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Creating Social Strategy, Tips, Tools & Cheats! …

Creating Social Strategy, Tips, Tools & Cheats!

A quick reference guide for Entrepreneurs who are seeking to utilize the Tools of Social Media Marketing & Customer Resource Management (CRM) for a small business (or any business).

Look forward to your comments back about the content. Fair quantity of notes & Links embedded in the PPT.

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  • 1.
  • 2. Why Social Media?
    Creating Strategy Tips, Tools & Cheats!
    William Gladhart, MBA-M
  • 3. Why is Social Media Important to a Small Business or Entrepreneur?
    300+ Million Users in North America
    1+ Billion Globally
    95+ Trillion Email sent in 2009
    500+ Million Facebook Users Worldwide
    126 Million Blogs & Online RSS Feeds
    10 Billion Tweets since 2006
    10 Million Tweets already in 2010
  • 4. Social Media & Web 2.0
    Two Way Communication & Interaction
    Personal Dialogue & Communities
    Mobile Devices & Smartphones
  • 5. What is Social Media Marketing?
    Enables Others to Advocate FOR Your Business Through Compelling Content
    Turning Passive Consumers into Active Participants
    Causing Consumers & Followers to take Action (Buy Product/ Service)
    Innovative Strategies for Return on Investment (ROI) & Alternative Revenue Streams
  • 6. Facebook is Second Largest Online Community in US
  • 7. Social Networks & RSS
    RSSbloglines.com, Google Reader, GoogleNews, YahooNews, aideRSS, mySyndicaat, Feedburner
  • 8. Blogging
    Why Blog?
    Online Metrics & Searchability
    42% Adult Population Read Blogs Daily,
    Only 5% Actually Write
  • 9. Why Tweet?
    Get Over It, Get on Twitter, Become @____
    Tracking Trending Topics #TT & #
    Discussion Forums & Chat
    Promoted Tweets
  • 10. Social Media News & Bookmark Sites
  • 11. Road Map for Creating SM Strategy
    Planning & Research
    Consumer Interaction A Priority Over Products
    Inventory of Online Assets
    Identify Desired Outcomes
    Start Small & Slow, with Strategy & Deliberation
    Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    Crisis Management Plan
  • 12. Start with the 5M’s
  • 13. Rings of Social Influence
  • 14. Tips for Managing Online Criticism
    Try Not to be HURT
    Differentiate Complaints vs. Venting
    If you are WRONG, Apologize!
    Share How You are
    Going to ‘Do It Better’
    with Consumers
    Seize the Opportunity
  • 15. Free SM Monitoring Tools
  • 16. Paid SM Monitoring Tools
  • 17. Free Twitter Resources
  • 18. Social Media Resources in Kansas
  • 19. Tools & Trends
    Make Consumers Happy
    SM Time Commitment
    30 Listening
    60 Connecting
    30 Publishing/ Writing
    3 SM Trends 2010-11
    CRM Customer Relationship Mgmt
    Mobile Devices
    Velvet Rope Communities
    Social Media is a TOOL
    Voice & Tone
    Creating Friction in a Frictionless Environment
    Build Quality, Real Relationships
    Invest in Community
  • 20. Questions
    Will Gladhart
    True North Marketing & Music