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Trunitydirect Overview V3
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Trunitydirect Overview V3


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Published in: Education
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  • Explain why the social media market is getting so large so quickly, and that network-centric business scale extremely quicklyThe value of social media companies are growing incredibly fast.
  • Data from IDCThe market opportunity is massive – the internet advertising industry will grow to >$100 billion by 2011, surpassing many large industries, for example movies and broadcasting. Sources:- IDC: Internet Advertising- All others: 2007 US business census:
  • Transcript

    • 1. 1
    • 2. Trunity Direct
      Overview | March 2010
    • 3.
    • 4. Trunity gives businesses, organizations and individuals the power to organize information, build communities and engage people through social networking.
      What is Trunity?
    • 5. Anyone Can Do It!
      Trunity integrates authoring, blogging, news, multimedia, and social networking functionality into one platform. This robust content management functionality makes it easy and cost-effective for anyone to create online destinations and communities.
      Content Based on Association
      Content Search
      Facebook-type Comments
      Trunity Content Directory
      Friend Listing
    • 6. 6
      The Value of a Network
      Companies that harness the power of networks will dominate the Internet. Collecting data is less valuable than connecting people.
      - Sean Parker (co-Founder, Facebook, Napster, Plaxo), October 2009
    • 7. 7
      Market Growth & Opportunity
      25% CAGR
      Source: IDC
      Market Characteristics
      • The online advertising market is huge, growing to $107 billion in 2011
      • 8. Online advertising market is as large as the software, movie and broadcasting industries
      • 9. Online advertising is huge, yet only 15% of the entire advertising industry, so has plenty of room for growth
      Growth Drivers
      • Online ads are more measurable than other media, making them increasingly appealing to advertisers
      • 10. The Internet audience is huge and growing – ad dollars follow people
      • 11. Internet ad prices are rising, thanks to targeting and other techniques
    • 8
      Corporate Overview
      Terry B. Anderton, Chairman and CEO
      • 20+ years executive leadership positions at NitroSecurity (Founder and CEO), Vynamic (Founder and CEO) Network Associates/McAfee (Global Enterprise Director), and Cabletron Systems (Director of Global Sales).
      Dr. JoakimLindblom, Ph.D. – President & CTO
      • 20+ years experience in emerging technologies at Digital Universe Foundation (GM), Nokia (Global R&D Management), NASA UHRXS Space Station Project (Chief Scientist). Ph.D. in astrophysics at Stanford University, B.S. in physics with honors at Caltech.
      Mark Somol
      • 17 years of finance and strategic leadership experience in technology and new media. NeoCarta Ventures, a $300 million venture capital fund (Principal), Highgate Ventures, a $75 million venture capital fund (Founder), GE Capital and Oracle Corporation. BA in Quantitative Economics from Stanford and an MBA from Wharton.
      Charles Guevara – VP Sales
      • 25 years of sales and marketing leadership in technology. Founded Change Dynamics, co-founded Colton Consulting, System Software Associates, Online Software and GTSI. Attended Duke University majoring in Economics and was a four-year letterman and captain of the soccer team.
      Camile Drew – VP Sales (West Coast)
      • Camile brings over 20 years in sales and sales management positions primarily in the health care industry. Currently she serves as VP of Sales and Marketing for P5 a large health care organization in Salt Lake City that focuses on Fortune 500 companies. Camile is a graduate with a BA in Business Administration from Brigham Young University.
      Portsmouth, NH
      Satellite Offices:
      Salt Lake City
      NY/ New Jersey
      Silicon Valley
      Over $30M Invested
      Financially Stable
      Revenue growth of +200% per year
      Trunity Platform
      Hosts More Than
      2000 Websites
    • 12. 9
      Market Position
      Revenue Model
      Customer Focus
    • 13. Of the overall 110 billion dollar market, Forrester Research predicts the Web 3.0 hosting market will reach $4.6 Billion by 2013 up from 258M in 2008.
      Companies will focus more on external image with social media, spending a billion more dollars than on internal technology.
      Over the next 3 years millions of baby boomers will retire from executive status and be replaced by younger workers that will expect similar tools in the office that they use at home.
      The Market
    • 14. Small to Medium Businesses need a BIG budget for a traditional website.
      $15000-$50000 (or more) for design and development
      $200-$3000 per month for ongoing content support
      $50-$200 per month for hosting fees
      $200 – $500 per month for Search Engine Optimization
      Time Lag due to having to use outside consultants to update site.
      {add graphic : trunity vs. current website cost}
      Current Website Costs
    • 15. Build your own business
      Generate huge recurring revenue for life!!!
      Gain valuable skills by becoming certified in social media
      Beyond initial training, no overhead
      Flexible schedule
      Full support from Trunity
      Work from home or set up an
      office- your choice!
      Work alone, or build a team!
      The Opportunity
    • 16. Commissions: How much can I make?
    • 17. How much can I make?
      = $xx,xxxIN 2 YEARS
    • 18. Trunity Provides Each Sales Affiliate:
      • A full social media-enabled personalized web site
      Social Media Integration Tools
      All Forms and Documents required to complete a transaction
      Your Virtual Office & Team
    • 19. We teach you how to use and drive business from
      Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter & Linked In among others
      Powerpoint and Presentation materials
      Trunity Business Card
      Dedicated support from our
      team of designers and technicians
      and Sales Professionals
      Your Virtual Office & Team
    • 20. There are literally millions of websites in the USA alone that are old and outdated waiting for you to help!
      Target Companies include:
      Local Stores & Businesses
      Associates and Service Providers
      Vendors and organizations you
      do business with
      Authors and Artists
      Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants
      There is no limit of opportunity!!!
      How do I sell?
    • 21. A desire to succeed, be your own boss, and work in a cutting-edge field
      Completion of the Trunity Direct Boot Camp (cost = $499)
      A laptop
      High-speed internet
      A self-starting and
      motivated personality
      What does it take?
    • 22. Program highlights
      Learn how to use the Trunity social media platform
      How to leverage other social media sites like facebook and twitter
      How to build social media
      websites quickly for your customers
      Understand what makes Trunity
      Become a social media consultant
      Trunity Boot Camp
    • 23. Automated deal tracking
      Monthly commission payments
      Commission tracking reports
      Add-on sales opportunities
      • Ongoing Weekly Webinars
      • 24. Technical support
      • 25. Customer support
      • 26. Sales Support
      We’re Your Business Assistant
    • 27. This is a transformational opportunity!
      Fill out the training registration form, and join us for training this Saturday, March 27th, from 1pm to 5:30pm.
      Get Started Today