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Best breakfast foods for weight loss   food lovers diet
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Best breakfast foods for weight loss food lovers diet


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Breakfast makes the most important meal of the day. Here are some of the healthy recipes for breakfast from Food Lovers Diet to help you lose weight

Breakfast makes the most important meal of the day. Here are some of the healthy recipes for breakfast from Food Lovers Diet to help you lose weight

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  • 1. Best Breakfast Foods to Help You Lose WeightPresented by Food Lovers Diet
  • 2. Breakfast makes the most important meal of the day.Many people believe that it is not necessary to havebreakfast or they don’t have time for that and begin theirday with no meal. But research shows that regularbreakfast eaters tend to be leaner and dieters are moresuccessful at losing weight.Here are some of the healthy recipes for breakfast foodsto help you lose weight →
  • 3. OATMEALOatmeal serves as a healthyand filling breakfast and helpsyou to lose weight. Oatmealhas a number of healthbenefits. Its high in fiber, sinceits a whole grain and it cankeep you feel full for longer, abenefit when youre trying tostick to your diet. A bowl ofoatmeal is relatively low incalories as long as you resistthe urge to load it with sugar.3 hours before you exercisemay help you burn more fat.
  • 4. EGGSThe protein and fat in eggshelps sustain your energylevels, keeping you satisfiedfor longer and reducing theneed for a mid morningsnack. Research shows thatpeople who eat eggs forbreakfast are more likely tolose weight than those whoate bagels. Whole eggs areone of the most completesources of protein whichcontain all the essentialamino acids which we mustget from our diets.
  • 5. YOGURTYogurt is a great source ofproteins which gives youan extra edge if you’relooking to get leaner. It is avaluable health food forboth infants and elderlypersons. A balancedsource of protein, fat,carbohydrates andminerals in a texture. It isalso rich in calcium whichhelps to keep boneshealthy and strong. It has0g of cholesterol and Transfat.
  • 6. PEANUT BUTTERPeanut butter contains highamounts of proteins as much as 24percent by weight. Along withprotein, peanut butter containsvitamins E and B3 and the mineralscopper and iron. It also containscalcium and potassium.One of the benefits of eatingpeanut butter is that it containslarge amounts of dietary fiber,equal to about 8 percent. Fiberhelps in the process of controllingblood sugar and cholesterol levels.Another benefit of fiber is that itcan reduce the chance ofdeveloping colorectal cancer.
  • 7. FRUITS for BREAKFASTFruit is one of the componentsof a healthy breakfast becauseit provides vitamins, minerals,water and fiber. Fiber helps toslow down the digestiveprocess and keep you fulllonger. The vitamins andminerals help you to meet yourdaily requirements for thesenutrients, which is hard to do ifyou skip breakfast.Fruits like Bananas, Melon,berries, pineapple, papaya is asure fire way to lose weightand become healthier.
  • 8. FRESH JUICESFresh fruit and vegetablejuices are natures powerfoods. They are very usefulin the quest for health andwork together for your well-being. Fruit juices stir up andflush out accumulatedtoxins. Their concentratednatural sugars bring you vitalenergy and speed up theeliminative process.Vegetable juices provide theimportant elements forrebuilding healthy blood,bones and tissues.
  • 9. Green TeaIn addition to its heart-protective benefits,sipping a cup of green teawith your breakfast mayhave some weight-lossbenefits, with one studyfinding it appears to raisethe rate at which youburn calories and speedthe rate at which yourbody uses fat.
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