Expensive Fig.1 Minimum Target Market Extensive Service service Locals Visitors Business Travelers (MICE) Fig.2 Organizers Less Expensive Participants Individual Group
  • 14. The reason is … • Hong Kong is an international city ∗ Government support ∗Hong Kong Trade Develop Council (HKTDC) ∗Host more than 110 exhibitions each year ∗Attracting 62,000 exhibiting companies and 5 million visitors (TDC, 2012)Visitors’ purpose of visiting byMajor Market Areas Jan-Jun 2011(HKTB, Tourism Expenditure Associated to2012) Inbound Tourism Jan-Jun 2011 (HKTB, 2011)
  • 15. Product • 4 Tour Itineraries: ∗ One day tour for dining and sightseeing ∗ One day tour for sightseeing, shopping and dining ∗ One day tour for culture and dining ∗ Half day tour for relaxation
  • 16. Price ∗ Businessmen – high purchasing and spending power ∗ High quality service in luxury approach ∗ Tangible resources enhance overall satisfaction ∗ High cost  prestige pricing
  • 17. People Itinerary Financial our guides designers Assistants Sales Drivers Representatives Booth receptionist
  • 18. Place• Official website - E business• Booths in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and Hong Kong Asia World Expo• Shanghai Jinjiang Tours Co., Ltd
  • 19. Promotion• Advertising strategies∗ HKTDC - Set up information counter in Expo Drive∗ Launching itineraries competition∗ Establish joint promotion with Shanghai Jinjiang Tours Co., Ltd∗ Advertisements on Hong Kong ECHO and E- Mice China business magazines∗ Uniqueness official website, Facebook account, Forum, Apps, Yahoo search engine
  • 20. Promotion• Personal selling Strategies∗ Lucky draw session in HKTDC counter∗ Incentive programs• Direct marketing strategies∗ Direct mailing and on-line retailing
  • 21. Partnership∗ Hong Kong Trading Development Council∗ Shanghai Jinjiang Tours Co., Ltd∗ F&B partnership like Jumbo Kingdom, Grand Café etc∗ Fotomax∗ Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited (DCH)∗ Paypal, VISA, Master
  • 22. Milestone
  • 23. BudgetRevenue HK$ Operation expenses HK$Tour 1-Tour for dining and sightseeing $810,000 -F&B($4500 per person x 3 person s per tour x 60 ($1,800 per person x 3 person s per tour x 240 tours a year) $1,296,000tours per year ) -Spa ($1,750 per person x 3 persons per tour x 30 tours a year $157,500Tour 2- Tour for sightseeing, shopping and $1,485,000 -HKTDC partnership $100,000dining -Office Rental (Bank Centre Mong Kok) ($20,480 per month) $245,760($4500 per person x 3 person s per tour x110 tours per year) -Utility $18,700Tour 3- Tour for culture and dining $504,000 -Insurance $30,000($4200 per person x 3 person s per tour x 40 -Car rental (HK $17,000 per month) $204,000tours per year) -License freeTour 4- Tour for Relaxation (Half Day) $387,000 •Application free for a Travel Agents license $630($4300 per person x 3 persons per tour x 30 •12month Travel Agents License fee ($485 per month ) $5,820tours per year) •Business Registration Fee (1 year) $450Total Revenue $3,186,000 Total operational expenses $2,058,860Less: Expenses Human Resource expensesPromotion Expenses Salaries:-Website design $10,888 Financial Department •Financial Assistant ($12,000 per month) $144,000-Mobile app $36,000 Sales & Marketing Department-Competition prize $2,000 •Product Executive ($11,000 per month) $132,000-Magazine •Sales representative($15,000 per month) $180,000•Hong Kong ECHO $57,600 Operational Department•E - MICE China $115,200 •Tour guides ($15,000 per month) $180,000 •Drivers ($13,000 per month) $156,000-Yahoo Search Engine $24,000 •Booth receptionist ($12,000 per month) $144,000-Miscellaneous $10,000 Total Human Resource expenses $756,000Total promotion expenses $255,688 Total Expenses ($2,870,548) Net Profit (Total Revenue –Total Expenses) $215,452
  • 24. Sales Forecast
  • 25. Control∗ Post-tour questionnaire∗ Comprehensive information about their satisfaction towards the tours, suggestion for the itineraries and identifies effective partnerships∗ Internal audits∗ Reviewing monthly sales, checking monthly website traffic and monthly budget control∗ Website traffic∗ Indicates the effectiveness of our e-marketing strategies like Facebook/WeiBo promotion and Yahoo searching priority∗ Sales and budgets∗ Strictly monitored to assure they are keeping within estimated range and moving towards the objectives∗ Monthly control
  • 26. Thank You
  • 27. ReferenceBrownlow, M. (2012). Smartphone statistics and market share . Retrieved March 5,2012 from - All Hong Kong Events, Retrieved March 18, 2012 from The Hong Kong Trading DevelopmentCouncil, Web site: Kong Tourism Board (2012, January). Visitor Arrival Statistics - Dec 2011. ,pp.1-22.Hong Kong Tourism Board (2011, January). Annual Report 2010/11. , pp.52-59.Tourism Expenditure Associated to Inbound Tourism Jan-Jun 2011 (2011). Retrieved March 20, 2012 from HongKong Tourism Board, Web site: purpose of visiting by Major Market Areas Jan-Jun 2011 (2012). Retrieved March 20, 2012 from Hong KongTourism Board, Web site:, C. (2006). Air pollution puts tourism in jeopardy, poll reveals . Retrieved March1, 2012 from