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Topics Covered with Author Notes & Industry Data
Introduction to Pinterest
Why Businesses Use Pinterest
Creating An Account & Getting Followers
Using Pinterest for Marketing
Tips to Craft Up Content
Brand Examples

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  • Monthly seminars in the region, www.constantcontact.com/KansasCityGet to know WGC, visit our website at www.willgladhart.com
  • Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share, curate, and discover new interests by posting, also known as ‘pinning,’ images or videos to their own or others pinboards (i.e. a collection of ‘pins,’ usually with a common theme). Users can either upload images from their computer or pin things they find on the web using the Pinterestbookmarklet, Pin It button, or just a URL“A virtual pinboard where people share and collect the things they love.” – Pinterest creatorsSocial media site built on the idea of sharing images and contentImages = PinsVirtual Bulletin Board= PinboardFriends = Followers Pinterest lingo: Pinning-verb; Pinteresting & Pintastic-adjectives
  • User base grew from 1.6 million visitors in September 2011 to 11.1 million visitors in February 2012. Became the fastest site to reach 10 million users. In February 2012 , it was announced that Pinterest drives more traffic to retail sites than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined, and Pinterest drives more traffic to blogs thanTwitter. 97% of Pintest Facebook’s Fans are WomenWomen 18-34 are the main demographic of visitors.1 out of 5 Pinterest users visit the site every day. When it comes to engagement, Pinterest is second only to Facebook — its users spend, on average, 89+ minutes per month on the social network.Any business that relies on driving a high-volume of website traffic to increase sales, should consider joining Pinterest (HubSpot 2012).
  • Website TrafficAny business that relies on driving a high-volume of website traffic to increase sales, shouldconsider joining Pinterest. In fact, early research indicates that Pinterest is more effective atdriving traffic compared to other social media sites, even Facebook.LinksIf you are using the “Pin It” button on your pages, every single one of your pins will include alink back to the source. That is why HubSpot’s blog has accumulated more than 640 links fromPinterest in just two weeks. However, these are no-follow links and cannot be used to directlyimpact your SEO strategy. Yet, they still provide marketing value because they allow pinners toencounter your content and visit your pages in just one click.LeadsPinterest will soon start contributing to lead generation.Social SharingPinterest enables users to log in using their Twitter or Facebook profiles, connectivity that iscritical for social media success. These sites can’t get away with being a silo, and Pinterest hasrecognized that out of the gate.The site connects with Facebook, enabling users to automatically post new pins to their Facebook feed for others to see. Thismeans more eyes from other channels get access to your pictures. Note: You cannot connect Pinterest to your Facebook business page.When members are browsing through pins, will also have the ability to share posts throughFacebook, Twitter or email. This feature is great to boost social sharing and get loyal brand followers to spread the word about your brand/ business.
  • User access to Pinterest still operates under an invitation-only basis. You can request an invitation, Pinterest doesn’t exactly seem to be very stingyabout granting requests. Visit www.Pinterest.com, click “Request an Invite,” and enter your email.address to be notified when you have access to create your account. Or you can ask a friend whoalready has a Pinterest account to invite you, a much quicker way to gain access than waiting forPinterest to grant your requestOnce your account is activated, optimize your Pinterest profile under the settings tab. Chooseyour company name as your username and complete your profile information, including acompany description, logo, and a link to your website.
  • Ask customers when they are at your store to learn how you can better serve them content, connect with them and help them.Find out what they like to use onlineWhen they check their online communications (or on what type of device)What do they hope to receive of learn from you?Ask them what you can do better for them aka WIIFM Principle (What’s In It for Me)You can also do an online survey to learn from your customers if you do not see them face-to-face
  • Promote Through Other ChannelsThe fastest way to jumpstart your Pinterest presence is by promoting it through other platforms. Add the Pinterest follow button to your website.Promote your presence on Pinterest through your other social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, & Twitter. Consider launching a Pinterest contest and write a blog post to promote it.Make the Best Boards on a Specific TopicBy taking this approach, you increase the chances of your board attracting followers who are passionate about a specific topic.Create resourceful boards based on a few core keywords that you already use in your SEO strategy.Committing to create the best board on a topic means being ready to promote other users’ pins to enhance your collection.Engage with Other’s PinsStart following users you think would want to follow you back.Like and comment on on their pins. When someone sees you interacting with his or her content, they might check out your account and choose to follow you.
  • Always complete a description and link back to the image (if the image is not directly on your website). Try to link info back to your company website as much as possible, even if you just have a page dedicated to images, photos or other content on your website. Tip: can upload your content to Flicker,Picsa or other photos sharing sites and pin from those. Add the Pin It Button to your website if you have lots of visual images. Someone at your last company mixer must have grabbed a few photos, right?If so, make a board to showcase your company’s culture and pin them. Have executive headshots? Create an “executive management” board and include a bio for each person. Start using clear, images in your blog articles with the point of pinning them to your pinboards moving forward. Pin visuals that best highlights your written content.Promoting your happy customers is a great way to create a positive sentiment around your brand. Encourage your customers to send you photos (or take photos of them at your next event.) Create a board of their smiling faces –perhaps using your product or service!Stand out as an industry thought leaderBecome the go-to Pinterest account for pins about a certain subject or topic relating to your industry. Eg. if you’re a paper company, you could create a pinboard that features really awesome origami paper creations from around the web.
  • LinksWhenever possible, include links back to your website and landing pages in your pins to drive traffic back to your website. Keep track of referral traffic and leads generated from Pinterest. Insights will inform you about how useful this platform is in comparison to your other efforts.Video Create a pinboard of some of the interesting videos your business produces interspersed with relevant images.Lifestyle FocusPinterest has a heavy lifestyle focus, so what better opportunity is there to give people a peek into the personality of your brand?Create a pinboard that showcases your employees and life around the office-- show them working together, show them making your products/services, and show some of the fun activities your business participates in, such ascompany outings, parties, award ceremonies, volunteer days, etc.JUST LIKE ME: Letting people in behind the scenes will make your brand relatable,interesting, and humanized.
  • Set reasonable goals and expectations.As a business owner, set reasonable goals that match expectations and investments of resources and time. The more time and resources you devote to Social Media Marketing, the greater your yield!Weekly: Recommend 30 minutes Posting, 30 minutes reading/ researching SM, 30 minutes listening to your customersAccept that Social Media Marketing is not instantaneous, typical traction happens about the 5-6 month mark of consistent online use/ building content. You need to invest some time and resources before you reap rewards, and not all of your customers will engage. However, you can:Drive engagement (action/commentary/feedback/sharing) with your base of passionate customersEncourage repeat businessEncourage referralsGet online endorsementsReach new customers through online, word-of-mouth marketing
  • Sell, Sell, Sell You Will FailDon’t always be selling. Have you been at a networking event and every time you see FRED he is always trying to sell you his insurance…what do you do the next time you see him…you run away fast80% educate/ 20% sell or better yet 70% educate, 20% promote, 10% Share a personal peek on you and your employeespeople like to connect with others and other LIKE PEOPLE. Try to share something so folks can learn about you personally and connect with you if they are a mother, pet lover, love to exercise, enjoy music, volunteer, etc. Me, Me, Me Will Part the SeasHad a friend that all they do is talk about themselves?Do you enjoy those conversations?The next time you see them you just want to run and hide or avoid a conversationEmpower, Engage & Educate…People want you to be social with them or engage with them, empower with great information that will protect them, help them, save them money, protect their kids, keep their car longer, know what to ask before they purchase. The more you empower and educate them the more they will know, like, and TRUST YOU.Give & You Shall ReceiveBusinesses say “I don’t want to give them too many of my tricks or expert advice, they won’t want to use me” or “will just take the info and go somewhere else.” Really I find that the more I give away in terms of free info and resources, the more I GET BACK because people look at you as an expert, start to trust you, and they think…if he can give me that much information in an email or speaking event…what do you think I can learn from her/him in an hour one-on-one.Share, Care, & Be ThereShare your tips, tricks, strategies, and expert advice. Care about your customers, be transparent, be real, don’t be a robot. Listen to then, ask questions, make sure you reply to their comments or likes. Tell them thank you. STORYHave you ever called an office or place of business and the phone just kept ringing?Pretty frustrating and it leaves you with a bad impression you start thinking the business does not care or they are out of business. You need to answer the phone…which is the same thing as you need to reply to customer’s online comments and likes…show them you care. No comment means you don’t care…people will think you are only pushing out info. Reply, Thank, & Take Care of Negative CommentsPeople often ask, “Can I delete the negative comments about my business?”My Take: Use Social as customer service optionCompanies used to have to pay big money to agencies to find out what customers thought, now we can let customers share their thoughts online.You need to address the issues and say, “I am sorry about your experience or how can we make it better.” Know the difference between VENTING & ComplainingYou may need to take the concern and address it off line …use the telephone if needed or email. You can learn from a negative experience and improve your process so it doesn’t happen again. STORY 1An auto mechanic saw on his Facebook wall a customer posted that “he was frustrated with the mechanic’s business hours.” The mechanic asked the customer, “What could I do to better meet your needs?”The customer stated “I work from Monday–Friday and don’t get off work until 7PM…you close your place Monday-Friday at 6:30PM. Evaluation: Being open on Saturday would help the customers that work early or late? The mechanic opened on Saturday and his revenues went up and so did the customer count!And, he shortened his hours during the week to 5PM, so he could be open on Saturdays, but not give up extra time. STORY 2Auto mechanic…saw on his Wall a customer said, “I am so upset that I no longer can come to your shop, I loved your service.”The owner asked, “why can’t you come to my torn up to your store, it takes me forever to get there with the traffic and orange barrels.”He asked, “What can I do to make it better or easier for you to get here?”She said, “It would be great if you can drive to my house drop me off a loaner and then take my car to the shop.” He hired a “driver employee” and that pickup/ drop off customer service is part of his business plan….has many happy new customers and increased his revenues again…enough to pay for the new employee and hire a part time one. Use social to engage, listen, tweak, and learn from your customers. Social is customer service on steroids and many other customers are watching how you interact with your customers, take care of your customers, and respond to your customers.What Happens in Vegas Stays in VegasIt may stay in Vegas, but what happens on the Internet will be seen by your great, great, great, great grand children.If you don’t want to go down in history with a online argument, comment or posting something controversial…be prepared for people to bring it up for a long, long time (or block you). First Impressions Make Lasting ImpressionsThe phallic art storyWGC had a prospect that wanted to work with me on her SM projects and improve her company website. I said, “Well, send me your website link, social media profiles and photos of your business since you are out of state.”As I was looking through the business materials, there were several office photos which contained a picture which clearly had a large phallus in it…it was subtle, but THERE!Obviously, this imagery was not part of the business brand!The prospect was aghast and had simply really liked the painting and thought it was “cool!”Not the branding or image that the business wanted to convey, so we made changes to the imagery and removed the photos from her website/ online pages. Eg. If the UPS trucks were dirty, dented and the drives looked shabby/ dirty what type of impression would that leave on you?You are wondering, “How will they really care for my business packages?”
  • How To Guidehttp://www.socialquickstarter.com/content/116-pinterestCheck out Constant Contact’s Social Media website at www.SocialQuickstarter.comIt is a free resource that covers the basics of Social Media tools, discussing why businesses use these tools, how to use them and best practices.Also a wealth of FREE resources for business at WGC, www.willgladhart.com.
  • WGC Pinterest for Business, Drive Traffic & Leads 2013

    1. 1. Pinterest for BusinessPinterestFor BusinessDrive Traffic & Leadsto your Website1© 2013 WGC LLC
    2. 2. Connect, Inform & Grow© 2013 WGC LLC 2Will GladhartCEO, Will Gladhart Consulting, LLC & CC Business Solutions Providerwill@willgladhart.comwww.willgladhart.comwww.linkedin.com/in/WillGladhartfacebook.com/WillGladhartConsulting@WillGladhartwww.constantcontact.com/kansascitywww.constantcontactseminars.comUpcoming Seminars
    3. 3. Today’s AgendaIntroduction to PinterestWhy Businesses Use PinterestCreating An Account & Getting FollowersUsing Pinterest for MarketingTips to Craft Up ContentBrand Examples© 2013 WGC LLC
    4. 4. Intro: Pinterest Definitions■ Social Media Image Sharing Site■Images = Pins■ Virtual Bulletin Board = Pinboard■ Friends or “Likes” = Followers■ Pinterest Lingo: Pinning, Pinteresting“A virtual pinboard where people share andcollect the things they love.” – Pinterest creators© 2013 WGC LLC
    5. 5. Intro: Pinterest Stats5© 2013 WGC LLC■ 11.1M Visitors■ Fastest Growing SM■ Drives more traffic toretail/ storefront sitesthan G+, YT or LI.■ Drives more traffic toBlogs than Twitter■ High Engagementtime, >90+ minutes/month
    6. 6. Why Does Pinterest MatterWebsite TrafficProduct DrivenVisually EngagingLinksUnique Link Back to SourcePossibly Improve SEO & RankingUsers Placing Your Links on PagesLeadsSocial Sharing© 2013 WGC LLC
    7. 7. Creating an Account■ www.pinterest.com■ Request an Invite■ Ask a friend to Invite you (quicker)■ Enter Email Address■Complete ProfileCompany NameLogoBrief Company DescriptionSocial Links or links to website© 2013 WGC LLC
    8. 8. Know Your AudienceAsk Your Audience■ How do they like to becommunicated with?■ What tools are they using?■ When do they check theiremail, Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Pinterest or Texts?■ What do they want fromyour communications?■ How can you help them?© 2013 WGC LLC
    9. 9. Building A Following© 2013 WGC LLC■ Promote Through Other Channels■ Make the Best Boards Specific■ Engage with Others Pins■ Find Business or People whohave your same interests■ Account following vs. BoardFollowing■ Long Term Sustainability
    10. 10. Marketing How To’s■ Goal: Brand or Product Recognition■ Visual Content (products products products)■ Use Content You Already Have■ Pinboard of Blog Articles or Company Info■Infographics or Data Relevant to Consumers■Ebooks, Book Covers, White Papers■Photos of Your Customers■User Generated Pinboard (guestboard)© 2013 WGC LLC
    11. 11. Tips & Additional Info■ Always add Links (website/ landing pages)■ Video Pins (product, commercials, speakers)■ Lifestyle Focus or Brand Personality
    12. 12. Brand Examples© 2013 WGC LLCYour Brand Partner, Staples Promotional Productswww.yourbrandpartner.compinterest.com/source/yourbrandpartner.com/Red Hill General Storewww.redhillgeneralstore.compinterest.com/redhillgenstoreGlutten Free Momwww.glutenfreemom.compinterest.com/jamieglutenfree
    13. 13. Final Marketing Thougths■ Keep Your Customers■ Improve Customer Service■ Encourage Repeat Business■ Increase Relationships■ Increase Referrals■ Get More Prospects■ Increase Brand Awareness© 2013 WGC LLC
    14. 14. Online Manners MatterSell, Sell, Sell & You Will FailMe, Me, Me Will Part the SeasEmpower, Engage & Educate - Be the ExpertGive & You Shall ReceiveShare, Care, & Be ThereReply, Thank & Take Care of Negative CommentsWhat Happens in Vegas Stays in VegasFirst Impressions Make Lasting Impressions© 2013 Constant Contact, Inc.
    15. 15. Plan AheadCreate a Marketing Calendar■ Buy 12 Month Calendar or Google Calendar■ Highlighter - 2 colors■ Highlight Holidays■ Highlight Your Slow or Challenging TimesAdd to the calendar marketing activities youalways do eg. 4th of July Sale, Christmas OpenHouse, Back to School Specials, Mother DaySpecials, Sizzling Sales Tips, New Year News orEventsUse Post-It NotesWrite your marketing ideas on the post-it notes.If you need to move a marketing activity you can.© 2013 WGC LLC
    16. 16. FREE Pinterest Resourceswww.SocialQuickStarter.com
    17. 17. FREE 60-daytrial forEmail, Survey, SocialCampaigns or EventMarketingNo risk, no credit card required.Get coaching andsupport, grow your emaillist, access to over 400+templates, and measure andtrack results.Free 60-Day TrialOnline Signupbit.ly/WGCFree60Attend MoreSeminarsGet a demonstration of EmailMarketing, SM, ShopLocal, Social Campaigns & othermarketing topics in action. Seehow easy it is to create anemail, manage contacts, trackresults, as well as send youremail, and extend its socialreach.ViewTutorials, Guidesand WebinarsLearn more about howprofessional Email MarketingNewsletters and Social MediaCommunications can help youbuild relationships and growyour business.Attend a Seminar FREE60-Day TrialFREE Tutorials,Webinars & Guidesconstantcontact.com/learning-centerTake the Next Stepcontantcontact.com/KansasCityconstantcontactseminars.com
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    19. 19. Questions19© 2013 Constant Contact, Inc.Social Media Marketing