TrustPartners Betting Exchange Virtual Events Extended Palinsesto in Italy
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TrustPartners Betting Exchange Virtual Events Extended Palinsesto in Italy TrustPartners Betting Exchange Virtual Events Extended Palinsesto in Italy Presentation Transcript

  • TrustPartnersSports Betting in Italy:possible approachRome30 May 2013
  • 2 TrustPartnersConfidentialOBJECTIVEThe objective of today’s meeting is to:• share sports betting business system and key elements• discuss the evolution of the sports betting market in Italy• study the betting exchange sector in Italy• indentify the possible approach for the implementation in Italy of the betting exchange
  • 3 TrustPartnersConfidentialIMPORTANT REGULATORY CHANGES IN THE ITALIAN MARKETExtended Event OfferingVirtual EventsRegulatory changesRegulatory changes• The virtual Event betting is offered as a game of purerandomness offered in the initial phase only for fixed odds• The events can belong both to sports and racing (horses,dogs)• With the Extended Event Offering the concessionaire hasthe possibility to integrate the event schedule of the AAMSobtaining a customized and differentiating offer• The events offered are those corresponding to the forms ofwagering already admitted by AAMS• The concessionaire must declare and certify for each eventwhich are the sources of information on the basis of officialcertification• The betting exchange is the most waited and feared newfunctionality of the decree• It does not constitute an improvement of the existing productas is the case of the Extended Event offering or acomplementary product as is the case of virtual betting, butis instead a complete new productArea ActivitiesBetting Exchange
  • 4 TrustPartnersConfidentialVIRTUAL EVENTS – KEY ELEMENTSDecree ElementsDecree ElementsDescriptionDescriptionDescription•The virtual betting events are carried out on a computer-simulated outcome, which isdetermined randomly and displayed with animated graphics or by means of a real eventpreviously recorded. Can be defined as the visual representation of the outcome of theextraction of a pseudo-random numbers.•The random number generator is held by Sogei, where the authorized platforms can obtain itand represent•Possible sports are, as an example, football matches and car, horse and dog racing. Theplatform creates schedules for concessionaires every day, which may be shared or dedicated.•Dedicated to the concessionaires of fixed-odds betting and pari-mutuel, with remoteparticipation and not•At the beginning only fixed odds, later also pari-mutuel•Minimum amount of the bet 0.50 euro but minimum amount of the bet ticket 1 Euro.•Admitted bets: single, plural and multiple•Pilot phase required• The time availability is not H24, is the same as the real bet•It is permitted to share events among concessionaires•The program contains no more than 500 events per day•Max Win 10.000 €•Quote can not be changed•The Pay Out for the customer has to be between 80% and 90%•Taxation set to 20% of the marginPlatformPlatform
  • 5 TrustPartnersConfidentialEXTENDED EVENT OFFERING – KEY ELEMENTSBetting OfferBetting OfferDescriptionDescriptionDescription•With the extended event offering, the concessionaire has the ability to integrate the scheduleof the AAMS thus obtaining a customized offering. The betting typologies offered are thosecorresponding to the forms of wagering already admitted by AAMS. It will be possible tomake multiple bets with AAMS and other/extended/complementary events schedule.•Sogei/AAMS has to provide detailed instructions during the month of June and at the sametime open up the test environment to allow concessionaires to test communications.•Sogei/AAMS plans to start accepting applications for authorization at the beginning offootball league; then the launch will happen later, presumably at the end of year.•The introduction of complementary programming has long been claimed by concessionairesto counter the best offer of the physical sites and foreigner dotcom. Providing a generalimprovement of the appeal of the betting offer•It should have a biggest impact on in-play business. It should be noted that the sustainedgrowth in the live game in Italy is very low compared to the levels prevailing in the dotcom• In Italy, the turnover for the operators in 2012 was EUR 500 million against a total GGT of€ 3.9 billion of Euro, of which about 1.2 billion of Euro on the online channel. In the eventthat the offer has a great impact on in-play game, it is foreseeable a considerable increase ofthe sports betting revenues for the online channel equivalent to 20 -25 million euro.PlatformPlatform
  • 6 TrustPartnersConfidentialBETTING EXCHANGE – KEY ELEMENTSBetting OfferBetting OfferDescriptionDescriptionDescription•The concessionaire makes available the schedule, on which the player can declare awillingness to share and laying, indicating maximum amount banked. Then, another playercan bet on that entry and market coverage up to the amount made available by the player whobanked. Subsequently to the event and the outcome of the dealer certification, accredits willbe available to the winning player. All transactions are validated by the AAMS central system.To ensure safe interaction between player and player who bets, the bank is mediated by theconcessionaire.•It is likely that we should wait until the end of 2013 for the launch. In the betting exchangeconcessionaire offers bettors a program of events and markets. This schedule is coincidentwith the schedule fixed odds AAMS joined the extended schedule fixed odds of theconcessionaire. There is nor national liquidity. It is still not clear if it will be possible to haveintra operators liquidity•The platform must be certified. So it is subject to the authorization procedure in a mannerpresumably similar to those provided for poker and in this sense the concessionairesparticipating in the circuit will submit a request for authorization to use a platform alreadyauthorized to another dealer•The decree allows the concessionaire to retain up to 10% of the stakes by players. In factdotcom sites practice a commission of between 2% and 5% of winnings, that is, of net gainobtained by the player who has won. In Italy, it will take probably 5%.•The minimum bet is € 0.50.•It is retained the limit of the maximum payout, which is equal to € 10,000. This constraint isimportant because an important part of the bet on the dotcom sites occurs at high levels.PlatformPlatform
  • 7 TrustPartnersConfidentialBETTING MARKET EVOLUTION – KEY SUCCESS FACTORSAlignment to Italiancustomers behaviorAlignment to Italiancustomers behaviorRelationshipsmanagement withstakeholdersRelationshipsmanagement withstakeholdersLiquidity and networkPoliciesLiquidity and networkPoliciesMarketing andDistributionMarketing andDistributionDescription• Good relationships with the main public institution (such as AAMS and Sogei) aremandatory to enter in the market faster• Customers’ needs are not always in line with the international ones: a perfect know-how of their characteristics will surely helps the business for a new entry Operator, in termsof gaming customization• Liquidity is key in all the products with peer to peer interaction. The need ofinterconnection with other operators requires the ability to create a stable and profitableenvironment.• The ability to acquire and maintain at the lowest cost customers is critical. It is crucial toknow how to handle the advertising networks, agencies, affiliations operators, big databaseowners. Using partners to distribute the product could be critical.Time to MarketTime to Market• First Mover advantage it is critical to be among the first to lauch to get a big share of themarket for a specific channel or niche. Examples are Bingo, Sporting Bets, Casino Games.The only exception is PokerStars but they invested a lot in adverting and they have the bestplatform
  • 8 TrustPartnersConfidentialBETTING BUSINESS SYSTEMInfrastructure/ProductDesign Devel.ent Certification LaunchBusiness DevelopementOperativeMarketingBrand Distribution•Design and development of products tailored on ItalianCustomers•Alignment of products to AAMS/SOGEI requirementand product certification•Products launch and fine tuning on the bases on marketfeed-backs•Analysis of Customer behavior and wishes in order todevelop more appealing products•Design and development of products tailored on ItalianCustomers•Alignment of products to AAMS/SOGEI requirementand product certification•Products launch and fine tuning on the bases on marketfeed-backs•Analysis of Customer behavior and wishes in order todevelop more appealing products•Scouting of potential Clients and negotiation ofagreement terms and conditions•Marketing plan definition and Implementation•Communication plan development and stakeholdersManagement•Identification of new business opportunities and designof an effective strategy to develop them•Scouting of potential Clients and negotiation ofagreement terms and conditions•Marketing plan definition and Implementation•Communication plan development and stakeholdersManagement•Identification of new business opportunities and designof an effective strategy to develop themOperationsInfrastructureManagementResourceManagement•Proper infrastructure and resources management in order to reachthe business goals•Customer analysis and resources allocation•Partners management and support•Customer Care•Content development and distribution•Proper infrastructure and resources management in order to reachthe business goals•Customer analysis and resources allocation•Partners management and support•Customer Care•Content development and distributionBusinessIntelligence
  • 9 TrustPartnersConfidentialBETTING EVOLUTION – ROAD MAPJuneJuneAAMS / SOGEI ManagementAAMS / SOGEI ManagementExtended Schedule / Virtual BettingExtended Schedule / Virtual BettingMarketing/Extended Schedule / Virtual Betting/Current BusinessMarketing/Extended Schedule / Virtual Betting/Current BusinessDistributionBetting ExchangeDistributionBetting ExchangeLaunch / Products DevelopmentES / VBLaunch / Products DevelopmentES / VBLiquidity CreationBetting ExchangeLiquidity CreationBetting ExchangeJulyJuly AugustAugust SeptemberSeptember OctoberOctober NovemberNovember DecemberDecemberBetting ExchageBetting ExchageLaunchPreparationBELaunchPreparationBEMarketingBetting Exchange/ Current BusinessMarketingBetting Exchange/ Current BusinessMarketing, Acquisition,Customer CareMarketing, Acquisition,Customer CareRelationshipsmanagement withstakeholdersRelationshipsmanagement withstakeholdersLiquidity and networkPoliciesLiquidity and networkPoliciesDistributionDistributionPlatform / ProductsPlatform / Products
  • 10 TrustPartnersConfidentialNEXT STEPS• Evaluation of the development opportunities in the Italian market• Identification of the most effective development strategy• Definition of the potential entry road map and high priority activities to be launched
  • 11 TrustPartnersConfidentialATTACHMENTTrustPartners Company Profile
  • 12 TrustPartnersConfidentialWHO WE ARE• TrustPartners is composed of a network of consultants, the most part with a highseniority and several years of advisory experience in major national and internationalconsulting companies• We support innovative and successful Top Managers, during their strategic andoperational actions, to achieve sustainable economic and value growth; in particularwe operate into 3 main areas:• Business Planning & Strategy• Performance Management• Organization• The Headquarter is located in Rome, with a branch in Milan, and its business has anationwide presence. TrustPartners has, also, developed business relationships withother consulting companies in other countries• Team linkage and management ability, in order to work with our Client as one team• Reliability on results achievement• Continuous attention on the cost/performance ratioTrustPartners is a Management Consulting Company, which has developed know-how and experience in highlyregulated markets (i.e.: Gaming & Gambling, Pharmaceutical, etc), Energy and Public AdministrationTeamTeamMissionMissionStrength pointStrength pointStructureStructure
  • 13 TrustPartnersConfidential• Spread knowledge about mid-short term strategic plan from the Top Management• Clients “value added driven”: when they have to identify a consultant team,supposed to support its business actions, they do not care about the brand behindbut they are just oriented on the personal abilities, business network and know-how• Under-equipped structure, overworking and not properly skilled employees do notallow to achieve their goals• Employees sometimes are not comfortable with extra-ordinary issues, such asstructural changes, organizational adjustments and change management• Request of short-term structural adjustments, in order to help the Company beingcompetitive and surviving or growing into the market• Ensure suitable levels of market reactivity in line with the competitors and satisfycustomers’ needs• Middle management cooptation as a key pointOur experience give us the ability to find out several connecting points among our Client’s strategic views, issues andneedsOur Clients …Our Clients …… and their typicalneeds… and their typicalneedsOUR CLIENTS
  • 14 TrustPartnersConfidentialHOW WE OPERATEManagement Consulting activities are strictly linked with change management activities: they both require holistic approach,in order to avoid typical issues that can affect project implementation:• Fine tuning of designed solutions through field-based analysis• Support activities for the Clients’ Management, in order to let them focused on daily business• Need for high skilled resources, with problem solving techniques know how, in order to face all project challengesFulfillmentFulfillment• Alternativesscreening• Selection of theright solution• Feasibility analysis• Final indication• Detailed Businessplan• Risk Assessment• Program fulfillment• Managementidentification• Design of a progressmonitoring system• Field-basedanalysis andproposal “finetuning”• Identification ofissues• Analysis ofprioritiesCHANGE MANAGEMENTBUSINESS CONSULTINGTrustPartners operates both in the planning and decision development stageDesignDesignPlanningPlanningSolutionSolutionDiagnosticDiagnostic
  • 15 TrustPartnersConfidential• Gaming & Gambling market analysis and online products and games benchmarking• Start-up support for the online launch of new games and products• Analysis of the strategies for the Gaming & Gambling “for pay” product launch, ofan Italian player operating in the “for free” market• Support for the bid creation in order to participate at the 2008 public competitionfor the online numeric games (games with jackpot) distribution, for a leading Italiancompany• Online Gaming and Gambling market report, focused on national and internationalmarket analysis (in terms of products, Client’s target, analysis of the most relevantcompetitor), with a detailed analysis for each single new distributed game• Support for the new online products and services launch toward the Key SuccessFactor identification, and launch roadmap management for selected products andservicesOUR EXPERTISE IN GAMING & GAMBLING MARKET (1/2)Area ProjectBusiness Planning &StrategyBusiness Planning &Strategy
  • 16 TrustPartnersConfidential• Online poker launch toward market analysis, Key Success Factors and keydevelopment points identification and business model definition• Online marketing plan development for different products (Betting, Instant lotteries,Poker, etc…)• Platform provider selection for new online games launch (Poker and Skill games)• Partner scouting and selection (horizontal and vertical web sites) for the onlinegames and betting distribution• Organizational structure review and optimization support for a specialized onlinebusiness unit• Implementation of new logistic and administrative procedures and introduction of theTableau de BordPerformanceManagementPerformanceManagementProjectOrganizationOrganizationAreaOUR EXPERTISE IN GAMING & GAMBLING MARKET (2/2)
  • 17 TrustPartnersConfidentialTRUSTPARTNERS: KEY FACTORSGoal orientedGoal oriented• Our projects have to generate a substantial value added for ourClients in terms of revenues, quality of the service, imagine, etc.Experienced and flexible teamworkExperienced and flexible teamwork• We make use of high level and experienced resources, during theprojects, with strong and acknowledge cross industrycompetenciesProject management andcoordination capabilitiesProject management andcoordination capabilities• We manage and are able to support our Clients on all the projectactivities, in line with its needs and requestsModular approachModular approach• We adopt a modular approach that reduce our Client’s risks: allthe following project phases can be “purchased” only when theresult is achieved during the previous phaseNetworkNetwork• We manage a wide cross-industry network inside the gamingindustry, focused on the top relevant stakeholders
  • 18 TrustPartnersConfidentialLocation AddressZip code / cityPhone no.FaxE-mailWeb-site• Business opportunity identification• Performance management planning• Management supportActivity Business Consulting& ChangeManagementPiazza di Pietra, 2600187 / Roma(0039) 3473561211(0039) 06 23317076info@trustpartners.euwww.trustpartners.euTrustPartnersCONTACTS