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Fedora Community Worldwide and in Vietnam
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Fedora Community Worldwide and in Vietnam


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Published in: Technology

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  • Freedom
    We believe we should use and distribute the software and content we promote to accomplish our mission of advancing free software. We provide free alternatives to proprietary code and content to make Fedora completely free and redistributable for everyone. That way, anyone can use any of our work for their own purposes, without legal hassles, to further spread free software.
    We believe success comes from a strong community, made of people from around the world, working together. There's a place in Fedora for anyone who supports our values and wants to help. By collaborating with each other openly and transparently, and with a strong, supportive partnership with our sponsors, we can achieve great things.
    We believe the hard work of creating new technical features makes free software more powerful, flexible, and useful for millions of people. We don't mind shaking up the status quo, when it means we can more effectively move free software forward. And we do it by collaborating directly with the many software communities whose work is distributed by Fedora. That way everyone benefits, regardless of whether they use Fedora or not.
    We believe in the power of innovation and showing off new work in our releases. Since we release twice a year, you never have to wait long to see the latest and greatest software, while there are other Linux products derived from Fedora you can use for long-term stability. We always keep Fedora moving forward so that you can see the future first.
  • Transcript

    • 1. World wide and in Vietnam Truong Anh Tuan Presented by iWay CEO Fedora Ambassador Vietnam Licensestatementgoeshere.See Fedora Community
    • 2. Today's Topics 1. FedoraProjectOverview 2. FedoraCommunityinVietnam
    • 3. Fedora Project Overview
    • 4. TheFedoraProjectisapartnershipoffreesoftwarecommunitymembersfromaroundtheglobe. TheFedoraProjectbuildsopensourcesoftwarecommunitiesandproducesaLinuxdistributioncalled"Fedora." What is the Fedora Project?
    • 5. TheFedoraProject'smissionistoleadtheadvancementoffreeandopensourcesoftwareandcontentasa collaborativecommunity. Threeelementsofthismission: alwaysstrivestolead,notfollow. consistentlyseekstocreate,improve,andspreadfree/librecodeandcontent. succeedsthroughsharedactiononthepartofmanypeoplethroughoutourcommunity. Our Mission
    • 6. ThesefourfoundationsarethecorevaluesoftheFedoracommunity: Four Foundations
    • 7. Four Foundations
    • 8. Fedoraismorethanjustsoftware,though.Itisacommunityofcontributorsfromaroundtheworldwhowork witheachothertoadvancetheinterestsofthefreeculturemovement Everyoneisinvitedtojoinand,nomatterwhatyourskillsare,wehaveaplaceforyouinourcommunity! TheFedoracommunityincludessoftwareengineers,artists,systemadministrators,webdesigners,writers, speakers,andtranslators Our Community
    • 9. Beacenterforinnovationinfreeandopensourcesoftware,andcreatesacommunitywherecontributorsof allkindscometogethertoadvancetheecosystemforthebenefitofeveryone Contributeseverythingitbuildsbacktothefreeandopensourceworldandcontinuestomakeadvancesof significancetothebroadercommunity,asevidencedbytheregularandrapidincorporationofitsfeatures intootherLinuxdistributions. Our Method
    • 10. Wetrytoalwaysdotherightthing,andprovideonlyfreeandopensourcesoftware Wewillfighttoprotectandpromotesolutionsthatanyonecanuseandredistribute Withthisinmind,allofourdevelopersarefocusedonworkingcloselywithupstreamdevelopmentteams,so everyonecanbenefitfromourworkandgetaccesstoourchangesassoonaspossible Why Are We Different?
    • 11. SomeoftherecentdevelopmentsinfreeandopensourcesoftwarethatFedorahasdriveninclude: NetworkManager D-Bus PolicyKit,PackageKit,ConsoleKit,DeviceKit FreeIPA SELinux PulseAudio Why Are We Different?
    • 12. Weempowerotherstopursuetheirvisionofwhatafreeoperatingsystemshouldbe Andthat'snotall.Itisjustaseasyforindividualstocreatetheirowndistribution,thankstoFedora'seasy remixingtools Webelievesoftwarepatentsareharmful,ahindrancetoinnovationinsoftwaredevelopment,andare inconsistentwiththevaluesoffreeandopensourcesoftware Why Are We Different?
    • 13. Fedora Community in Vietnam
    • 14. User Community Includingsomesmallwithout-tidy-organizedteamsinLUGs:HanoiLUG,SaigonLUG,HueLUG,etc. Organizing/Contributingsomeactivities: FedoraReleaseParties11-14 VietnamOpenDay SoftwareFreedomDay,DocumentFreedomDay OtheractivitiesinLUGs
    • 15. Contributions Notmuchasongoingpotential Somemaincontributions: PromotingLinux andFOSSinVietnamaswellasbringingVietnamFOSSimagestotheworld LocalizingFOSSanddocumentation Test,Bugreport Softwarepackaging SupportLinuxusers
    • 16. Community Site
    • 17. Website: FedoraVietnammailinglist: LUGsmailinglists: FedoraProject: Communication
    • 18. Get Fedora
    • 19. Questions? Licensestatementgoeshere.See Contact: