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India’s leading Matrimony Services provides you many marriage profiles according to your preferences and easy to find best suitable match. Our main aim is to provide perfect and best matchmaking services to our members.

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TruelyMarry-Indian Matrimonial Services

  1. 1. India’s Leading Matrimonial Service Provider
  2. 2. What is TruelyMarry is a Matrimonial Web Application which provide services to Grooms and Brides with excellent matchmaking experience by exploring the opportunities and resources to meet true potential partner. TruelyMarry has created a renowned Online Matchmaking , Offline Matchmaking and Personalized Matchmaking Services that will touch the souls of millions of people all over the globe.
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  4. 4. Purposes of TruelyMarry helps the user by providing profiles of perspective “Bride” or “Groom” and other information regarding them online. User can get information regarding their dream life partner at his/her home at his/her convenience. Internet is a pivot for modern business, our project which is based on internet paves a path for modernization in trade. “To be fully seen by somebody then, and be loved anyhow - this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.”
  5. 5. 1 2 3 Services Services We Offer……. Offline matrimonial services Personalized Matchmaking Services Online matrimonial services
  6. 6. Offline matrimonial services Offline Services are conventional matrimonial services meant for people relying more on the direct matrimony services having interactive scope. This service is confidential and implies with strict regulations for giving best results to clients. The Group launched offline business venture the ‘TruelyMarry Match point. Positioned as ‘The worldwide marriage bureau’ the centers will cater to customers who either do not have access to the Internet or those who are tech-savvy but looking for easy & quick service and people who are looking for a trustworthy brand in the matrimony space to provide them with an alternative offline solution, which delivers quality service.
  7. 7. Online Services Can Help You To Find Best Matches Through Internet Mode. Online Services For Matchmaking Are Easy To Use And In-demand Due To Comfortable And Simple Ways Of Looking Through Profiles Of Suitable Matches. The main objective of Matrimonial Web Application is to provide Grooms and Brides with excellent matchmaking experience by exploring the opportunities and resources to meet true potential partner. Keeping our objective in mind, we have created a world renowned online matchmaking services that will touch the souls of millions of people all over the globe. ONLINE matrimonial services
  8. 8. Personalized Matchmaking Services are given to our high-end esteemed customers, who want to take benefits of fully dedicated matchmaking services. Personalized Matrimony Services is an exclusive service provided by the company having several advantages and highest probability of getting a perfect soul mate. Don't wait to get our personalized services as it is wise to deal with Experts for the most important decision of your life. Personalized Matchmaking Service
  9. 9. How does PMS work? What we offer? Personalized Matchmaking Services are given to our high-end esteemed customers, who want to take benefits of fully dedicated matchmaking services. This plan can enable you to get our personalized or high-end support through which our relationship managers will directly interact with you regarding your choices and will find suitable profiles for you.. Why do you need it? You will require Personalized Match Making services,if you are conscious about status, family, profession and a high-end match. These services are mostly taken by people having requirement of high-class matches, suiting all anticipations of both parties. Personalized matrimony services are most commonly chosen by people having ... Personalized Matchmaking works differently than other plans. In this, we will devote our exclusive one-to-one services to clients. A relationship manager will be specially allotted for you and you can directly communicate with them regarding your choices. You can get best response from our manager by frequently remaining in touch with them and they will enable...
  10. 10. DSMA IS LAUNCHED BY TRUELYMARRY To Provide a better plateform to begin a great career move and enhance your skill level The Direct Selling Matrimonial Alliance is a community of individuals who are engaged in the pursuit of their dreams through one of the fine network marketing or party plan income opportunities available today. Our membership is comprised of persons who represent independent direct sellers from all over the country. The mission of the DSMA is to make an authentic difference in your direct selling career and your life! We respect your choice to grow your direct selling business and will work to provide you with all that you need to become the person you are meant to be.
  11. 11. Why DSMA?  is the fastest growing matrimonial portal in India offering the people a superior matchmaking experience by expanding the opportunities available to meet potential life partners, soul mate and build fulfilling relationships with unbreakable bond. Through DSMA we provide superior technology, in-depth research, valuable matrimonial services, and above all the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, understanding, respect and spirit which help to get Inner Satisfaction regarding search for soul mate.
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  13. 13. Hindu Matrimonial Marriage is an Emotional bonding and we understand the sentiments behind this bonding. Our concept for matrimony services is based on various categories, like community, profession, family values, caste and many other attributes. Manglik Matrimonial Communities we follow Kayastha Matrimonial Punjabi Matrimonial Rajput Matrimonial Vaishya Matrimonial Brahmin Matrimonial Agarwal Matrimonial
  14. 14. Our professional and dedicated team of experts have full dedication and commitment in their professional approach. We value our customers and give an emotional touch for matchmaking services. Marriage is a bond of lifetime and has to be managed perfectly. We’ve approached every market segment in India. We are soon initiating to begin our offices in NCR, Lucknow, Indore, Agra, Gwalior and Bhopal. What Next?
  15. 15. Market needs… TruelyMarry is providing its customers with a high quality matrimonial service that specializes in both Consumer needs as well as demand of society TruelyMarry seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to their customers: • Professionalism- This is imperative as the service TruelyMarry provides is, in effect, a representation of the client corporation itself. • Customer service- The customer must get the sense that all of their needs are being meet, regardless how small or inconsequential it may seem.
  16. 16. Growth plan In order to expand our growth further, our team of dedicated and proficient professionals has brought innovative technologies, improved user friendly navigation and cooperative approach in our day to day functioning. We use some of the ultra-modern and commendable technologies to facilitate efficient as well as agile search. Furthermore all the necessary steps are taken in order to ensure that the searches result in concrete and best suited profiles only. So if you are seeking a life partner for yourself or for some other person in the social circle than will serve your purpose in optimum manner.
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  18. 18. Thank You TruelyMarry Office 113/121 Swaroop Nagar,Office No-201 Nadri Corner, Kanpur-208002 Email: Phone: 0512-6554193 / 91-9305089627 91-8303930005 Ganga Shopping Market, Shop no-18 Mayur vihar Phase-1, New Delhi-110091 Email: Phone: 011-48053444 / 91-9810368733